Andy Husbands was given multiple opportunities to prove himself in Hell's Kitchen, however Gordon Ramsay was forced to finally pull the plug.

The 39-year-old executive chef from Seattle, WA who currently resides in Boston, MA became the tenth contestant eliminated from Hell's Kitchen's sixth season during last night's broadcast of the Fox reality series.

"It's unfortunate how I went out because I was getting stronger and stronger everyday and I felt that I was making a comeback," said Andy after his ouster.

Hell's Kitchen's ninth sixth-season episode began with the Red Team lamenting the loss of Amanda Davenport instead of Suzanne, a 24-year-old sous chef from Milwaukee, WI who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV and has been widely criticized for not being a team player.

"I do think chef made a big mistake by not sending Suzanne home," opined Tennille, a 28-year-old executive chef from Hampton Roads, VA who currently resides in Fairfax, VA.  "But being on that block is a humbling experience for anybody.  If she doesn't get it now, she's never going to get it."

Suzanne tried to bury the hatchet with her fellow Red Team member.

"I genuinely and honestly am trying to humble myself to them," she explained.  "I make a mistake and I have to learn from it and it's got to change.  That's it."

The next morning both teams met Gordon for a challenge that would test their creativity when it came to making crepes.

After a quick crepe-making lesson, each team had 20 minutes to make four crepes -- one each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert -- and the finished products would be judged by Gordon and Hell's Kitchen maitre d' Jean-Philippe Susilovic.  The Red Team won the challenge three dishes to two.

For their reward, the Red Team learned how to be mime artists and subsequently dined at La Cachette Bistro in Santa Monica, where they were served foie gras.  For their punishment, the Blue Team had to prep both kitchens for a French-themed dinner service that evening.

The Red Team returned to the kitchen and both teams began to put the finishing touches on preparing for the service -- however things took a turn for the worse for Andy when he accidentally sliced off the fingertips on his left hand while using a slicer to slice potatoes. 

He was subsequently taken to the hospital for stitches and his team was unsure if he'd return for the service.
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"The tips of his fingers were literally taken off," said Dave, a 32-year-old executive chef from Chester, NJ who currently resides in San Diego, CA.  "It was so deep and so horrible... We definitely will not be seeing him for a while.  I don't see how he's going to be working tonight."

Despite thinking that Andy wouldn't return in time for service, he did just that -- however he was extremely unfamiliar with the French menu the teams would be serving.

"I don't know what's going on," said Andy.

The dinner service then commenced, and Dave cooked the risotto for Andy -- who was basically useless.

"That risotto's f--king delicious," said Gordon.

Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for the Red Team, as Sabrina, a 34-year-old restaurant manager from New Caney, TX who currently resides in Phoenix, AZ, had her risotto criticized for being too bland.  In addition, Gordon said her performances in the kitchen were inconsistent.

Andy continued to struggle as the crepes he was preparing were incredibly messy and Gordon refused to serve them.  Kevin, a 35-year-old executive chef from Plymouth, MA who currently resides in Middleton, CT, jumped on the crepe station to assist.

"Andy can't keep up so I have to take control," said Kevin.

The Red Team began to work on their entrees, and while Tennille and Ariel, a 27-year-old sous chef from Santa Cruz, CA who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, seemed to have control of the kitchen -- Suzanne messed up their timing by not being ready on the meat station.  Suzanne blamed it on the oven.

Andy continued to rely on his teammates, as Dave -- who has a broken left arm -- worked his risotto and also controlled his own meat station.

"Dave's running around the kitchen all crazy," commented Van, a 26-year-old fish cook from Buford, GA who currently resides in Dallas, TX.  "Dave's got one arm, but that fool can cook."

Appetizers and entrees continued to leave the Blue Team's kitchen, however Suzanne ran into a problem in the Red Team's kitchen when she sliced the lamb before the garnish was ready.

"All the goodness is running out of it!" said Gordon.  "Why are you slicing ahead of the time... You're dragging the whole team!"

Andy thought he could handle making salads in the Blue Team's kitchen, however he was wrong as Gordon criticized it for having way too much dressing.  Andy blamed the mistakes on having problems with his "dexterity" due to his sliced fingertips.

In the Red Team's kitchen, Suzanne finally served the lamb.  However it didn't meet Gordon's standards, as some pieces were undercooked while others were overcooked.  In addition, Sabrina's frog legs met the same fate as her risotto -- they were too bland.

"Maybe I'm too bland," opined Sabrina.

Meanwhile Andy was doing nothing in the Blue Team's kitchen, and it caught Gordon's attention and he promptly threw him out.

"Chef Ramsay just yells to yell," explained Andy.  "I don't think you need to be a douche-nozzle to make a kitchen run well."

Gordon implored the Blue Team to concentrate before turning his attention to the Red Team -- where he was met by incorrectly cooked meat for a second time.  He proceeded to throw both Suzanne and Sabrina out of the kitchen, leaving Tennille and Ariel to pick-up the slack for the remainder of service.

Both teams were able to complete dinner service despite the fact that they were both down at least one member.  Since both the Red Team and Blue Team had members who were kicked out of the kitchen, Gordon said there was no winner and asked both teams to come to a consensus on two nominees.

Andy was easily identified as the first nominee, and while Suzanne tried to explain herself, it was clear that the other members of the Red Team were still eager to get her off their squad.  In addition, the Blue Team also wanted to see Suzanne go.

"Suzanne thinks she's the best, but everybody hates her," said Dave. "Tonight's her night to go."

Kevin explained that if Andy was to be nominated, he was a sure bet to be eliminated.  So he proposed that Suzanne and Sabrina be nominated that way Gordon would oust Suzanne.  Needless to say, Sabrina wasn't a big fan of that plan.

"I don't want to go home either and if [Gordon] asks me I'm going to say they're trying to protect Andy," she said. 

Ariel subsequently revealed that Andy and Suzanne were the consensus nominees, and Gordon asked Suzanne why she deserved to stay in the competition.

"I do know how to cook..." she said before being cut off by Gordon.

"How can you say that with a smile on your face!  I don't want to hear anymore," he said.  "Ariel and Tennille, help me here.  Are you better without her?"

"Yes chef," answered both Ariel and Tennille.

Andy then tried to save himself, explaining that he feels he's been improving from service to service.

"I had an injury and that really f--ked me up tonight," he said.  "I'm having massive dexterity problems."

"There's a guy standing behind you who's been cooking for the last four services with one hand," said Gordon.  "Severe pain."

Gordon then gave Andy the boot and also informed Suzanne that she'd now be joining the Blue Team.

"We don't want Suzanne.  We don't want her at all," opined Kevin.  "But it doesn't matter what jacket Suzanne has on, she's going to go home."

Hell's Kitchen's next episode will air Tuesday, September 15 at 8PM ET/PT on Fox.