Online Casino News reports that on Thursday, BoDog Sportsbook & Casino removed the Odds-to-win for the CBS reality show "Survivor: The Amazon" from their site after it was revealed a number of CBS employees had wagered on the event.

'Normally the product we offer for players to wager on isn't pre-determined,' said Rob Gillespie, BoDog President. 'But with Survivor most of the shows are pre-taped months ago and the only thing determined on live television is which of the final two contestants wins the $1-million.' Gillespie noted that the players in question, all residing in California, opened their accounts prior to Survivor 4: Marquesas and have only wagered on the show's outcome.

'It caught the attention of our security department after we noticed that these four individuals had all wagered the maximum amount on the same two contestants for the past three Survivor contests and were right on the final two contestants every time, assuring themselves a profit,' said Gillespie. 'Our rules are very clear on groups of people wagering on events with prior knowledge of the outcome,' said Gillespie. 'In this case our initial investigation determined that at least one of the clients worked for CBS in a production role and he may have provided information to the other players or they may have been wagering on his behalf.' Gillespie indicated the action taken from the CBS employees had skewed the odds so much on the alleged Final Two contestants that legitimate players were shying away from wagering.

To learn the alleged identities of the Final Two, please highlight the below empty area:


Gillespie indicated BoDog would offer odds on "Survivor 7," but would strictly monitor all wagers to ensure regular clientele are not being negatively impacted.