Heidi Strobel had an important message for her husband as he pitched in one of the most important games of his young career.

The former Survivor: Amazon castaway and her husband -- Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels -- welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on Friday morning, Fox's WTFX-TV Philadelphia affiliate reported.

The family has not yet released the baby's name or weight.

Heidi -- who changed her last name to Hamels after marrying Cole in December 2006 -- went into labor with the child during Thursday's Phillies playoff game against the Colorado Rockies, for which Cole was the starting pitcher.

The Phillies traveling secretary got a message from Heidi around 4PM ET on Thursday that read, "I'm in the hospital going into labor. Could you please tell Cole as soon as he's done pitching?" according to WTFX-TV.

As soon as Hamels was done pitching he got the message and left for the hospital.

Heidi finished fifth during Survivor's Spring 2003 sixth season -- four places behind Survivor: Amazon winner Jenna Morasra, her close ally and fellow peanut butter and Oreo cookie lover.  After stripping naked in exchange for the snacks during a Survivor challenge, the pair later posed nude for Playboy.