Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have reportedly split.

Maynard -- whom Womack proposed to and selected over Chantal O'Brien in the finale broadcast of The Bachelor's fifteenth season -- ended her relationship with her fiance over the phone during the weekend of April 9, Life & Style reported Tuesday.

"Emily told Brad that she can't picture them getting married," a source told Life & Style. "Brad's not acting like a fiance, and she knows that he's not going to change. Emily knows in her heart of hearts that the relationship is finished."

Maynard, the 24-year-old children's hospital event planner from Charlotte, NC, was reportedly getting ready to move to Texas to be with Womack, but the plans recently fell through.

"Emily was very close to moving with her daughter, Ricki, to Austin, Texas, just weeks ago, but that's not true anymore," a second source told Life & Style.

One of the contributing causes to Maynard's decision to break up with Womack, according to Life & Style, was The Bachelor star's decision to make an offer to purchase a new house without consulting his fiancee or involving her in the process.

"She obviously feels that it isn't the behavior of someone who plans to be with her," another source said.

Maynard -- who has allegedly removed the engagement ring Womack gave her from her finger -- also reportedly left Womack in part to his irregular and inconsistent behavior and because she feared he was cheating on her or spending time with other women.

"Brad seemed very complacent all of a sudden," the second source added. "He did everything he could to woo and charm Emily on the show, and then it just slowed. Emily knows he likes Texas, he likes his bars and booze, so she's just wondering if he likes someone else. It started to really worry Emily. She felt like, 'If he's not wanting to see her, who is he with?'"

According to Life & Style, the couple's break up has not been announced because their contract with ABC, which does not allow Maynard and Womack to publicly discuss their relationship without the network's consent.

ABC reportedly called Maynard on April 13 to remind her of her contractual obligations and encourage her to stay with Womack, as they pride themselves on The Bachelor's success stories.