The Family Chantel couple Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno appear to be heading towards a split on the show's fourth season, with a preview even showing Pedro telling Chantel he wants to love out of their house. So did Chantel and Pedro split up and get a divorce or stay married -- and is the former 90 Day Fiance couple still together now?


[Spoiler Warning: This report contains spoilers about Chantel and Pedro's relationship and if they are still together that will spoil The Family Chantel's fourth season].

Chantel and Pedro met online and starred on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance followed by Seasons 2, 3 and 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?. They currently star on the fourth season of The Family Chantel.


Chantel from Atlanta, GA, and Pedro from the Dominican Republic met online about seven years ago, and Chantel first introduced Pedro to her family under the false pretense of him coming to America on a student visa.

The pair got married in the U.S. much to the dismay of Chantel's family, who questioned the former baseball player's intentions. Chantel and Pedro proceeded to move out of a small apartment and into a big home together.

Pedro and Chantel weathered major marital ups and downs throughout the years, including stubborn and clashing family members as well as the couple's own trust and jealousy issues.

On Season 4 of the TLC spinoff, which premiered in June 2022, Chantel admitted to the cameras that she felt "low" because Pedro -- who used to treat her like a queen and affectionately call her "Pinky" -- wasn't living up to her expectations of him as a man and a husband.

Chantel apparently missed the old Pedro and how compatible they used to be.

As for Pedro, he said he had always been supportive of Chantel's nursing career and she didn't know how to be happy for him now that he began working a job as a real estate agent that he loved. Pedro also accused Chantel of being "lazy" and not cooking or cleaning enough for him while he's at the office.

"Sometimes, I don't even want to get home," Pedro said, adding how he liked to get home from work once Chantel was already asleep.

Chantel had noticed Pedro was working late most nights, and she accused him of being "rude and inconsiderate." Chantel, who had been trying to impress Pedro and make him happy, said her communication with Pedro was poor and he was living like he was single.

"I don't share me feelings with Chantel because Chantel doesn't understand what's in my mind," Pedro said in a confessional.

"Sometimes I don't understand her... or where she's coming from. Right now, I feel like me and Chantel have two totally different [ways] to see the world. For me, something black. For her, something white."

Chantel said there as no possibility of having a baby with Pedro because they needed to start the fire again. Pedro also couldn't envision having a baby with Chantel for at least five years.

The couple's relationship had become tense and uncomfortable/ When Pedro woke up one morning, Chantel was scrambling eggs for Pedro, who demanded boiled eggs instead.

Chantel said she was trying to speak Pedro's love language but he was "ungrateful" and didn't know how to say "thank you."


"What's going on with you, Pedro? I want the old Pedro back," Chantel griped. "You haven't been kissing me and you haven't been hugging me. We haven't had sex in months."

Pedro told the cameras that he wanted his relationship with Chantel to be 50/50 and have Chantel stop thinking about herself. He wanted to come home to a clean house with food on the table.

"Sometimes, I don't even want to get home," Pedro said.

And Chantel felt like she was "the only person showing up" to their relationship and putting effort into saving the marriage.

Chantel said she felt hopeless because it seemed like nothing she ever did for Pedro was enough. Pedro apparently made her feel like she couldn't do anything right.

Chantel then told her husband that he treated her like she's stupid and annoying.

"Why are you even with me?" Chantel asked.

"Because I [didn't] know you were going to turn out like that," Pedro replied.

And when Chantel demanded for Pedro to confess that he no longer loved her, Pedro didn't give her any of the reassurance or validation that she needed.

Chantel's family would tell something was going on, and so Karen told Pedro that a woman is no longer required to take care of a household by herself and he did not marry "a maid robot."

And Chantel's brother River suggested the couple could hire a cleaning lady, but Pedro said if Chantel couldn't take care of a house, she wouldn't be able to take care of children and a family.

"You're stuck in the dark ages. I'm sure you could find some compromise," Karen told Pedro, adding how he used to play video games all the time while Chantel studied and so Chantel deserved to be a little lazy.

Chantel complained about Pedro coming home at 3AM, without a word of where he had been all night and with whom.

"Is it because you got everything that you could get from me and now I've run dry?" Chantel asked Pedro. "You got your visa, you got your money, you got your job, and you're ready to fly the coop?"

Pedro was upset with Chantel for the "low blows" and for treating him like property rather than a person.


Chantel then found a sparkly water bottle in the house, and she threw it away because it wasn't hers. Chantel claimed every time she asked Pedro what he was doing, he would say it's none of her business and then come home drunk.

Chantel recalled Pedro being at the mall with Antonella one night when Chantel was cooking dinner for him. Chantel said Pedro allowed her imagination to run wild, and then she flat out asked him, "Are you cheating on me?"

"No, I not cheating on you. I swear to God. If I was cheating on you, I [would've] left the house a long time ago," Pedro replied.

Pedro said he was just spending time with his friends and co-workers and Chantel's mistrust of him and the situation was not showing him love.

Pedro thought he had prioritized Chantel in his life, especially because he had thrown his mother and sister "into the trash" when all three ladies had been in conflict.

Pedro's mother Lidia told Pedro over FaceTime that Chantel was jealous and selfish and that his wife was at fault for the couple's issues. Lidia thought Pedro was ready to move forward and Chantel was stuck in the past.

Meanwhile, Karen and Chantel agreed that Pedro's expectations of his wife were "not fair," and Chantel said she worked a high-stress job that Pedro clearly didn't understand or respect.

"My parents do have reason to be concerned. Pedro treats me with all of this hatred -- talking down on me and mocking me and trying to get a rise out of me," Chantel explained in a confessional.

"But I don't want them to know that, at least for now." 

So what happened between Chantel and Pedro? Did the couple break up and get divorced, or are they still married now?

In an October 2021 interview with Us Weekly, Pedro all but confirmed he and Chantel were still married.

"After the fight [with River], it was a terrible situation between Chantel and me. We almost [broke] up. We almost broke apart. But we went to counseling and family counseling," Pedro said at the time.

"We've taken a lot of counseling... many hours of counseling to try to deal with [family problems] and trying to resolve the family problems. Counseling has been working so far."

He added, "Now I can be at the table and we won't start a fight. We can be more civil. We can be a little bit more open. Now I feel I can spend more time with her family than before because they are accepting me for who I am."

"I finally feel like we are a little bit at peace now," Pedro continued. "Everybody knows now if you don't mess with me, I won't mess with you."


Chantel also told Us that Pedro was "not on the outskirts of our family" anymore because "we love him and there's nothing that he could do or anybody can do to change our relationship."

And the couple proceeded to post photos of each other on Instagram around Thanksgiving and Christmas 2021.

But things went south from there, and as of July 2022, there is no sign of Chantel anywhere on Pedro's Instagram account. Chantel has also wiped all signs of Pedro from her Instagram page.

In the first half of 2022, Chantel and Pedro, split and filed for divorce as well as mutual restraining orders after six years of marriage.

Pedro pulled the plug on his marriage and filed for divorce from Chantel on May 27, 2022 according to online court records obtained by Us.

Chantel later filed her own petition as well as a mutual restraining order.

Chantel's current Instagram bio reads, "The whole time you though that you were not enough, you were over qualified."

Chantel has also recently called Pedro a "liar" on her Instagram Stories.

Chantel has refuted some of Pedro's claims on the show -- including how he had allegedly invited Chantel to work outings only for her to decline. Chantel also denied how she supposedly never cleaned their house, In Touch Weekly reported.

Chantel also took a jab at Pedro when she reportedly posted a since-deleted Instagram video of herself making dinner.

"Cooking after a 12-hour shift at the hospital for a man who doesn't come home," the nurse wrote.

According to court documents, Pedro claimed he and Chantel separated one month before he filed for divorce in May, saying their marriage was "irretrievably broken," TMZ reported.

When Pedro filed for divorce, he reportedly also filed an emergency motion on the same day, claiming Chantel had withdrawn $257k from their joint business account without his approval.

Chantel allegedly took the money only five days before they separated in April and transferred it to an account in her and her sister Winter Everett's name.

Pedro claimed he had attempted to reach a resolution with Chantel in private but was unsuccessful, and so he asked the judge to make Chantel transfer the money to a joint account so they can split the money up legally in their divorce proceedings.

The judge denied Pedro's request for an emergency hearing, but a hearing will be set for a later date to find a solution, according to TMZ.

Chantel's attorney Jarett R. Sliz reportedly declined comment on the matter.

According to subsequent legal documents Chantel filed on July 7, Chantel claimed adultery is the reason for her divorce from Pedro, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Chantel also accused her estranged husband of "cruel treatment" by "physical domestic violence, as well as mental pain."

Chantel said her marriage "is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation."

The nurse filed the court documents in Gwinnett County, GA, and asked the court to equally distribute the material debt.

Chantel also requested that Pedro be forced to return her cell phone and back up storage devices for her computers and cell phone.


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