Well, the future might be starting to not look so bright for "everyone's favorite Survivor," but at minimum Rupert managed to last another three days.

After following up his earlier reward challenge victory with an additional immunity challenge win (or "immunity gift" as some viewers might term it, as it hardly seemed the other survivors were focused on eliminating him from the challenge), the anti-Rupert mutiny that was brewing was left with no choice but to table their possible plans for three more days, resulting in the subsequent booting of the next logical former Morgan member -- Ryan Opray.

This week's unsurprising booting of Ryan O boosted SurvivorBlows' prediction record to 8-0-2 (eight correct predictions, zero incorrect, and two correct alternate bootee.) In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, "richthedevil" remains atop the leaderboard for another week.

So what happens next week on Survivor? Do Burton and his motley crew succeed in launching their mutiny against Rupert, Sandra, and Christa? What's Lillian so upset about? Will we ever get to see the stupid grin wiped off of Jon's face? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!