In one of the wackiest reality projects yet, TBS Superstation has announced that it is launching production on a reality TV version of the classic Gilligan's Island series. The series will air in Fall 2004.

TBS will collaborate with the creators of the original Gilligan's Island sitcom, Lloyd and Sherwood Schwartz, to "shift" the concept to the reality genre.

Like the original sitcom, TBS says the reality show will feature a real-life skipper, first mate, millionaire couple, movie star, Kansas farm girl and professor. And, like the original show, they'll work together to try to get off the island. Additionally, in keeping with the spirit of the series, the network says that the episodes will be "modeled" after some of the situations that occurred on the original sitcom.

So far, no casting details have been announced, although we have a feeling viewers won't exactly be seeing Julia Roberts appear in the Ginger role.