Labor of Love star Kristy Katzmann eliminated Marcus Lehman after visiting her Final 3 men's hometowns and discovering a big red flag about Marcus during Thursday night's episode on Fox.

Kristy sent Marcus, a 39-year-old anesthesiologist from Cincinnati, OH who previously appeared on Survivor: Gabon, packing because although they had strong chemistry, she discovered he has a "house mom" at home who cooks and cleans for him.

Kristy determined Marcus seemed more like a boy than a man when he's in his element, and she told Marcus that she didn't want to have to be his mother and take care of him if they were to get married.

"I wanted to win the competition this whole time. Like, look, I'm sad. I care about her -- she's pretty and we have good kissing. But, you know, she's going to see what she wants to see," Marcus said in his final words.

"It doesn't even matter what I show her. It's like Time No. -- who knows. Girls just can't seem to trust themselves. It's like, get some self-confidence, you are 41 years old."

The Labor of Love broadcast kicked off with Kristy visiting Kyle Klinger, a 38-year-old director of sales and marketing from Austin, TX, in Austin.

Kristy said she admired how Kyle was in the Air Force and she always had a good feeling about him, but since Kyle was younger than her other two guys, she wondered if he was truly ready to settle down and become a father in the near future.

Kristy and Kyle began their day together by taking a childbirth class, which turned out to be a bit awkward but pretty funny for the couple because Kyle was asked to massage Kristy's legs, hips and butt.

"We're still new at this and I've never touched her in a lot of these places, but it was a hell of an icebreaker!" Kyle told the cameras with a laugh, before joking this was his "favorite activity ever."

Kristy then met a whole group of Kyle's friends, who told Kristy that Kyle is a good guy with a good heart and was totally ready to have a child.

But then Kyle brought Kristy home, and he lived in a one-bedroom apartment that Kristy called "a bachelor pad."

"It's definitely taking me out of my comfort zone," Kristy said in a confessional.

"I was really excited to come to Austin and see Kyle, but I know that I'm pursuing motherhood, and a one-bedroom apartment is just not going to cut it. This apartment worries me that he's not really ready to start a family."
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Kristy had a really great date with Kyle, but she acknowledged his apartment wasn't set up for children. She therefore had to think about whether she could really envision a future with Kyle.

While talking and snuggling in his bed, Kyle called Kristy "a unicorn" and said she's someone that's "hard to find" given she's never been married before or had kids at her age, but Kristy had to break the news she's actually been married before.

"This is the first thing she's told me where I have to take a step back and think, 'Does this matter to me? Is this a red flag or a dealbreaker?'" Kyle questioned. "It was really shocking to me."

But at the same time, Kyle's mother went through a divorce, and so he decided he couldn't judge Kristy on something his own mother had gone through. Kyle therefore told Kristy a previous marriage is just a part of her past and he wants to get to know and love Kristy for who she is.

Kristy felt Kyle was kind and genuine, and so she was able to let her guard down and share things with him.

Kyle called Kristy "the woman of my dreams" and noted his date with her was "surreal."

"I put my heart out there and I feel like Kristy is The One. If Kristy doesn't pick me, I am going to be heartbroken," Kyle admitted.

Kristy then stopped in Cincinnati to spend a day with Marcus. Marcus wanted to show Kristy he's ready to be a husband and a father, and so he brought Kristy to an elementary school for gifted children since he really values education.

Kristy had a strong connection with Marcus, but she worried he was more concerned about winning the competition than truly starting a family with her. Kristy had some doubts as a result, and she was hoping to find clarity on their date.

While in the school, Marcus read to a group of children and Kristy said she was "pleasantly surprised" to watch how well he interacted with the kids. Kristy said Marcus would clearly be a good dad, which left her feeling happy and "relieved."

Marcus then brought Kristy home to his house, which was set up beautifully and certainly wasn't a bachelor pad. Marcus apparently had a room for his mother to stay, but Kristy said she'd rather call it "a guest room" than his "mom's room."

Kristy was then introduced to Marcus' "house mom" Dana, and Kristy admitted she was very concerned this was "the friend" Marcus was choosing to introduce her to. Kristy could see there was a lot of "mom energy" in that house, and it wasn't settling.

Marcus told Kristy that his house mom went grocery shopping for him and changed his sheets. Marcus called her part of his family and support system, and it was clear Marcus relied on her heavily.

Marcus explained that he had a house mom so that he would actually have time to play with his kids when getting home from work rather than doing laundry or another household task, but Kristy seemed totally turned off when Marcus asked his house mom to essentially tailor his pants to a different length.

"What is happening?! The Marcus I knew in Atlanta was an intelligent doctor. Here, I feel like I'm looking at a little boy who needs his mommy to take care of him!" Kristy vented to the cameras.

"How can I expect Marcus to be a father and take care of a child when he can't take care of himself?"

Kristy said she needed to have more conversations with Marcus in order to figure out who he is and whether they'd make sense together as a special.

Marcus felt people had been questioning his sincerity and that Kristy was doing the same, but Kristy argued she had blindly trusted him for most of the process because of how she felt about him.

Kristy said she had learned something "crushing" not too long ago and was referring to how Kyle had told her that Marcus was essentially playing a game and trying to win by winning her heart.

Although the house mom was a red flag for Kristy, the couple kissed and she acknowledged they still had a lot of chemistry.

Kristy's final stop was to see Stewart Gill, a 40-year-old wealth management CEO from Los Angeles, CA in his stomping grounds of Los Angeles. Kristy ended up loving Stewart's apartment and how it was decorated, but it was also a one-bedroom place.

Stewart therefore wanted to show Kristy how he lived in Los Angeles as a single man and how he'd want to live in the city as a married man with children.

"What I want to show you is my L.A. and potentially our L.A.," Stewart told Kristy, insisting there's "a family-friendly" part of the big city.

Stewart then brought Kristy to a beautiful white house with a dark blue door, saying it could be their house and it could be their life down the road. The house boasted gardens, fountains and a pool.

Kristy was blown away and gushed, "What?! We have to buy this!"

Stewart picked a room to be the nursery, and Kristy said she loved everything about the house and how Stewart was acting.

Stewart then introduced Kristy to several of his friends, and one of the women bonded with Kristy over freezing their eggs.

Stewart's pal apparently froze her eggs at age 39, and Kristy immediately felt like Stewart's friends were her own. She was completely comfortable around them and really connected with them.

While sitting down over a couple glasses of wine later on, Stewart asked Kristy if she had thought about having a mixed, interracial child with him, and Kristy deflected the conversation a little bit.

Stewart said he had definitely thought about it, especially because he had once dated a Caucasian woman whose family didn't even want to meet him since he's African American. Kristy said that story wanted to make her cry and it was awful.

Kristy admitted she was a little naive because the thought didn't even really occur to her. She believed being mixed race wouldn't be an issue for their child and pointed out her parents would totally approve of Stewart because they just want to see her happy.

Kristy gushed about how she felt chemistry once Stewart kissed her.

That night, Stewart walked Kristy to her hotel room and said he'd love to spend the night with her with the intention of just spending more time with her and talking, but Kristy confessed she wasn't ready for that and was still dating two other men.

Stewart hoped his date with Kristy was enough to leave her wanting more.

Heading into the next elimination, Marcus said he was worried Kristy wasn't seeing the bigger picture and that he has a lot more to offer that just being a doctor. Marcus said it would be "a really sad day" for him if Kristy chose to oust him.

"It's no secret I don't get along with Marcus. I think Marcus is fake and not good for Kristy. I would hate to lose Kristy to Marcus," Kyle said.

"I feel like he weaseled his way into where he's at right now, and you can't weasel your way into love. I've been falling in love with her and there's real feelings there. To go home now would just be real heartbreaking."

Kristy noted this was a really important elimination and a lot was at stake, so she was terrified to make a bad decision and felt a lot of pressure "to get it right."

Kristy then had a meeting with each of her three remaining men, and footage bounced back and forth between those meetings, with viewers seeing small clips of her conversations with them.

Kristy told Marcus that she had the best first date of her life with him and was crushing on him very early on. Marcus insisted he was taking the process very seriously, maybe even more so than Kristy.

Stewart and Kyle promised they had no hesitation at all about Kristy and having a child with her right away. Kristy, however, expressed concern over two alphas in a relationship with Stewart and there being a little uncertainty about a future with Kyle.

But Kristy chose to let Marcus go. Although she admitted to having "tunnel vision" for Marcus throughout her journey to find love, she said she had a pattern of choosing men who wanted her to basically be their mother and take care of them.

Kristy, being very nurturing, said she didn't want that type of relationship again or to fill a void.

"I can't be a mother to you and to a child. I feel like I don't see us starting a family together," Kristy told Marcus.

Marcus told Kristy that she needed to take a risk in order to find what she truly wants and it seemed like she wasn't trusting her feelings, but Kristy argued, "That's not true... I trust myself to know what I feel."

Marcus hugged Kristy goodbye and wished her luck.

Kristy said Marcus had led her to believe he had it all together but the fact he was still being taken care of by his house mom made her realize "that wasn't real."

Kyle and Stewart felt great once they noticed Marcus was out of the picture, and Stewart gushed in a confessional, "I have a 50 percent chance of going home with the woman of my dreams... Elation is right around the corner, but so is heartbreak, and I don't think I've ever been heartbroken before."

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