The Glass House eliminated Holly during ABC's Monday night broadcast of the new Big Brother-like reality competition's sixth episode.

Holly had been automatically placed in "limbo" after she was selected as one of the two least favorite players in the game by home viewers and then forced to become a team captain for the second consecutive time for the competition's fifth challenge, which her team ended up losing during last week's broadcast.

Fellow The Glass House contestant Andrea later joined Holly in limbo after the majority of the rest of the season's contestants nominated her for elimination. Viewers were then required to vote for whether Holly or Andrea would return to the house this week and resume competing, and they ultimately opted to save Andrea and eliminate Holly.

During Monday night's broadcast, the house's big screen revealed which two players had received the least number of home viewer votes since the previous episode, ultimately replacing the former positions of Holly and her opposing team captain Mike. Stephanie and Mike -- for the second time in a row -- were announced as the least favorite players, and as a result, they were forced to be team captains for the week's challenge and would be sent to "limbo" if their team lost.

The season's sixth challenge required each team to decode clues in order to solve a series of puzzles and answer the final question, "What do these words have in common?" Two players were instructed to lie on a giant wheel and physically spin it themselves, while one player was the spotter and another served as the puzzle-solver appointed or suggested by the team captains. The team to finish in the fastest time would win the challenge and be safe from "limbo" nominations.

In addition, the winning puzzle-solver on either team would receive a bonus prize for taking on the most difficult task. Stephanie decided she wanted to be her team's puzzle-solver, and Mike figured Gene would succeed at the role as well.

Stephanie's team ended up winning the challenge after finishing the puzzle in 11 minutes and 37 seconds. Stephanie's bonus prize was a VIP package for two at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, which included airfare credit, hotel, tickets to see Celine Dion in concert, and dinner at a steakhouse. Mike's team unfortunately completed the challenge with a time of 17 minutes and 23 seconds.

The season's contestants proceeded to nominate Jeffrey to join Mike in "limbo" following a unanimous vote in the house. Most of the players wanted to send a likeable frontrunner to "limbo" with the hopes Jeffrey would earn more votes than Mike and then defeat him and return to the game with immunity. Viewers will now get to determine whether they'd like to see Jeffrey or Mike come back into the game.