The Glass House eliminated two contestants, and in a twist, allowed Andrea and previously-eliminated contestant Mike to re-enter the game during ABC's Monday night broadcast of the new Big Brother-like reality competition's eighth episode.

Joy was eliminated from the competition after she had been automatically placed in "limbo" last week. Joy had been selected as one of the two least favorite players in the game by home viewers and then forced to become a team captain for the competition's seventh challenge, which her team ended up losing.

Fellow The Glass House contestant Andrea later joined Joy in limbo after the rest of the season's contestants voted to nominate her for elimination alongside Gene in a split vote. Joy had the tie-breaking vote and opted to take Andrea with her into "limbo." Viewers were then required to vote for whether Andrea or Joy would return to the house this week and resume competing, and they ultimately opted to save Andrea.

During Monday night's broadcast, The Glass House revealed America had also voted on whether they'd like to see Joy or Mike -- who was eliminated from the game the week prior -- re-enter the house.

However, one of them could only rejoin the game if a remaining player volunteered himself or herself to leave the house. All the players were offered increasing increments of cash as incentive to quit the game, and once the amount grew to 37,600, Stephanie gave into temptation and happily exited the house on her own accord due to the fact she hadn't been receiving a lot of support from the voting fans anyway.

The house's big screen then revealed which two players had received the least number of home viewer votes since the previous episode, ultimately replacing the former positions of Joy and her opposing team captain Stephanie. Gene and Jeffrey were announced as the least favorite players, and as a result, they were forced to be team captains for the week's challenge and would be sent to "limbo" if their team lost.

The season's eighth challenge required each team's members to individually use a marionette to transport emoticons across a stage and into their given team's container. The team to land the most emoticons in their team's container after 10 minutes would win the challenge and be safe from "limbo" nominations.

However, some of the emoticons were worth $500 if dropped into the "prize container" instead. A contestant's emoticons in his or her prize container would count in one's personal bank account and no one would know whether any of the players took the money, as those specific results would not be revealed.

After an announcement revealed that some unidentified contestants did choose to rack up some prize money for themselves instead of concentrating on achieving a team victory, Jeffrey's team was declared the winner after 30 emoticons were dropped into his team's container. Only 23 were dropped into Gene's team container.

The season's contestants then proceeded to nominate Erica to join Gene in "limbo" following a vote in the house in which Erica had received three votes and Mike had earned only two. Viewers will now get to decide whether they'd like to see Gene or Erica return to the game.