Bachelor in Paradise alum Danielle Maltby has revealed she's starting to get settled in her new Cleveland apartment, only days after she left Nashville with a bang!

"Things are slowly coming together in my place," Danielle told her followers via Instagram Stories on Monday, adding how she's in the process of selecting a new mattress for her bed.

And on Sunday night, Danielle watched the Super Bowl with boyfriend Michael Allio and his young son James. The trio looked cozy on a couch and were all smiles.


Last week, Danielle took to Instagram to bid farewell to her friends in Nashville, TN, where she lived for 12 years prior to her move to Ohio to be closer to Michael.

Danielle's friends apparently threw her an epic goodbye party, with a variety of good food and live musical performances.

"As I write this, my mom is taking the first shift driving up to Cleveland. This week I have been overwhelmed with love," Danielle captioned a video of the big bash.

"Nashville was my rebirth. I moved here a shell of myself after [my former fiance Nic Haag] had passed [from a drug overdose in 2011]. Craving a fresh start and to not be blasted with memories everywhere I went."

The neonatal nurse and model continued, "Throughout the last 12 years -- the universe, God, what ever invisible thread that connects us has brought some of the most important people into my life. People who have loved me, taught me, shaped me and people who became family," Danielle shared.

"One of the most special things connecting all of us was music and family dinner nights... truly beautiful shared [experiences] of fulfilling food and music."

Danielle thanked and gave shout-outs to specific friends, including "the most incredible hosts and smoker of meats," who always opened their home for "the deepest convos and warmest campfires."

"It was the perfect send off," Danielle gushed. "I know I'm a snob when it comes to music, but I blame it on the insanely talented writers and musicians in my life. All of whom took the mic and shared their gifts for @michael_alliol4 and I. I love you, my chosen family."


Michael commented on Danielle's post, "Beautiful. These people are honestly some of the most talented and inspiring people I've ever met. Listen to their music guys... you'll see what I mean."

Michael also gushed about the goodbye party in an Instagram post of his own last week.

"I knew @dmmaltby was loved, but after this weekend in Nashville, it became all so clear. We spent last weekend not only packing and prepping for her move to Cleveland this week but also spending quality time with her amazing, talented friends," Michael wrote.

"It may sound like I'm surprised... but I'm not. Rather, I'm in awe of what she has built for herself over the last decade. The amount of authentic love that people have for her is indescribable and quite frankly beautiful. It's really the result of years of showing up for everyone that needed her."

Michael pointed out how her friends threw her "a full blown concert" for a farewell party.

"If that's not love, I'm not sure what is. In the end, her love belongs to so many. I recognize that and I love that about her," Michael boasted about his girlfriend.

"I'm blessed to receive it... knowing full well... that her love is anything but just mine. We got a great one! Let's welcome this beauty to Cleveland in all the best possible ways! Here's to new beginnings."

Danielle dubbed February 6 her official "moving day" in Nashville.

"I'm moving up to see Michael, moving on up to Cleveland. Things are really empty. This is crazy but I'm so grateful," she wrote on Instagram Stories at the time.

Michael, originally from Akron, OH, welcomed James during his marriage to his late wife Laura Ritter-Allio, who passed away from breast cancer in 2019.

In early December, Michael revealed on Instagram Stories that Danielle would be leaving Nashville and making the move to Ohio in two or three months.

Danielle proceeded to let fans know at the time she was apartment hunting and looking for a job as a nurse near Michael's stomping grounds.


During a late January Q&A session on Instagram, one of Michael's followers asked for an update on Danielle's move.

"It's been crazy busy!" Michael noted. "She's moving to Cleveland! She found an awesome place and got an awesome job. It's all looking good. This is going to be an awesome year!"

Michael said he was doing "really good" and was "excited about the future" with Danielle.

Michael spent Christmas 2022 with Danielle and his family in Akron, before the couple traveled to Wisconsin to spend part of the holiday with his girlfriend's family.

The couple then enjoyed a sexy evening out for New Year's Eve in Chicago, IL, with Danielle's friends.

On Bachelor in Paradise last summer, Michael was romantically interested in Sierra Jackson, but he ultimately determined something was "missing" between them and he was unable to let his walls down due to grief.

But when Danielle stepped foot on the Paradise beach in Mexico, Michael seemed ecstatic and affectionately called her "Dani."

They had spoken via DMs on Instagram and become friends prior to filming the show but claimed they had never met in person.

Michael and Danielle were able to connect quickly over their similar losses and traumas. The pair slowly got to know each other and never expressed interest in dating anyone else on the show.

Michael and Danielle chose to leave Bachelor in Paradise together as a couple before overnight Fantasy Suites. They both determined they weren't ready to get engaged, especially because Danielle had yet to meet James.

However, Michael revealed on the reunion show in November that James quickly came to adore Danielle and never wanted her to leave when she was visiting. Danielle also confirmed that she felt the same way about James and couldn't wait to be a bigger part of his life.

Michael also announced on the reunion show that he's "in love" with Danielle and she had changed his life for the better. Danielle is only the second woman whom Michael has ever said, "I love you," to.

While Danielle had no reservations about moving to Ohio in order to progress her relationship with Michael naturally, she explained how they don't want to live under the same roof -- at least not yet -- as to not rush things or disrupt James' comfortable routine.

"I'm just so excited," Michael said on social media in December of Danielle's decision to uproot her life for him.

"Long distance is difficult, but we've made the best of it and this next chapter and upcoming year is one I am so looking forward to. She's the best!"


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