The Family Chantel featured Pedro Jimeno retaining a lawyer and going through with divorcing Chantel Everett, and Chantel deciding to protect herself and be strong during the Season 4 episode that aired Monday night on TLC.

The Family Chantel broadcast began with Pedro pulling a box of files and documents out of the trunk of Chantel's car, looking for the money she had allegedly taken out of their joint account.


Chantel yelled at Pedro about how he had taken $6,000 out of their shared account followed by $5,000 without speaking to her first or telling her what they money was for. She said she's a just and fair woman, but Pedro wanted to split their money in half.

"All my paperwork, you [took] it and [you're] hiding it! That's not right," Pedro complained of the box, which included his K-1 visa application they had both allegedly paid for.

Chantel left Pedro in the street with his documents, telling the cameras how Pedro would probably leave her with nothing if he was capable of abandoning and leaving her.

"So I did take the money and I opened up a new account without talking to him about it. It was not prior to him moving out; it was after," Chantel confirmed. "And I'm glad that I did it, because I don't trust him anymore."

Pedro believed that Chantel wanted to remove him from the United States and planned to take his documents to a lawyer, but Chantel insisted those documents -- which she had compiled and saved -- were hers.

"She's not a nice person. She's not," Pedro told the cameras.

Chantel accused Pedro of lying to her all the time, and she said her phone calls to him had gone unanswered. Pedro insisted Chantel hadn't called her at all.

Chantel then insisted she had called the police on Pedro, which made him think she never loved him at all.

Pedro left the scene and called Chantel on the phone, and they proceeded to bicker and argue about the paperwork and a lack of trust in their marriage.

Chantel believed Pedro had taken a lot of money out of their account prior to their official separation because he planned to use it to rent an apartment. Chantel felt it was "dirty" of Pedro to have sprung that on her.

Pedro told Chantel that he left the house so she could stay there and be comfortable, but Chantel said that if Pedro cared about her, he never would've left her and given up on their relationship.

Pedro pointed out how Chantel had taken an expensive trip to Panama with their money, but Chantel said she wasn't going to sit at home and be miserable alone. Chantel said she had been begging for attention, affection and conversation for a long time.

Chantel had wanted to try relationship counseling with Pedro to resolve their problems, but he apparently wasn't interested.


"I am a strong woman but I've been soft for you. I've tried to beg, plead, cry with my tears -- anything for you. I would've done anything for you," Chantel shouted.

Pedro accused Chantel of having a secret savings account, but she said, "No, you'll never find that money. It's not in a savings account... You've got it all wrong! You won't find it."

Pedro begged Chantel to put his half of their money back into the old account or else he'd have to press charges, and Chantel said they could talk about it later. Chantel said she was tired of being a doormat and disrespected.

Chantel said this was her first power move in her relationship in a long time and she had no regrets.

"I laid down and let this man walk all over me, willingly," Chantel griped. "I will never let this happen to me again. Never."

Pedro said Chantel "escaping" with over $200,000 really set him off and so he decided to pay a lawyer's retainer fee and go ahead with divorcing Chantel. Pedro believed Chantel was never going to respect or support him.

Pedro admitted he was tired of Chantel's ultimatums in which she had allegedly asked him to choose between her and his family as well as between his wife or his job.

Pedro's family law attorney, Afiya Hinkson, said Pedro seemed vulnerable and upset when moving forward with the divorce. Afiya assured Pedro that it was okay to feel disappointed, angry and upset but she'd have his back.

"I never thought this was going to happen between me and her," Pedro said.

"I do remember how much fun we had in the beginning and I remember [falling] in love with her. She was my first relationship, my [only] real relationship. I feel bad. I feel bad about it. I feel broken. I feel like a piece of sh-t person."

Pedro apparently thought his relationship was going to last forever, and he acknowledged how he had been wrong about that.

Meanwhile, Chantel had yet to process her feelings and emotions after spending five days in Panama with her best friend Destinee and her other girlfriends. Chantel said she was in shambles over the thought of her marriage being over, and she wondered if Pedro ever loved her.

Chantel said Pedro turned off her phone and clearly wanted nothing to do with her. Chantel couldn't make any phone calls or send text messages, and Pedro had allegedly told the phone company that he didn't want Chantel to have access to their account or her phone number.

Pedro also refused to talk to Chantel, and she couldn't believe he wouldn't even talk to her like an adult throughout the divorce process.

"How could you treat me this way after seven years?" Chantel vented to Destinee. "Pedro never wanted to talk about the future. I think about that a lot... When I'd bring up children or talk about the future, he would direct the conversation elsewhere."


Chantel said she should've paid attention to the fact Pedro didn't want to have children with her, at least not any time soon. She said it wasn't okay to avoid the conversation about it.

Chantel later met up with her family and revealed how she had contacted a divorce lawyer. Chantel shared how she needed to accept the situation because Pedro simply didn't want her -- and he had allegedly made that very clear.

"Pedro has discarded me like trash," Chantel complained.

"Apparently, that was part of the plan," Chantel's mother Karen Everett noted.

Chantel explained how she was still Pedro's sponsor in the United States and would be on the hook for Pedro for two-and-a-half more years. Karen called Pedro "a poor excuse for a man" and said he should be the one giving money to Chantel.

Chantel didn't want to be financially responsible for Pedro in any way, and she hoped to stay in the house she and Pedro had recently moved into. Pedro felt she had lost her husband, her future, her dignity, and self-respect -- and so she didn't want to lose anything else.

Over in the Dominican Republic, Pedro's sister Nicole Jimeno and mother Lidia Jimeno called Chantel "ungrateful" for everything Pedro had done for her in supporting her nursing career and turning her into a success. Lidia believed Chantel would never find another man like Pedro.

Lidia FaceTimed with Pedro, who revealed how Chantel was going to be served with the divorce papers later that week. Nicole yelled at Pedro to find a woman with a bigger ass and be happy.

Nicole was looking forward to meeting Pedro's new girlfriend down the road and meet her family, hoping everything would turn out better than Pedro and Chantel's union.

Lidia blamed Karen for Chantel and Pedro's unhappy marriage, saying she had planted uneasiness in the relationship because Pedro is a foreigner.

In order for Chantel to not feel totally alone, Winter decided to move in with Chantel for a while and Karen also volunteered to stay with the girls for a little while.

When Chantel returned from Panama, she said her house had been "ransacked." She said her jewelry was on the floor and Pedro had taken her purse and a pair of heels as well as "survival things," such as an Internet router and vacuum cleaners.

But Chantel told Karen and Winter that Pedro was still wearing all of the designer clothes she had bought him because she could follow him on Instagram.

Chantel said she had been fighting for Pedro for a while but was not ready for a divorce.

"Let's go," she told the cameras. "You opened your mouth; show me some action."

Later on, Pedro tried to get inside his house, but Chantel's family was there and her brother River Everett wouldn't let Pedro in. Chantel wouldn't come outside, nor would she let her estranged husband inside.

Karen came outside, and Pedro informed her how he had filed the paperwork so Chantel could be happy again since he allegedly made her miserable and made her life impossible.

Karen said the divorce was clearly going to make Pedro happy since he's the one who filed for it, and Pedro accused Chantel's loved ones of being fake. He realized all the progress he had made with Chanel's family apparently meant nothing.

Chantel -- who admitted she started "shaking" upon hearing Pedro's voice again -- determined that she'd eventually want a "truce" and to talk to Pedro, Lidia and Nicole all at once so she could look them in their eyes.

The happy life Chantel and Pedro once envisioned together was no more, and the pair was dealing with the loss of a long-term relationship. Chantel said Pedro never agreed to counseling or even talking to her, but Pedro said Chantel had pushed him away by always having to be in control.

"In five years, this is going to be far behind me. I am going to be strong, I'm going to be successful, and I'm not going to look bad," Chantel concluded at the end of the episode.


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