The Glass House crowned Kevin its first-season champion during ABC's Monday night broadcast of the new Big Brother-like reality competition's finale episode.

"To be here all summer and to play this game and hang out with people that I never would have hung out with, and then at the end, have my face being the last face left, it doesn't seem real. I do know that the money is going to give me the opportunity to make so many people's lives better -- my brother, my sister, my parents, [my daughter]. It's payback time and I'm going to take care of them," Kevin said upon his victory.

"I'm happy, I'm overjoyed, I'm shocked. It's just the most unbelievable experience of my life. Anybody that took the time out of your schedule to vote for me on this show while we're here having fun, I can't put into words how good it feels and how grateful I am. Just a million, trillion times thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Erica finished The Glass House in second place.

"You can't help but be disappointed, but this whole time, I knew that Kevin was going to be tough to beat and I would much, much rather lose for being who I am than win for being somebody I'm not," Erica explained.

Andrea came in third place.

"The thing is, I just can't be upset about it either way. I'm happy for Kevin. If it wasn't going to be me, of course I wanted it to be him," Andrea said in tears. "I feel very, very blessed to have had this opportunity and I'm grateful for it, and I go back to being a mom and a bookkeeper, and you know what? I'm happy. I have a lot to be thankful for."

Prior to the show revealing Kevin had won the $250,000 grand prize, The Glass House eliminated Mike and allowed Erica to return to the game after both contestants had been placed in "limbo." Last week, viewers were required to vote for whether Mike or Erica would return to the house and resume competing, and they ultimately opted to save Erica. Erica's addition to the house determined The Glass House's Final 4.

The season's final challenge was an individual challenge in which the winner would earn an automatic spot in the Final 3. One of the remaining three players would be ousted from the house shortly afterwards based on home viewer votes.

For the challenge, Erica, Kevin, Andrea, and Jeffrey had to push themselves off a platform and fly 16-feet in the air to the next platform while carrying a puzzle piece and being harnessed to a rope. Once on the second platform, the contestants had to put together four different puzzles on all sides of a pyramid. The first person to solve all the puzzles, fly back to the starting platform and hit his or her button would win the challenge.

Andrea ended up winning the competition and was thrilled to snag one of the three seats in the finals. The Glass House then revealed which player viewers wanted to eliminate next, and that individual was Jeffrey -- leaving Andrea, Erica and Kevin. Jeffrey was forced to enter the "limbo" box and exit the game.

Following a celebratory dinner, the Final 3 were met by their families and friends in a large crowd below them in the house. Andrea, Erica and Kevin made their final pleas to viewers in the hopes they'd be voted to victory, but in the end, Kevin received the most votes and walked away with The Glass House's grand prize.