Don Mueller, the star of NBC's "Who Wants To Marry My Dad?" hit summer series, has confirmed that his engagement to Christena Ferran is over because neither one of them wanted to relocate. The news shouldn't come as any surprise to fans of the program, as Mueller had already stated back in August that while he and Ferran were "technically engaged," he wasn't "necessarily going to marry" because of the "many obstacles" that stood between them -- starting with the fact that the company he owned was based in Cincinnati while Ferran and her family were settled in San Diego.

"We agreed mutually that neither of us would relocate," said Mueller, 48, owner of a map printing business in Fairfield. Ohio told the Associated Press. "She has two kids in high school, a junior and a sophomore, and their dad is a very active part of their life. I can't leave the company I founded 25 years ago, and my grandson is here."

Ferran, in her early 40s, didn't want to uproot her daughters from California, where she's active with charities and as a champion Arabian horse rider. According to the Associated Press, Mueller met last weekend with Ferran in San Diego. The meeting marked the first time he had visited her home, and only the sixth time they had been together since the engagement ceremony was taped in late May.

Given that Mueller had numerous women to choose from when appearing on the program, the couple's reluctance begs the question as to why the apparently essential matter of relocation to Cincinnati wasn't discussed during the selection process. Mueller's response as to why he appeared on the program -- "The honest reason I did it was so I could spend three weeks of my life with my kids as adults," he said. "I knew it would never happen again."