Labor of Love's finale featured Kristy Katzmann choosing Kyle Klinger as her partner to start a family with instead of runner-up Stewart Gill during Thursday night's broadcast on Fox.

Kristy determined Kyle, a 38-year-old director of sales and marketing from Austin, TX, had won her heart and so she selected him to hopefully be her future husband and have a baby with her.

"I choose you," Kristy gushed to Kyle while sitting in a trolley in her hometown of Chicago. "I knew that I was falling for you, and that's what I wanted this whole time."

"I can't imagine being a father without you next to me," Kyle said in reply.

"That's the best thing you said all day!" Kristy noted with a big smile before kissing her man.

Stewart, a 40-year-old wealth management CEO from Los Angeles, CA, left the show brokenhearted in second place.

The Labor of Love broadcast began with Stewart saying he was so close to "everything [he] had ever dreamt of and more" but also so close to losing it all.

Kyle said he didn't have the best chance of walking away with Kristy knowing he was facing off against Stewart, but he was still confident Kristy would choose him because of their connection.

Kristy told Labor of Love host and Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis that she had narrowed down her suitors to two amazing guys but had to choose which one was a better match for her.

Kristy worried Kyle wouldn't be ready to have a baby right away since he's a little younger, but Kristy wasn't also convinced there was chemistry with Stewart 100 percent -- although they did have a spark.

In the final week of the process, Kristy was going to show the two men around her hometown of Chicago, IL, and then introduce each guy to her family so she could see how Kyle and Stewart interact with her loved ones.

Stewart's date was up first, and Kristy told Stewart while sitting on an enormous Ferris wheel she'd be willing to move to Los Angeles, CA, to be with him if she picked him in the end.

Kristy was apparently open to relocating to either Austin or L.A., and she noted she had considered moving to Los Angeles before but never followed through.
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Kristy asked Stewart over dinner what the near future would look like if she selected him, and Stewart said they would start their plans right away and visit with Kristy's doctor.

"To be clear, when I say I choose you, you are my family now. I literally wake up and you're the first thing I think about -- you're the last thing I think about. You're my gratitude. So then, now, it's just about adding a member to our family," Stewart said.

"I am 100 percent sure you'd be an amazing dad, 110 percent," Kristy replied, although she noticeably didn't mention anything about Stewart potentially becoming her husband.

Kristy acknowledged she did feel more chemistry with Stewart on their date but it was "different" from what she felt and experienced with Kyle.

Afterward, Kyle met Kristy's parents, Jim and Deanne, as well as one of her sisters, Sarah. Kyle showed up with a bouquet of flowers for both Kristy's mother and sister, and he gifted Kristy's father a pair of White Sox baseball tickets.

Stewart joked with Kristy's father there was no pressure to take him to the game.

During a conversation on the patio, Kristy's mother suddenly surprised Stewart with a visit from his excited mother and grandmother. Stewart's jaw dropped wide and he cried a little upon seeing his family.

Stewart impressed Kristy's family and both of their relatives bonded easily and quickly. Stewart's mother also convinced Kristy that Stewart was ready to be a husband and father, and Sarah was happy to discover Stewart was ready and willing to take care of her sister.

Stewart called it the best day of his "entire life" and he told Kristy at the end of the date he had chosen her and wanted her to make the best decision for herself.

"I never wanted something so much. I am ready; I just hope that Kristy's ready," Stewart said.

It then became time for Kyle's date in Chicago, and the pair toured the city in a big red trolley. Kristy took Kyle to Buckingham Memorial Fountain and the pair snuggled up close on a bench.

Kristy told Kyle that she was "genuinely excited" to be with him, and Kyle said he felt "very lucky" to be with her.

Kyle then shared exactly how he was feeling.

"I love you," Kyle told Kristy. "I'm confident that you and I are going to walk out of here together. I really am."

"No words," Kristy replied, before kissing Kyle.

Kyle carried Kristy back to the trolley, and she said this moment "felt so right." They didn't connect early into Kristy's journey to find love, but she said they "picked up speed really fast" and had "great chemistry" together.

"I don't want to stop kissing him," Kristy told the cameras in a confessional.

The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner that evening at a restaurant where they could soak in a view of the city skyline, and Kristy opened up to Kyle about how her divorce was quick, shocking and difficult.

Kristy said she felt a lot of guilt and shame from her failed marriage and wasn't sure she'd ever recover, but she apparently trusted Kyle and what she was starting to feel for him.

The next day, Stewart and Kyle reunited and Stewart acknowledged he never heard Kyle come home the night before. Kyle dodged the question and said he wasn't sure he wanted to talk to Stewart about that, which left viewers wondering if Kristy had decided to spend the night with Kyle.

"Kyle is a good guy, but that's all it is, right? He's not exciting, he's not thrilling, he's not scary, he's not a threat. No matter how I wrap my head around it, I can't see Kristy being with Kyle," Stewart admitted.

Kyle then got to meet Kristy's family, including her other sister Kelly.

Kristy's family seemed to like the fact Kyle had served in the Air Force for five years, but Kristy's father asked Kyle how he planned to support Kristy and his future family.

Kyle -- who also got to see his own parents -- explained he had a start-up company in Austin regarding health and wellness. Kyle said the business does "proactive health services" and has done "extremely well." Kyle assured Jim that making money wasn't going to be an issue.

Kristy told Kelly that she and Kyle had a slow-burn relationship but her remaining two men seemed to be the most genuine of the pack. She also voiced how there was a possibility she might pick no one at the end.

Kelly then spoke to Kyle to make sure he was well aware that Kristy is a multi-dimensional person. Kyle said he tried to uplift Kristy whenever possible and his idea of a perfect Sunday would be spending the day at a park with his kids and then having a big family dinner.

"I definitely think he has some good qualities and he does seem like a trustworthy person to me," Kelly told the cameras.

Kristy's parents thought Kyle was kind and sweet, and Kyle's parents also liked Kristy and thought she's a beautiful girl. The couple's bond was apparent to everyone.

Deanne said both Kyle and Stewart were "wonderful," and Jim admitted he didn't envy Kristy in light of having to make her final decision.

"Kristy could break my heart, and how painful would that be? She's the only one who's ever made me feel that way and it's still not a sure thing. I'm just, like, a normal guy -- very down to earth. What if I'm not enough?" Kyle questioned.

It then became time for Kristy to make her final decision and choose one guy -- or neither -- to continue her life with.

Kristy then weighed the pros and cons of starting a life with Kyle or Stewart when sitting down for an emotional conversation with Kristin. Kristy said Kyle waited for her since they had the final first date of the season and he showed his dedication to her.

Kristy said when Kyle told her something, she believed him. But when looking at Stewart, Kristy said he had everything she had asked for and she had opened up to each man in a different way.

Kristy told Labor of Love's host that the connections she had established with "both of them" were something she never anticipated would happen. It was more than she could have hoped for.

Kristy confessed to the cameras, "This will be the hardest breakup of my life."

"I know that I'm in love with her," Kyle cried before the final decision. "I'm so scared this isn't going to happen, that the future that we have could all be taken away."

"I am ready to start this next chapter with Kristy. I will give her and I have given her everything I have. I just hope Kristy is ready to be with me," Stewart said.

Kristy then visited Stewart in his hotel room first and the pair sat down on a couch together for their final conversation.

Kristy thought back on dancing with Stewart and their first kiss, and she said he pretty much checked off all of her boxes.

However, Kristy broke the news that "when it comes down to it, it's still not enough."

"And I feel like I'm falling in love with Kyle," Kristy explained to Stewart, breaking down into tears. "I think that's what's so hard. I really wanted it to be you! This is the hardest decision I've ever had to make, but I just have to trust what I feel."

"I get it. I understand," Stewart replied. "Honestly, this isn't how I saw this going. Just know there's somebody across the country that thinks the world of you, and I mean that."

When Kristy left Stewart alone after a "really hard" goodbye, he started bawling into his hands.

"I will love again. I will. I will because I want to, I will. And I will be a father because I want to," Stewart cried.

Kristy explained, "He has everything that I wanted and more, we're just missing that chemistry."

After devastating Stewart, Kristy asked Kyle to meet her at Buckingham Memorial Fountain.

However, Kyle didn't automatically win the competition now that Stewart was gone.

Kristy said she wanted to make sure that she and Kyle were on the same page and same timeline for having a child, and if he wasn't, she'd be willing to walk away from the process alone as a single woman again.

When Kristy and Kyle reunited, she therefore told the last man standing, "All of this has been leading up to this point, and I need to know if you're comfortable starting a family with me this year."

"I know it's right," Kyle responded. "I'm ready to start a family with you. If that's this year, then that's what we're going to do."

Kristy therefore told Kyle that she had chosen him, and he beamed with happiness and pride.

The couple then kissed in a trolley as it was snowing outside, and Kristy hoped she had found her happily ever after with Kyle.

The episode ended with Kristy's doctor telling Kyle that he had an excellent sperm count and he and Kristy were in great shape to start trying for a baby naturally right away before needing medical assistance.

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