Bethenny Frankel is traveling to the Bahamas and Florida to help communities impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

ETOnline said Frankel's efforts are being made through her disaster-relief initiative, bstrong.

Frankel said a warehouse has been set up in Miami to receive donations.

"The Real Housewives of New York City" alum also noted she is paying her own expenses for her trips to storm-ravaged areas and all money collected will benefit hurricane victims.

"It's the worst impact my team has seen. More details tomorrow. Cash cards will not be even used for a while. Now it's about search, rescue, relief & displacement. #bstrong #thisisacrisis #globalempowermentmission," Frankel tweeted Monday night.

"I love you so much! I've been reading insta msgs about ppl w boats who want to help & those boarding animals. We're sorting into channels bc it's all important. Search/rescue & boats carrying relief is #1 This is our earliest start. You're really helping. Keep donating," she posted later.

"Our warehouse needs chainsaws, medical supplies and generators. Next priority is children's needs, pets, babies," a Tuesday tweet said.