A California woman alleged in a past lawsuit against Jesse James she was touched inappropriately by the West Coast Choppers founder.

Deann McClung of Long Beach, Calif., alleged in a sexual harassment lawsuit against James the motorcycle manufacturer also exposed himself to her while she was a West Coast Choppers employee 10 years ago, People.com reported Friday.

McClung, who was 34 at the time of the alleged harassment, alleged in the suit James made "sexually offensive contact with her breasts" and "did cause (her) to have sexually offensive contact with his sexual organ."

McClung's suit, along with a countersuit filed by James, was dismissed in 2001. Details of the suit were released from court archives amid a flurry of sexual claims against James, husband of film actress Sandra Bullock.

People magazine said in recent weeks, a total of five women have claimed to have had affairs with James, now 40.