Labor of Love star Kristy Katzmann eliminated Trent Broach and Gary Malec after Marcus Lehman stirred up some drama during Thursday night's episode on Fox.

Kristy sent Trent, a 36-year-old tennis instructor from Denver, CO, and Gary, a 38-year-old baseball bat manufacturer from San Francisco, CA, packing because she had developed stronger connections with the other men, whom she could really see having a future and starting a family with.

"You know, I didn't really see it coming," Trent said following his ouster.

"I thought we had a good connection and had good times, but apparently she had a better connection with the other guys. She's going to be a great mother to whosever kid she has."

And Gary said in his final words, "She sees something in the other guys that she doesn't see in me. Going into this, I thought I wanted to start a family, but now, learning so much about it, I more than ever want a family."

The Labor of Love broadcast began with host Kristin Davis waking Kristy up at 2:27AM in the morning with a crying real-care baby so she could get the idea of what being a mom is really like and how much responsibility it entails.

The bluetooth real-care baby randomly cries when it needs to be rocked, fed, burped or changed.

The men next door were also given babies to take care of as well as a massive chore list so they could get a feel for what it's like to be a stay-at-home dad.

The crying babies woke up all the guys in the middle of the night and their house was totally trashed with finger paint, opened cans of food, toys everywhere and more.

Trent joked the baby sounded like "the devil," and Kyle Klinger, a 38-year-old director of sales and marketing from Austin, TX, admitted he was "terrified" and not prepared for this. Kyle joked that he wished he could have taken a couple courses or something before being thrown in the trenches.

But Stewart Gill, a 40-year-old wealth management CEO from Los Angeles, CA was excited and wanted to show Kristy he'll be an amazing husband and father.

The chore list included raking and bagging leaves out in the yard.

Gary said Kyle and Stewart did nothing to help clean around the house while Trent, himself and Marcus, a 39-year-old anesthesiologist from Cincinnati, OH who previously appeared on Survivor: Gabon, worked their "butts off."
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Kristin and Kristy spied on the guys from Kristy's house and observed Stewart sweetly changing diapers and cradling two babies at once. Marcus put his baby on the couch in an unfavorable position, and the Gary placed the baby on his bed -- and left the room -- to get ready for the day.

While Trent raked the leaves outside, he did a cartwheel with the baby inside a carrier on his chest, which made Kristy laugh but yell, "No!"

Bluetooth bracelets the men were wearing tracked their progress with the babies, and first place went to Kyle, who was the top scorer with 88 percent. Marcus was a little angry, saying Kylie "didn't do anything."

Kyle said he focused on the baby because it didn't matter if all the cleaning got done. Stewart finished in second place with a score of 73 percent total. Marcus scored a total score of 85 percent but he lost some points for mishandling the baby, such as poor head position.

Gary didn't score well. He received a score of 56 percent and apparently rocked the baby zero times.

"It's a doll. There's only so much you can take seriously. It's a doll," Gary said.

"Guess what, guys? You can't turn a real baby off," Kristy pointed out.

Kristy admitted she was disappointed in Gary not taking the drill more seriously but also in his response to Kristin's constructive criticism about his lack of baby care.

Trent earned an even lower score because he never fed the baby and obviously did a cartwheel.

This week, Kristy went on a one-on-one date with each and every guy left on the show. Kristy was going to use those dates to determine which men would receive hometown dates, as she'd be traveling to the men's homes the following week.

Trent, Gary and Marcus vented to each other about how the guys who won the drill didn't help much around the house. Marcus was annoyed that Kyle "didn't do any of the hard stuff" but ended up winning.

Trent and Marcus therefore decided to pay Kristy a visit, with Marcus saying his gloves were off. Marcus told Kristy that Kyle's behavior towards the men was allegedly very different from how he was with Kristy and he "doesn't care about anyone but himself."

"Kyle made everyone else clean the house and was going nothing but caring for the baby," Marcus said. "He does everything he can to make sure he's always doing and saying the right thing."

Kristy asked if Kyle is disingenuous or a fraud, and Marcus said they just wanted her to know the truth and how he acts around everyone else. Trent added Kyle was "a total narcissist."

Kristy wondered if Marcus and Trent were just "jealous" and this could be gameplay, so she decided she needed to sit down and talk to Kyle about everything.

But first, Trent had his date with Kristy and the pair met with a psychologist who works with couples who just started dating to figure out how compatible they are.

Kristy was blindfolded and Trent was asked to verbally lead Kristy through an obstacle course in her home's living room. Kristy had to trust Trent, who wanted to prove he could be there for Kristy and she could count on him.

Kristy successfully navigated the course, but she called her relationship with Trent "the biggest longshot" out of her options. She was still trying to picture Trent as a parent but dubbed him a "really great communicator."

"I've fallen deeply for Kristy," Trent told the cameras. "I went from probably being a no-chance kind of guy to, in my head, maybe a frontrunner."

Marcus' date was up next and he wanted to make sure they still had a spark. Marcus walked over to Kristy's place to find a pen full of kittens, and Marcus was ecstatic because he loves cats.

Marcus and Kristy sat down and played with the kittens, and she admitted she was surprised he hadn't performed better in the real-baby drill. Kristy wanted to see if Marcus would be "caring, kind and compassionate" with the kittens, like she would want him to be with a baby.

Kristy told Marcus that she could see him being The One and so she was afraid to get hurt. Kristy was nervous around Marcus, but he said it would help if he could take her home to see how he lives.

Marcus was great with the kittens, and Kristy said in a confessional, "I can definitely see falling in love with Marcus, and I can see him falling in love with me."

Marcus kissed Kristy in front of the other guys, who were watching from inside the house, and said he was "ready to play this game."

Kristy then spent some alone time with Gary, who had pretty much failed the baby drill.

Kristy set up a romantic date for them in her house in which they sat with a bunch of candles around them, and Gary explained he had fun with the drill but behaved a little differently than he normally would because the baby was a fake simulator.

Gary insisted he's had a lot of experience with babies, and Kristy thought he was special and saw potential with him. However, visiting Gary's city would be a big deal, so she needed to make sure she was ready for that.

After his date, Marcus talked to Gary about how he needed to downplay being a threat and the next elimination was going to be "a separator."

"Marcus is making desperation moves, and too many of them. Girls don't like desperation. Desperation stinks, and right now, Marcus stinks," Gary told the cameras.

Marcus admitted he was trying to "mastermind" Kyle's "demise," and then the two guys chatted. Marcus told Kyle that Kristy was afraid to be vulnerable around him because he seemed "too put together to be real."

Marcus questioned if Kristy was telling multiple guys the same thing, but Kyle saw through the act and realized Marcus was trying to make him doubt and question Kristy.

Since Kyle and Marcus weren't close, Kyle didn't understand why Marcus would be talking to him about that.

"I feel like Marcus is trying to sabotage my date tomorrow. He is very tactical and he's kind of weaseling his way through this, but I am here for Kristy," Kyle vented in a confessional.

Stewart's date took place the next day, and he and Kristy went rappelling. Kristy was hoping to see a different, more adventurous side of Stewart.

"I have feelings for Kristy. I want to date her forever and date her hard," Stewart told the cameras. "I'm willing to do anything... I'm always going to be there [for her]."

Kristy was scared of the activity, but Stewart talked her through it and assured her that they were "in this together." Kristy was glad Stewart supported her and stepped up, and she gushed about how he "nailed it."

Later on, Kyle got to enjoy some one-on-one time with Kristy, and the pair participated in an aerial yoga class outdoors. Kristy was relaxed with Kyle and "just had fun," and she said their chemistry was building.

Although Marcus and Trent had warned her there were issues with Kyle, she had yet to see any red flags for herself. Kyle told Kristy that there was a lot of gameplay going on at his house, especially with Marcus.

"[Marcus] said things, like, he's so well put together that you won't show your vulnerability to him. I don't think he believes that; I think that's the game that he's playing. But nobody wants to come to you and say that," Kyle told Kristy.

Kristy initially thought she had five great guys left and was now no longer confident in her choices. Kyle said Kristy meant a lot to him, and he could tell she was looking for a real connection and her perfect match.

"Kyle has been my frontrunner for a long time. It hurts to realize that some of these guys might be here to win a game rather than to start a family with me, so it was a tough night," Kristy explained after her date with Kyle.

It then became time for Kristy to discuss her group of guys with the show's host.

Kristy, using an iPad, was asked to move men she liked and wanted to keep around for another week in the "Let's Keep Dating" category.

If Kristy left a man in the "We Need to Talk" box, she'd have the chance to let him know how he impressed her this week or explain the reason she'd be eliminating him from the competition. 

As Kristy moved the guys from "It's Decision Time" to "Let's Keep Dating," the men watched her decisions and progress from a television screen in their own temporary home.

Kristy advanced Stewart to the next round without hesitation, but she decided to talk to the four remaining guys.

"I'm one step closer to having the life I want, which is family, love, fatherhood and parenting with Kristy. And it could be right around the corner, like, soon," Stewart said.

Kristy pulled Gary aside first and said she loved their date. She told Gary that he's "intriguing" and she saw potential with them, but then she started to cry.

"For whatever reason, I have stronger connections with the other men here," Kristy told Gary. "I hate that I can't say I can see us starting a family together."

"So that's it?" Gary responded. "Sorry I wasn't it."

In her conversation with Kyle, Kristy just said she regretted not kissing him during their date, so she leaned in for one. Kristy said she had "a really serious crush" on him and wanted to visit Kyle's hometown.

Kristy then sat down with Trent, who said he "just can't read women" if Kristy was going to eliminate him. Trent thought he had shown Kristy all of his layers and sides.

"I feel like -- I'm sorry," Kristy began before crying.

"It sounds silly, but I honestly can't imagine my life without you in some way. But I have to ask myself, 'Who can I see as a partner and raising a family? And I just feel like I have a stronger connection in that way with some of the other men here."

Trent said "it is what it is" and noted that he respected Kristy's decision.

Kristy then told Marcus that from the beginning, she had no doubts about him -- but that changed this week.

"I have doubts. I am questioning your sincerity," Kristy told Marcus. "I'm worried you're more concerned about saying the right thing or winning the competition."

Marcus said he's "the least competitive human being," but Kristy wasn't buying it.

Marcus apologized for putting Kristy in this position and allowing her to question how he felt about her and whether he's genuine. Marcus cried and told Kristy that he wanted her to love him.

Kristy was glad to see Marcus finally being vulnerable, saying she had wonderful times with him during this journey. She liked how Marcus is a smart doctor and noted she's curious how their romance was going to play out.

"I've gotten to the point where I have three men I can see myself really building a life with. These city dates are going to make or break these relationships," Kristy explained.

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