Bachelor in Paradise alum Michael Allio has shared a big update on Danielle Maltby's plan to move to Ohio, where he and his son James live.

In early December, Michael revealed on Instagram Stories that Danielle would be leaving Nashville, TN, and making the move to Ohio in two or three months.


Danielle proceeded to let fans know she was apartment hunting and looking for a job as a nurse near Michael's stomping grounds.

During recent Q&A session on Instagram, one of Michael's followers asked for an update on Danielle's move.

"I guess it's been a little while since I gave you guys an update on what's going on with us," Michael acknowledged, according to

"It's been crazy busy! Next week I am going to Nashville to help Dani move and see all her friends. We're doing a little last hurrah."

Michael continued, "Then the following weekend, she's moving to Cleveland! She found an awesome place and got an awesome job. It's all looking good. This is going to be an awesome year!"

Michael said he's doing "really good," even though he just dealt with the four-year anniversary of his late wife Laura Ritter-Allio's death from breast cancer in 2019.

"I'm excited about the future with everything that's going on. As you know, the other day I posted about it being four years since Laura passed. It's been difficult," Michael explained.

"It's been a crazy four years, regardless of whatever it looks like on social media."

Michael honored Laura last week by posting a slideshow of photos from their wedding and past together, including one picture of the pair as teenagers and another image of James as a toddler celebrating his birthday with a big cake.

"I assure you that my days are a roller coaster. If I do make them look so easy, I'm sorry about that. That gives a false idea of what real life is," Michael shared.

"It's hard looking back and remembering all the moments. I'm trying to do as much as I can to keep Laura's legacy alive so that James and so many others have something to hold on to and remember her by. She was so worth remembering."


Michael wrote of Laura on the four-year anniversary of her passing, "I've been staring at my computer for the last two hours trying to think of the right words for how I'd like to honor Her on this special day."

Michael admitted his body was "paralyzed" and his mind "adrift" as her attempted to write the proper caption for his Instagram post.

"As I sit idle... aimlessly staring at the frozen, snowy ground outside my office window. Confusion sets in, as sixteen years of memories and a lifetime worth of 'what ifs' flash before my eyes like a blinding strobe light set in the darkest of rooms," Michael wrote.

"It hurts to remember, but instead of looking away, today, I'm forced to look within. Laura is and will always be a part of me... just like she will be a part of the countless others that had the privilege of calling her friend. Like so many others, when she left, we lost an irreplaceable piece of ourselves."

Michael pointed out that while a piece of his heart -- as well as "a parcel of protected land" -- will forever be reserved for Laura, he realizes it's possible to find happiness and love again.

"[But] there are somethings in life that are sacred and not ours to give away. I hope this message is confusing to you. For me, that means you've never had to experience deep loss and debilitating grief like we have. I hope you never have to. For those that have, please know that even though you may feel 'lonely' -- you are not alone," Michael wrote, adding that people should ask for help and support whenever needed.

"Above all, never forget that life is beautiful. Laura knew this better than anyone. Our time on this earth is precious so don't waste it on the things or the people that do not matter. Reach out to someone you know that you've lost touch with. Make the call. It's never too late or for that matter too soon to rebuild a bridge that may have been burned."

Michael said "life is more fulfilling when you travel light," and so people should "ditch the weight of the past by making things whole again."

"Laura taught me that and ya know... she was right. James and I miss you so much darling. I hope you're proud of me because none of this has been easy without you. I know one day we'll see you again, but until then... enjoy the show," Michael concluded.


Michael spent Christmas 2022 with Danielle and his family in Akron, OH, before the couple traveled to Wisconsin to spend part of the holiday with her family.

The couple then enjoyed a sexy evening out for New Year's Eve in Chicago, IL, with Danielle's friends.

On Bachelor in Paradise last summer, Michael was romantically interested in Sierra Jackson, but he ultimately determined something was "missing" between them and he was unable to let his walls down for her following the 2019 death of his wife, Laura Ritter-Allio, from breast cancer.

But when Danielle -- who lost her fiance Nick Haag to a drug overdose in 2011 -- stepped foot on the Paradise beach in Mexico, Michael seemed ecstatic and affectionately called her "Dani."

They had spoken via DMs on Instagram and become friends prior to filming the show but claimed they had never met in person.

Michael and Danielle were able to connect quickly over their similar losses and traumas. The pair slowly got to know each other and never expressed interest in dating anyone else on the show.

Michael and Danielle chose to leave Bachelor in Paradise together as a couple before overnight Fantasy Suites. They both determined they weren't ready to get engaged, especially because Danielle had yet to Michael's young son James.

However, Michael revealed on the reunion show in November that James loves Danielle and never wants her to leave when she's visiting.

Danielle also confirmed she adores the little boy and can't wait to be a bigger part of his life.

Michael also announced on the reunion show that he's "in love" with Danielle and she has changed his life for the better. Danielle is only the second woman whom Michael has ever said, "I love you," to.

Danielle shared how she was planning to move to Ohio in order to progress their relationship naturally. However, she noted they didn't want to live under the same roof as to not rush things or involve James in their relationship too early.

"Maybe she'll live in Cleveland so James and I will have a little city spot we can go to on the weekends," Michael gushed to his followers in a December Instagram Q&A.

"I'm just so excited. Long distance is difficult, but we've made the best of it and this next chapter and upcoming year is one I am so looking forward to. She's the best!"


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