The NY Post's Page Six reports that Survivor: The Amazon winner Jenna Morasca and Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn may be dating. According to Page Six, the two dined together a few weeks back at Rocco's, the featured establishment in NBC's The Restaurant, and then were photographed together at the "Playboy Triple Platinum Cabana beach party at the Park" the other night (see this link for the photo).

Perhaps Page Six is correct, but call us a little skeptical. After all, both The Restaurant and Survivor are executive-produced by Mark Burnett, and a rumor had previously made the rounds that Burnett had asked some of the more popular Survivor contestants to dine at Rocco's while the cameras were rolling.

In addition, August cover girl Jenna's presence at a Playboy event in NYC wouldn't be surprising, since she was appearing in a play there on July 27 and 29, and native Pittsburgher Jenna may not know too many other people there who would result in her being recognized instead of ignored.

On the other hand, where there's smoke, there may be fire, so we won't completely dismiss the rumor. However, until someone turns up with news that Ethan was in Pittsburgh, we remain unconvinced.