Michele Noonan entered the Big Brother house as a brainiac and left as "the devil."

The 27-year-old neuroscientist from Pasadena, CA from Norridge, IL became the tenth houseguest evicted from Big Brother's eleventh season during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality series.

Michele was revealed to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 66 and became the eleventh-season's fifth jury member.  She was ousted by the competition's tenth Head of Household Natalie Martinez, 24-year-old Tae Kwon Do champion from Gilbert, AZ.

In addition to Michele, Natalie nominated her ally Kevin Campbell, a 29-year-old graphic designer from Chula Vista, CA, for eviction during Sunday night's broadcast. Despite claiming to be gunning for Kevin, Natalie also didn't seem to want to keep Michele around.

"Michele, my personal opinion of you is if I make a deal with you, I'm making a deal with the devil," said Natalie.

Kevin said he was "totally in on the rouse" that Natalie was playing on Jordan Lloyd, a 22-year-old waitress from Matthews, NC, and Michele, but added he was also keeping a close eye on Natalie.

"What Natalie doesn't know is I'm playing a rouse on her too," he explained in the Diary Room.  "Ultimately, my plan is to look for an opportunity to get Natalie out."

Realizing that with the current nominees the way they were that Jordan would be casting the only vote to evict, Natalie began to work on Jordan by explaining what a threat Michele was -- which Jordan found odd since Natalie had previously told her she was going after Kevin.

"I think it is a little weird how Natalie was talking about Kevin being her main target and then telling me all of a sudden it's Michele who needs to go," said Jordan.  "Before [previously evicted houseguest Jeff Schroeder] left, he said, 'Stick with Michele and you'll be fine.'  So no matter what, I'm going to stick with Michele."

That night, Michele and Jordan sealed their alliance -- with both claiming they would keep the other safe if either won the upcoming Power of Veto competition.

Kevin and Natalie also sealed their alliance, and while Natalie was incorrectly confident that she convinced Jordan to evict Michele, a lot was riding on Kevin to win the PoV -- especially since Natalie relinquished her right to participate in the PoV competition when she opened Pandora's Box to spend time with her boyfriend.

"I'm just thinking god, this PoV is so important," Kevin told Natalie.  "My ass is on the line because technically the odds are not in my favor."

"Why?" asked Natalie.

"Because it's two against one," explained Kevin.

"Are you mad that I opened the box, which meant I couldn't play?" asked Natalie.

"It just sucks that the price was to flip the odds," said Kevin.

"But Jordan doesn't even count," explained Natalie.  "One and a half against one.  Come on.  Be serious.  You would have opened the box.  Everybody would have opened the box.  I have confidence in you.  You'll do it."

"If I don't win," said Kevin, "I go home."

The final PoV competition then commenced.  Dubbed "Big Brother Block Party," Jordan, Michele and Kevin would have 20 clues lined up 10-by-10 at an individual station.  Their goal would be to take 10 blocks with the houseguests' names on them and match them correctly with the clues. The first player to stack the blocks so that they correctly answered all of the clues would win the final PoV.

Both Michele and Kevin got off to a fast start and Natalie's prediction about Jordan started to become a reality as she instantly struggled with matching the housegusts with the clues.

Since Kevin could hear Michele stacking blocks in her station, he began to panic and both incorrectly answered on their first attempt.  Both re-evaluated their answers and began to re-stack the blocks, with Michele finishing just ahead of Kevin.  However she still had one incorrect answer -- opening the door for Kevin to complete his stack correctly and win PoV.

"Now I have all the power in the house.  I get to decide who goes home and who stays," said Kevin in the Diary Room.  "I'm essentially screwing [Jordan or Michele] out of a chance of winning, and I need to think about how I can further myself.  There's just so much to think about and it's so stressful."

Natalie subsequently came out of the HoH room -- which is where she waited during the PoV -- and learned that Kevin had won.  She immediately began to celebrate by congratulating Kevin and pouring him a celebration drink -- which raised the suspicion of Jordan and Michele.

Once in private, Natalie reassured Kevin that she would take him to the Final 2.

"Natalie keeps mentioning to me Final 2, and I'm thinking, 'Yes, but I can't beat you because all of your friends are in the jury house.  There's no way I would win if I were up against you,'" explained Kevin in the Diary Room.  "At this point I'm having to string Natalie along because I need to think of what my next move is in order for me to actually win this game."

That night, Michele approached Kevin about becoming allies -- explaining that she never wanted Natalie in the Final 2 and especially doesn't want to see her win.  Kevin listened to what Michele had to say and she made her final plea the next day.

"If you kept me another week and I somehow [got evicted], I would give you my vote," she told him.  "But if I leave this week I'm not giving you my vote.  I know if you go in against Natalie you're going to need all the votes you can get."

"I know," said Kevin.  "I'm 100% open to all options at this point.  I have to just take time on this one because it's so big."

Prior to Kevin casting his live vote to evict, Big Brother host Julie Chen talked to Natalie in the HoH room.  Natalie explained that Kevin is her true ally before Julie asked her if she stands by her decision to lie about being 18-years-old.

"I think this lie has tremendously helped me in this game," said Natalie, unaware that some jury members weren't too happy about the lie.  "It's made people think that I'm a young, naive, gullible, immature, not-to-smart of a person, and I think it's what's gotten me this far."

Back downstairs, Kevin revealed that he had decided to use the PoV to take himself off the block and Jordan took his spot.  In her final plea, Jordan reiterated that Kevin had told her he would not be voting to evict her and hoped that was still the case. 

Realizing she needed to make a final stand, Michele donned a pair of devil ears and spoke directly to Kevin.

"Kevin, the jury house sees me as a villain, a rat, a devil.  Out of anyone in this room, if you took me -- or we went together to the Final 2 -- you would be guaranteed $500,000 because I've burned so many of the jury members that I don't stand a chance," she explained. 

"So it's up to you Kevin.  My time in this house is completely in your hands.  I could either raise hell against you in the jury house, or I can raise hell together with you in these final HoH competitions."

Despite her plea, Kevin still cast his vote to evict for Michele -- who gathered her belongings and exited the house.

"The devil is gone!" exclaimed Natalie.

Once outside, Julie asked Michele about Kevin's decision.

"I feel that in the Final 2, he was really worried that somehow the jury would have decided that I was in fact the better player, that my dirty game was in fact very well thought out strategically and that he couldn't count on the grudges in the jury house to keep him first place and me second," she explained.

"I think it was 50/50.  I don't really know how the jury house is feeling.  I feel like they took things personally, but maybe this is the best decision for him -- or maybe he'll be in second place.  We'll see."

Julie then asked Michele about Jeff's decision two weeks ago to backdoor Russell Kairouz -- breaking up the Final 4 alliance of Jeff, Russell, Michele and Jordan.  The decision has proved to be a bad one seeing as how three of those four have since been evicted.

"I felt like Jeff's decision was definitely the game changer," said Michele.  "I knew that I was either leaving the next week or the week after that.  Unfortunately [Jeff] did not trust me enough at that point for me to be able to convince him that it was a bad move on his part."

Once Michele's exit interview was over, Jordan, Kevin and Natalie began the first challenge in Big Brother 11's three-part final HoH competition.

Similar to prior Big Brother final HoH competitions, the winner of the first round will automatically advance to the third round, leaving the remaining two houseguests to compete against each other in a second round competition that will determine which two houseguests get to compete in the third round that will determine the season's final HoH. 

Once crowned, the final Head of Household will get to determine which other Final 3 houseguest will join them in the Final 2.

The first round of the three part challenge began at the conclusion of last night's live broadcast and was dubbed "Log Jam."  Each houseguest would have to hold onto their house key while attempting to stay on a rolling log, with the last houseguest standing winning the first-round competition.

While the results of the first challenge are already known to the show's 24/7 live Internet feed viewers, CBS will reveal the winner during Thursday night's Big Brother 11 broadcast. (If you don't want to wait until then to find out what happened, highlight the area below.)

Kevin stayed on the log the longest and won the first part of the final HoH challenge.

Big Brother 11's final HoH will be revealed live on Thursday at 8PM ET/PT.

Big Brother 11's live two-hour finale will then air live on Tuesday at 9PM ET/PT -- with the winner receiving the $500,000 grand prize.
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