Jill Zarin's face may have drastically changed, but despite speculation, The Real Housewives of New York City star claims didn't go under the knife and have plastic surgery.

"I have a liquid facelift every six months," Zarin told People. "It really works. No knives!"

According to People, Zarin said she started getting work done by Dr. Patricia Wexler last year in the form of a "liquid facelift" procedure, which only uses "injectables."

Instead of the typical procedure that utilizes a filler to correct individual smile lines, the dermatologist told People she lifted Zarin's face through the "liquid facelift" -- a procedure that can reportedly cost between $1,000-$3,000 per visit and requires the injection of Restylane along the jaw line and sides of the face.

"I won't say it doesn't hurt," Zarin explained. "But it's 100% percent worth it. She took ten years off my face."

The 47-year-old admitted she has had Botox injected between her eyes and in her forehead for 10 years, and recently also had the procedure done in her neck.

"I'm scared I'm going to get a turkey neck. It runs in my family," Zarin said.

Although rumors have circulated that she also got a nose job, Zarin claimed it's all natural and gives credit to her new hair and makeup artist Jim Crawford.

"He put brown contouring makeup on my nose and thinned it out," she added, while Crawford elaborated on how he executes his beauty techniques.

"We also made her face look thinner by airbrushing the sides and hairline two shades darker. Before, she was just using TV makeup, which didn't give any dimension," Crawford told People. "With the bangs down, the nose takes up the largest percentage of her face."

While The Real Housewives of New York City star is seemingly very pleased with the results of her "liquid facelift," Zarin said she won't rule out any plastic surgery options if it means maintaining her new preferred look.    

"All the sudden if I woke up with jowls, that's it," Zarin noted. "I'm going under the knife."