The Bachelor featured Zach Shallcross eliminating Anastasia Keramidas after hearing she was on the show for the wrong reasons, Brooklyn Willie opening up about domestic abuse in her past, Zach appearing smitten with Kat Izzo, and two more women going home during the Season 27 episode that aired Monday night on ABC.

Zach eliminated Anastasia, a 30-year-old content marketing manager from San Diego, during the cocktail party preceding the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season, and then he denied roses to Davia Bunch, a 25-year-old marketing manager from Charleston, SC, and Genevie Mayo, a 26-year-old neonatal nurse from Baltimore City, MD, at the Rose Ceremony.


The Bachelor broadcast began with the vibe in the mansion feeling "lighter" for the women following "villain" Christina Mandrell's elimination.

The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer then approached the ladies and told them that there wasn't going to be a date that day because they'd be packing their bags instead and traveling to The Bahamas.

Zach called this week "a restart" for him. He said he felt "giddy" and was ready to start his next date.

A Date Card then arrived for Kat, a 26-year-old registered nurse from Tampa, FL, which read, "How deep is our love?"

Kat got excited, announcing how her date was probably going to be intimate, and then Greer started to cry.

Greer Blitzer, a 24-year-old medical sales representative from Houston, TX, complained she hadn't spent much time with Zach and she was afraid their initial connection and the "fire" they felt on Night 1 was going to burn out. She wished that Zach wanted to get to know her more.

Anastasia also felt disappointed and discouraged, like she was low on Zach's list of priorities. Anastasia wanted to learn more about Zach but hadn't been given the opportunity.

For their date, Zach was looking to strengthen a connection that was "already there" with Kat, whose beauty the Bachelor gushed about in the first night of filming. The pair went on a yacht together.

"She does make me a little nervous, like, have you seen her?" Zach gushed in a confessional.

"Kat looks like a model, and I've never dated a model. She is so fun and she's great to be around, but a little of me asks, 'Why is she here? You're really digging me -- like, me?!'"
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Zach said he had an "unreal" time with Kat, who was goofy, confident and didn't take herself too seriously. They danced on the yacht, and Kat said she could totally be herself around the Bachelor.

Zach apparently put her at ease, and Zach said things felt totally natural with the bachelorette.

While the couple was snorkeling, Anastasia vented to her fellow bachelorettes about how Zach clearly had his "favorites" in the group of women left and she wasn't one of them.

Anastasia admitted she was "spiraling," mainly because he had connected strongly with his one-on-ones up to that point. She wanted to feel desired and seen.

"Every time I've trusted a man, it's backfired," Anastasia explained.

Back on the date, Kat shared how her past relationships had fizzled out quickly and she didn't want that to happen with Zach. Kat said a fire continuing to sizzle is something she had never experienced before and she was feeling that with Zach.


A Group-Date Card then arrived for the following bachelorettes: Aly Jacobs, a 26-year-old healthcare strategist from Atlanta, GA; Anastasia; Ariel Frenkel, a 28-year-old marketing executive from New York City, NY; Charity Lawson, a 26-year-old child and family therapist from Columbus, GA; Davia; and Gabi Elnicki, a 25-year-old account executive from Pittsford, VT.

Genevie and Greer's names were also on the Date Card as well as Jess Girod, a 23-year-old e-commerce coordinator from Winter Springs, FL; Kaity Biggar, a 27-year-old ER nurse from Austin, TX; Kylee Russell, a 25-year-old postpartum nurse from Charlotte, NC; and Mercedes Northup, a 24-year-old nonprofit owner from Bloomfield, IA.

The card read, "It's time to turn up the heat," and Brooklyn, a 25-year-old rodeo racer from Stillwater, OK, was thrilled to have been invited on the second one-on-one date of the week.

Charity and Jess were both feeling discouraged at this point. Charity acknowledged how she and Zach hadn't reached depth in their relationship yet, and Jess had been hoping to show the Bachelor a side of herself that wasn't nervous and anxious.

That night, Kat, who doesn't come from "a traditional background," looked forward to being vulnerable with Zach on their dinner date, and she just hoped he wouldn't judge her.

Kat revealed how she and her mother struggled with their relationship and there was a point when she was a child when they didn't even live together because their dynamic apparently got so bad. Kat shared with Zach how she'd like to have a stable home and a husband who will stay with her forever and through it all.

Kat got emotional as she spoke, and she admitted she was scared that Zach, having had such a traditional and loving upbringing, wouldn't relate to her past.

Kat said she felt "unlovable" during her childhood and she worried it would be a turnoff to Zach. Zach promised Kat that he's going to love his person for who she is, not where she came from. Zach reminded Kat that she knows her worth and was being brave.

Kat thanked Zach for receiving her story with so much grace, and he thanked her for opening her heart.

"I am falling for this man harder than I ever thought I would, and I love it!" Kat gushed in a confessional.

Zach kissed Kat and offered her the date's rose, and he said kissing Kat felt like "two meteors perfectly colliding and creating a star." He said "fireworks" were between them, and with that being said, Kat and Zach watched fireworks in each other's arms.

"Sometimes too good to be true is actually true," Zach gushed. "I mean, did it really go that well. F-ck, it did!"

The next day, Zach enjoyed a fish fry for the large group date. Anastasia planned to be noticed, and Kylee also intended to make herself seem amongst the big group of women.


There was dancing and drinking at what turned out to be a big beach party, and Aly said the women had agreed to split time fairly with Zach and give everyone a chance to be with him.

There was a lot of shellfish served, and so Gabi -- who has a shellfish allergy -- was upset she couldn't stand out to Zach by trying all the different foods. She wasn't able to show that she was making an effort, and so she nearly cried.

During a game of Limbo, Anastasia asked Zach for "a kiss for courage" before her turn in front of everyone. Zach kissed her on the cheek, and the women were a little annoyed by her aggressive attempt to steal him immediately after the game. Kylee called the move "completely inappropriate."

Kylee then interrupted Anastasia's time with Zach, but Anastasia asked for a couple more minutes. Kylee wouldn't give it to her, claiming she's "awkward at this."

"Please just let me have him. I don't like to fight," Kylee said.

"I'm definitely not going to fight you," Anastasia replied.

Anastasia vented to the cameras about how that was "unfair" and she had been very respectful of women needing a couple more minutes here or there. Kylee's approach rubbed her the wrong way, and so Anastasia complained about the event to the other women.

Anastasia told Greer that Kylee had said, "I really don't want to fight you."

Kylee, however, explained to the group how Anastasia had attempted to embarrass her.

"[I said], 'I'm not going to fight and sit here and bicker back and forth with you,'" Kylee insisted. "And she said, 'Oh I'm not going to fight you.' And I was like, 'B-tch, you think I'm going to fight you?!'... I never said I was going to fight her. She's trying to start sh-t."

Anastasia went on to say that she felt "attacked," as if Kylee wanted to physically brawl with her. Kylee therefore accused Anastasia of starting drama and trying to get attention.

That night, Aly hoped the distractions of that day wouldn't continue into the night.

Kaity, who struggled in the group setting, reminded Zach that she cared for him and was there for him. He said talking to her was "exciting."

Zach also gave Jess the reassurance that she needed to hear, telling the cameras there was something really special between them. Zach also felt at ease with Charity, saying he felt "scared in a good way" around here and their connection was effortless.

Gabi told Zach that she had a dream about him, and Zach said he enjoyed being around her and was having a good time.

Anastasia then confronted Kylee about her "fight" comment. Anastasia called it miscommunication, saying that she wasn't trying to manipulate her words. Kylee said Anastasia knew exactly what she meant, and so she was thinking about telling Zach what happened.


Kylee, who thought Anastasia was trying to "victimize" herself, explained to Zach how her "fight" comment had been taken out of context, and Zach agreed with her. Kylee also said this wasn't the first time Anastasia had thrown out an eyebrow-raising comment to the group.

"I don't know if she was trying to embarrass me, but it felt a little embarrassing. It's just her approach with things... I did have a conversation with Charity and Charity was expressing to me how Anastasia's head is in so many different directions," Kylee explained.

"She's constantly always talking about the amount of Instagram followers that she's going to get while being here."

Zach confessed, "That freaks me the f-ck out. That's something I do not stand for, and I'm terrified I might end up with someone who's here for the wrong reasons and isn't here to love me and have a future -- but is really there for the fame," Zach lamented.

Kylee apparently felt guilty for speaking on something that wasn't even said directly to her, and so Zach went straight to the source and tried not to make assumptions too early.

Zach then spoke to Charity about the allegation, and Charity totally corroborated Kylee's story. Zach was suddenly brought back to his fears, wondering if this show was "all fake" and if some of the women had ulterior motives and were being disingenuous.

Zach then announced to the group there may be a woman on the show for the wrong reasons, and he pulled Anastasia for a chat.

"I have a question for you: are you really here for me?" Zach asked.

"Yes I'm here for you... I'm here to connect with you and get to know you," Anastasia replied.

"That is not at all what I've heard. What I've heard is you're not here for a relationship and it's for Instagram followers," Zach said. "And I'm shocked and a little bit caught off-guard."

Anastasia said she was also shocked because she wants to find a life partner and best friend to grow old with. Anastasia explained how she had spoken to the other girls about brands she works with and how she could share her contacts with them after the show.

Anastasia said hearing that allegation was very "upsetting" to her, but Zach said he had to ask in order to avoid getting fooled at the end.

Anastasia said she's proud of her career but things she had said were "twisted in a really negative way."

Anastasia told the cameras that she felt "hurt." Anastasia said she wouldn't be this vulnerable if she didn't want a lasting relationship.


Once Anastasia returned to the group, Kylee addressed the elephant in the room. Kylee said she had heard Anastasia mention how the 14 women left on the show would at least go home to 50k Instagram followers. Anastasia said she was just answering questions when asked.

Zach then told Ariel that she "intrigued" him and there was something mysterious about her. Ariel also felt Zach appreciated her sense of humor when they joked about "blowing conch."

At the end of the night, Zach gave the group-date rose to Ariel, whom reminded him of why he signed up for the show to begin with. He said she was making him excited to go through the process. Ariel felt validated and so happy.

Anastasia started to cry. She really wanted that rose and felt "manipulated." She thought Kylee's accusation was sabotage and had destroyed her.

The next day, Zach and Brooklyn explored the island. He knew she'd be up for an adventure, and he said he was attracted to her kindness and sweet nature. However, he could tell she was holding back a little bit.

For their date, the couple went ATVing. Brooklyn thought Zach looked sexy, and the pair had a blast.

Meanwhile, Charity told Kylee and Mercedes how Anastasia had made that comment about 50k followers in the airport at like 3AM. And Anastasia talked to Kaity how her comment was "misinterpreted" and there was a lot of hearsay going on.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn and Zach settled down on an isolated beach. Zach said he wanted to see more of Brooklyn once she taught him how to lasso. She thought the date was romantic and "perfect," and they kissed and swam in the water together. Zach hoped to peel back her layers that night; he just needed her to open up more.

ABC flashed a domestic violence disclaimer during a commercial break that aired before the night portion of Brooklyn and Zach's date. Brooklyn was nervous to open up old wounds, but she intended to let Zach in that night.

Over dinner that night, Brooklyn revealed how her grandparents were always her relationship goals. Brooklyn said her father was far from that and she previously found herself in a relationship with someone just like her father.

Brooklyn said when she spoke her piece, a fight broke out and got out of hand. Brooklyn recalled how the relationship was emotionally abusive and she became "a shell" of herself with this man. She said the relationship worsened into physical abuse and she was not herself for six years.

Brooklyn decided, however, not to let the relationship define her, and so she got out and found a new strength within herself. Brooklyn said she never looked back and she knows exactly what she doesn't want in a partner going forward.

Zach apologized to Brooklyn for having gone through something so terrible like that, and he complimented her confidence and bravery.

Brooklyn said her past was "embarrassing" and, after getting knocked out one night, she woke up to the police. Brooklyn said she deserves a man who will reciprocate her love in a tender way, and Zach was completely taken with her and blown away by her tough exterior and the sweetness and the compassion that she exuded.

Zach gave her a rose, and Brooklyn said she was feeling "all the feels." She felt like the only girl in the world when she was with him, and she said she never felt that way before and could "definitely see Zach as [her] future husband."

Zach said he felt a spark and chemistry with Brooklyn.

At the cocktail party preceding the Rose Ceremony, Zach promised to be honest with everyone and follow his gut. With that being said, he asked Anastasia to speak with him.

Zach gave Anastasia an opportunity to speak her mind. She said it had been a really hard two days because her character and integrity meant everything to her and there was "inaccurate" information circulating about her.

"I did not come here for anything other than to see if there's a connection here and if you could be a potential partner for me," Anastasia insisted.

But Zach said he couldn't discredit what other women had told him. He was then shown walking Anastasia out, and Kylee appeared very upset, feeling like it was all her fault.

"I never want to be the cause of somebody going home," Kylee lamented to her friends. "I hate myself."

"I don't get it," Anastasia said in her final words. "I don't understand where this would've come from, and I'm just upset about everything I gave up to be here and then just to be completely manipulated and lied about is really disrespectful and disappointing."

Anastasia said, "I would've rather, you know, been a crazy b-tch and thrown sh-t around than have my integrity questioned like this."

Anastasia admitted she was "confused" and didn't know "what he's talking about."

She added, "I get it, you're here to find your person, and there are some amazing women here. But I don't know where you're getting your information from because [women] are literally bold-faced lying."

Meanwhile, the girls told Kylee and Charity that they had done the right thing in bringing forward the information about Anastasia to Zach. But Kylee was terrified and hoped this wasn't going to affect her relationship with Zach. She didn't want to become "collateral damage" out of all of this and lose Zach.

Zach didn't want to have to worry about a girl being on the show with the wrong intentions. And he said despite the drama, the feeling of Anastasia being his person "just wasn't there."

Charity then thanked Zach for providing a safe space for her, and Zach called her a calming presence that made him smile and gave him butterflies.

Zach and Kat proceeded to have a moment, with Zach telling the bachelorette that their date had exceeded his expectations. They also made out while sitting on a pool table.

Meanwhile, Davia cried to Kaity about how she had seen Zach have an intimate moment with Kat, whom he pulled had allegedly pulled for a chat even though she already had a rose. Davia was aware Zach had strong relationships blooming, and she didn't want him to forget about their hot and fast connection.

Once the cocktail party came to an end, Kylee was super frustrated because she hadn't been able to spend any time with Zach. She said she couldn't be mad at anyone but herself, but she didn't have a good feeling about the Rose Ceremony.

Kylee broke down into tears and nearly quit the show, saying she could not sit through a Rose Ceremony and not hear her name called.

When the Rose Ceremony commenced, Zach handed out roses in the following order: Charity, Kaity, Gabi, Jess, Mercedes, Aly, and Greer.

In the end, Kylee -- who was pretty convinced she'd be going home -- got the last rose of the evening.

Genevie and Davia were therefore eliminated.

Davia said her connection with Zach felt so "happy and uplifting" at the start and she wasn't sure "how that disappeared so quickly."

"He said he did feel something, but something happened and then he walked away from it," Davia cried following her ouster. "It hurts. It hurts waking up in the morning and just having another day alone when all I want is someone to finally be there for me."

The episode concluded with Zach announcing how they'd all be traveling to London for the next round of dates.


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