Carrie Underwood has been romantically linked to British singer Oliver Trevena and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, so one presumably wouldn't call American Idol's fourth season winner unlucky in love.  But that seems to be the case.

"Guys who would never look at me twice before might ask me out now, so I guess I have better opportunities," said Underwood in the May issue of Cosmopolitan according to a Friday report by People. "But when I do meet a guy, there's this 'Does he just want his picture in a magazine?' factor."

The 24-year-old Checotah, OK native added she's shy and "horrible around guys," but still optimistic about finding Mr. Right.

"I'm not saying I want to get married tomorrow, but I'd like to have someone other than my mom to call when I have good news," Underwood told Cosmopolitan.

Underwood also claimed she has to market herself correctly or she can forget about selling albums, never mind trying to land a date in the little downtime she has.

"The music business is about packaging. People have to be pleased by what they see on TV or they'll change the channel," Underwood told Cosmopolitan.

Critics are apparently easy to please for Underwood, who has won numerous awards since winning American Idol's fourth season in the May 2005.  She was most recently awarded two Grammys for best new artist as well as best female country vocal performance for "Jesus Take the Wheel." But it doesn't end with critics and potential suitors, as Underwood added some females fans are often critical of her post-Idol weight loss.

"I gained weight on Idol, but I didn't starve myself afterward," she explained in Cosmopolitan. "I may think about it a little too much. I might feel guilty if I eat a pizza. But I've tried to be healthy and exercise as much as I can. If that's made me lose weight, I guess I needed to."