TLC has announced The Imploders, a new reality series that will follow an Idaho family of demolition experts, will premiere on Wednesday, December 30 at 10PM ET/PT.

The Imploders will star Lisa and Eric Kelly, who operate Advanced Explosives Demolition (AED) and travel the country breaking demolition records and bringing down buildings.

Eric has been demolishing building for more than 30 years and he and Lisa have destroyed thousands of buildings across America with a "perfect safety record," according to TLC.

In addition, Eric and Lisa's 4-year-old daughter Eliyah travels with them wherever they go, as they spend 130,000 miles a year on the road with no home. Their other six children from previous marriages join Eric and Lisa at certain stops.

The demolition featured in the premiere is the Qwest Building in Phoenix, AZ, and other cities featured in the six-episode series are Lawrence, MA; Owensboro, KY; Dallas, TX; and Lincoln, NH.

The Imploders -- which shouldn't be confused with The Detonators, which aired on TLC's Discovery Channel sister network earlier this year -- is being produced by Reckognition Productions and Discovery Studios.