Jenna Morasca has apparently decided to follow in Jonny Fairplay's footsteps.

The Survivor: The Amazon winner has joined TNA Wrestling and will make her debut in the square-circle during TNA iMPACT's March 12 broadcast on Spike TV, Entertainment Weekly reported Friday.

"Everyone is covered in glitter and makeup and stuff and then goes and beats the crap out of each other," Morasca told EW about what attracted her to wrestling. "This is perfect for me."

While Morasca will not be wrestling at first, she does plan to mix it up in the ring after learning the ropes, according to EW, which added the 28-year-old has also declined to undertake a new identity for the role.

"I'm gonna be me because it's more beneficial to know it's me from Survivor," she told EW. "If I had to take a name, it would be a terrible stripper name like Candy Cane Lane."

Morasca took home Survivor: The Amazon's $1 million grand prize in May 2003 and subsequently appeared on the show's All-Stars edition the following year.  She decided to quit the competition due to her mom's battle with cancer.

Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton previously competed in TNA Wrestling after he appeared as a Survivor: Pearl Islands castaway.