ABC has revealed the identities of the 14 contestants who will compete on The Glass House as well as additional details on how home viewers will be able to participate.

Viewers will be given the opportunity to visit The Glass House -- a new Big Brother-like reality show that will feature contestants living together and competing for a $250,000 prize in a game controlled by viewers -- on beginning on Saturday, June 9 to vote on various aspects of the state-of-the-art house and game prior to the contestants moving in two days later.  According to CBS, The Glass House is so similar to Big Brother the network is suing for copyright infringement.

The Glass House, which will premiere on Monday, June 18 at 10PM ET/PT, will feature 14 people living in the same house where they will not only play against each other but also compete to win over home viewers each week. Viewers will be encouraged to support and follow the contestants both online and through social media, ultimately casting their votes to help determine who will be sent home and who will return to "The Glass House" and remain in the game.

In addition to setting the stage for the new reality show, viewers will also be given the chance to watch a live online feed of the players several times a week while The Glass House airs and then vote to decide what the contestants will eat and wear, what games they will play and where they will sleep. Fans will also be able to offer the players feedback on their gameplay, which may affect the contestants' social strategy.

ABC's website will also feature bonus non-broadcast scenes for viewing.

The Glass House is being executive produced by Kenny Rosen, who has previously helped produce Hell's Kitchen and Big Brother.

The 14 contestants who will be competing on The Glass House will be:

- Alex, a 25-year-old bail bondsman from Dallas, TX

- Andrea, a 31-year-old bookkeeper from Valencia, CA

- Apollo, a 28-year-old poet and author from Phoenix, AZ

- Ashley, a 30-year-old paralegal from New Orleans, LA

- Erica, a 27-year-old cocktail waitress from Denver, CO

- Gene, a 28-year-old stuntman from Chicago, IL

- Jacob, a 28-year-old cook from Coos Bay, OR

- Jeffrey, a 35-year-old receptionist from Brooklyn, NY

- Joy, a 27-year-old nurse from Fredericksburg, VA

- Kevin, a 33-year-old police sergeant from Toledo, OH

- Melissa, a 31-year-old freelance journalist from Chicago, IL

- Mike, a 48-year-old bar mitzvah DJ from Pembroke, MA

- Robin, a 43-year-old blogger from Washington, DC

- Stephanie, a 32-year-old scientist from Boston, MA