For those wondering, Fabio himself has weighed in Gil Hyatt's inexplicable reaction to Average Joe 2: Hawaii star Larissa Meek's disclosure that she was previously involved in a serious relationship with the cheesy 40-something year-old romance novel coverboy.

Fabio, who was unavailable for direct comment because the coverboy turned clothing designer was in Milan working on his clothing line for WalMart's Sam Club stores, relayed a statement via his manager Eric Ashenberg. "Fabio wishes Larissa nothing but the best," Ashenberg told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Additionally, taking his own apparent dig at Gil, the Italian playboy also noted that "the only thing he has to say is if that guy is looking to date someone he (Fabio) hasn't, he should start dating men."

Commented David Taylor, one of Fabio's closest friends and apparent "wingman" during their younger days: "We had some great times together. He's a man's man and a great guy who likes women, and women like him." "She's better off without the guy," remarked Taylor about Gil, noting that he was also familiar with Larissa from her time dating Fabio.