Labor of Love featured the show's star Kristy Katzmann eliminating Keith Reams over his temper after six men had to experience labor pains and contractions during Thursday night's episode on Fox.

Kristy sent Keith, a 38-year-old gym owner from Los Angeles, CA, packing after she determined she couldn't envision a future and starting a family with him.

"I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to be a person who's burying my passion for the sake of pleasing other people," Keith said in his final words.

"This experience has changed very little my feelings about fatherhood. This is a pressure-packed, time-sensitive situation because of Kristy's numbers, her age. But I am 38 and in the prime of my life now. I am going to return to an amazing life in a city full of interesting, beautiful, and intelligent women and do my thing."

The Labor of Love broadcast began with Marcus Lehman, a 39-year-old anesthesiologist from Cincinnati, OH who previously appeared on Survivor: Gabon, saying that through Kristy sending Alan Santini and Matt Kaye home, it was apparent she wasn't looking for "one-dimension of person."

Marcus felt chemistry with Kristy and admitted the process was "getting real" for him.

The remaining six men then received the following message at home: "When it comes to a future father, Kristy is looking for someone who has strength... Get ready to flex your muscles!"

Keith bragged he's a jock and gym owner and so being physical "is what it's about" for him, and Stewart Gill, a 40-year-old wealth management CEO from Los Angeles, CA, had the utmost confidence in saying he's 6'6" and 225 pounds.

Stewart said he had the physical and mental to go with it and he looks forward to being active with his children one day.

Kristy said she was going to need more time with Keith; Kyle Klinger, a 38-year-old director of sales and marketing from Austin, TX; and Trent Broach, a 36-year-old tennis instructor from Denver, CO, in order to determine if one of them could be her future husband.

The men then walked into a fitness facility where a room was filling with equipment and training devices, as well as a muscular man named Joe, who owns the facility and is a retired Marine.

Joe revealed the men were about to have their mental toughness tested to an extreme degree and then asked the cast members to pair up.

"Today, you are going to be more physically and mentally challenged more so than you've ever been in your entire life, Joe announced.
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"You may all think you're tough; you may all think you have what it takes. Well let me tell you, after 20 years of proudly serving, I have not been tested in the fashion you are about to be tested because it's extreme mental toughness us, as men, will never deal with."

A curtain then dropped and Labor of Love host Kristin Davis said, "Welcome to labor pains," as the men observed multiple hospital beds, nurses, and an obstetrician.

The doctor explained that in order for the men to truly be great partners in fatherhood, it would help for them to have some insight into labor pains so they'll be able to feel empathy and compassion for a woman in labor.

At the team birthing stations, one man in each pairing pretended to be the supportive father while the other guy was hooked up to a machine so he'd feel labor pains. Kristy had her eye on each and every guy to figure out if he was listening and communicating.

The men were able to "tap out" if the contractions got to be too much, and the men clearly had no idea how bad they were going to be.

"The first contraction felt like there was an insect burrowing into my side," Keith admitted.

Stewart was doing such a great job that Kristy joked to Kristin, "Can Stewart have a baby for me?!"

Gary pointed out his nurse had worked with major-league pitchers who can only take upwards of 60 percent of the pain and all of Kristy's guys went up to 100 percent.

Kristy decided Stewart was the "MVP" of the day in both roles, as father and mother, so he received a trophy. Marcus was starting to realize Stewart was his biggest competition and he admitted Stewart winning the drill was "a painful bummer."

Later on, Kristy walked over to the guys' house and revealed Trent and Kyle would be going on dates with her. Keith was annoyed he was going to miss out on a date once again.

Up first was Trent, and Kristy brought him to Six Flags amusement park, where they went on rides, played games, laughed and had a blast. They even found themselves in the middle of a flash mob.

Trent acknowledged he definitely had a crush on Kristy and could see having kids with her one day. Trent shared with Kristy how his mother had been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at a young age and he admired how his father stood up like a man and took care of her, rather than bailing out.

While Trent was carefree and goofy at times, Kristy liked seeing the mature and serious side of him. Kristy was starting to think Trent has all the qualities she wants in the future father of her child.

Trent said it was the best date he had ever been on.

Meanwhile, Stewart dropped a beautiful bouquet of flowers off on Kristy's doorstep, along with a note, in order to show how much he cared for her. He thought it would be a nice surprise for Kristy to come home to.

Following her first date, Kristy met up with guys to look at her "family album." The group looked at "ridiculous" and hilarious photo compilations of what Kristy's child would look like with each guy.

While the group enjoyed the gathering, Marcus noticed Kristy was sitting next to Stewart and seemed very friendly and flirty with him. Kristy seemed to almost ignore Kyle sitting on her other side, and then she pulled Stewart aside to talk afterwards, which bothered Marcus the most.

Kristy wanted to personally thank Stewart for the flowers he had sent her. She said she knew the flowers were from him before she even read the card.

"I see things in you every week that shows you're the kind of man I want to be with," Kristy said, adding that she had strong feelings for him.

Keith interrupted their conversation to give Kristy some pasta bolognese, and he shared that in his life, he's very calm but also "fire."

"I like to stir the pot. I like to challenge people, and I really don't care what people think in terms of what I say," Keith shared with Kristy.

"Oh my gosh, a fiery side? That is not a personality I gel well with. I've had that in my past and I certainly don't want it in my present or in my future, and that could be a problem," Kristy admitted to the cameras.

Since Kristin sent the cast a message, Kristy and Keith had to pick up their conversation later. Kristy said she's a passionate person and wanted a passionate partner -- but "everything in moderation."

Kyle is tall and played volleyball and was in the Air Force, but Kristy didn't know much else about him. Kristy therefore thought it would be best to just sit with Kyle in front of a fire in the backyard of her house and talk for their date.

Kyle said he had been waiting weeks for this date because he felt a solid connection with Kristy. The pair drank glasses of wine, and Kyle praised Kristy for taking a chance on love, which is never easy.

While Kristy relaxed with Kyle, Marcus decided to write Kristy a song on the guitar.

"I don't think I've met somebody as close to what I wanted as Kristy, and so I feel like I want her to see what love is like from me," Marcus told the cameras.

Kyle was bringing on the romance with Kristy, saying he wanted to build a new world together -- rather than just fit Kristy into his world -- and Marcus admitted he felt "sad and frustrated."

Marcus said he was feeling sorry for himself because he wasn't getting much time with Kristy and he couldn't stand it anymore.

Kyle and Kristy ended their date with a romantic kiss.

The next day, Kristy continued her conversation with Keith, who explained the confrontations he previously had in the house with Matt over disrespecting another guy and Alan stealing his idea to take food next door to Kristy.

Kristy sensed that at the drop of a hat, there might be an explosion with Keith. And so she admitted a temper and anger was "a dealbreaker" for her.

Kristy therefore sent Keith home early. Before he left, Keith told Kristy that both Stewart and Gary were the most sincere in terms of their intentions towards Kristy, Marcus was "a mastermind," Trent was "a boy," and Kyle had yet to reveal himself.

Kristy wondered if Keith's temper was just taking over, but he left her feeling unsettled because her biggest fear through this process was picking the wrong guy in the end.

It then became time for Kristy to discuss her group of guys with the show's host.

Kristy, using an iPad, was asked to move men she liked and wanted to keep around for another week in the "Let's Keep Dating" category.

If Kristy left a man in the "We Need to Talk" box, she'd have the chance to let him know how he impressed her this week or explain the reason she'd be eliminating him from the competition. 

As Kristy moved the guys from "It's Decision Time" to "Let's Keep Dating," the men watched her decisions and progress from a television screen in their own home.

Kristy said she wanted to get to know Kyle more and he was the first guy she invited back to her place for a glass of wine. She also noted Kyle is "a really good kisser."

Kristy noted she and Trent had a great date and he brought out a different side of her. Kristy called him "smart and successful," but she wondered if she and Trent would picture a similar life together since they're so different. She wondered if their lives could merge together well.

On Stewart, Kristy told Kristin he's "the perfect gentleman" who's "doing all the right things." She could tell he was genuine but also wondered if he knew her well enough.

Moving on to Gary, Kristy dubbed him "fascinating" and "interesting." She said he's a different guy "in the best of ways," but the pair needed a more romantic date to determine whether they had chemistry and romance.

"Gary is kind of a slow burn. I think he's someone who needs time to warm up. Can we get there and catch up where I'm at in some of the other relationships?" Kristy questioned.

Kristy also shared she and Marcus connected early but other connections were growing as well. Kristy said she didn't want to lose what she had with Marcus, and she hoped he was feeling the same way.

Kristy therefore needed to talk with Gary and Marcus.

When Kristy pulled Gary aside, Gary said he was just being himself and he's not an attention-seeking guy. Kristy explained she and Gary got off to a slower start, and Gary said it was because their date was two-hours long and they spent the whole time babysitting kids.

Gary pointed out, however, he and Kristy did "awesome" with the kids and he wanted more time to get to know her better, and then Kristy revealed she felt the same way.

"I look forward to us having a real, romantic date," Kristy said, before telling the cameras it was clear Gary saw potential in them as a couple and he'd probably step up his game going forward.

When speaking to Marcus, Kristy actually broke down into tears.

"You were one of my first dates, and you were the person who made this real for me. I think I'm scared of losing that connection. Don't make me cry right now... I want to check in with you to see how you're feeling," Kristy told Marcus.

Marcus insisted he missed Kristy and was trying really hard, and she was glad to hear he still liked her.

"I will shout it from the rooftops of this house!" Marcus said.

Kristy was apparently afraid she could get hurt by Marcus.

"One of the things I struggle with, with Marcus, is he can come across a little hot and cold. I think Marcus could hurt me because I do have real feelings for him," Kristy admitted in a confessional.

Marcus said he was never going to be the coolest guy in a room and he wasn't sure how to navigate this process better, but Kristy assured Marcus that he was doing well and she wanted to keep dating him -- and Marcus was totally on the same page.

Stewart told the cameras that Kristy was one of the strongest women he's ever met, and he dubbed her "special." Stewart was hoping Kristy would end up being his girl.

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