E! Online reports that CBS is planning to hold the Survivor: Amazon reunion show, which will take place immediately following the series finale scheduled for May 11, 2003, in New York City again. The network is currently searching for an appropriate venue.

As fans of Survivor remember, the finale of Survivor: Marquesas was held in frigid temperatures in Central Park in May 2002. It is unknown whether CBS is looking for an indoor site, to avoid a possible freezing repeat, or will once again choose an outdoor site. No word on the host, although it would be surprising if CBS did not use Jeff Probst, who hosted the reunion for Survivor: Thailand and showed America and Canada the folly of using Bryant Gumbel or Rosie O'Donnell to host his show.

E! Online also reports that Survivor: Amazon garnered great ratings this week (over 19 million viewers) and offers further details about the four CBS employees suspected of placing bets on the final two from Survivor: Amazon, which we reported here.

Speaking as members of the crowd shivering in Central Park from 7 to 11 PM for the last NYC finale, we urge CBS to keep one thing in mind: it's hard to pretend to be in a steaming subtropical jungle when there's frost on the grass.