The "average Joes" are 0-for-2 versus the himbo hunks. That says it all.

In the season finale of NBC's nine-episode Average Joe 2: Hawaii, 25-year-old model, wannabe actress and former Miss Missouri 2001 Larissa Meek dumped 31-year-old Brian Worth of Boston, the last "average Joe" remaining, and chose 26-year-old construction worker, male model and wannabe actor Gil Hyatt of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida as her partner for the post-show talk show circuit.

Visions of a romance between these two that would last longer than the post-show bookings took a turn for the worse at the end of the final episode, when Larissa revealed the much-hyped final "twist" to Gil: her ex-boyfriend is cheesy 40-something year-old romance novel coverboy Fabio. Surprisingly, Gil was disgusted to learn this and appeared to reject Larissa in the final sequences of the episode, kicking at the sand and surf on the beach where they were walking and telling the camera that "every guy would understand" and claiming to be no longer interested in pursuing a relationship with Larissa. "Now I know how Brian Worth felt," a solemn Larissa remarked to the camera.

Larissa's actions in the finale made it clear that she wasn't particularly attracted to either of her remaining suitors. Gil took Larissa on a boat ride along the Florida coast and told her about the finer points of spackling, while seeming to pay little attention to her. Meanwhile, Brian took Larissa on a boat ride in Boston Harbor, where he caught two lobsters (which he nicknamed Gil and Jim, after the last two remaining hunks, and joked about their need for "protein powder"), and to Fenway Park, where Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield joined them, while pouring out his heart to her.

If Larissa had any real interest in either of them, then the contrast between Gil's indifference and Brian's fawning might have made a difference. In dismissing him, Larissa told Brian that he is "the most interesting person I have ever met" ... but, of course, as all of the "average Joes" and "average Janes" in the world already know, it's all about looks, not having a great personality.

"But you deserve a woman who can say I love you too," Larissa explained to a heartbroken Brian. Adding in her own twist on the "but we can still be friends" phrase that no guy ever wants to hear, she noted that "we have built the foundation of a great friendship. I am going to miss you Brian."

In making her choice, Larissa follows in the high-heeled footsteps of the original Average Joe bachelorette, Melana Scantlin, who chose hunk Jason Peoples over "average" millionaire Adam Mesh in the first season finale. However, things worked out for the best for Adam, who will now star in the upcoming Average Joe: Adam Returns. Looks like that's the only way any of the "average Joes" will ever get the girl: by being the one making the choice.

Let's hope that changing sides doesn't turn Adam into another "Bachelor Bob" Guiney, the egotistical star of ABC's The Bachelor 4.