The Family Chantel featured Pedro Jimeno moving out and accusing Chantel Everett of wiping out their joint bank account, and Chantel's family accusing Pedro of "emotional abuse" and being a scammer during the Season 4 episode that aired Monday night on TLC.

The Family Chantel broadcast began with the aftermath of Pedro having asked Chantel for a divorce.


Pedro initially felt hesitant to make this change, but he said he needed to move forward.

Pedro therefore rented a moving truck and moved his things out of the house. He planned to find an apartment for himself.

Pedro had been hoping that buying a house, his "nest" with Chantel, would inspire her to become his ideal wife and prepare for motherhood, but he said Chantel was the same person and wasn't growing with him. He didn't think Chantel was putting in the same effort that he had put into their marriage and household for years.

Chantel said she'd give Pedro what he wanted and this was clearly the first step in their divorce. Chantel felt "abandoned" and "deserted," and she didn't understand why Pedro was willing to throw everything they had built away.

Chantel decided not to stop Pedro, knowing that her actions could only prolong the inevitable.

Pedro refused to tell Chantel where he was going, but he insisted that he could pay for his apartment with his own money. Chantel and Pedro agreed to pay their bills 50/50 until the divorce.

"My perception of what he is capable of has changed," Chantel told the cameras. "He clearly doesn't care about my well-being. He has shown me that he could care less."

Pedro accused Chantel of having pushed him to his limit, and she said that she wanted to hurt him sometimes because she felt hurt by him. Chantel admitted that's "not reasonable," and Pedro walked away from her and took off with his stuff.

Chantel said she never thought that her husband would leave her this way, and she didn't know what to do.

Chantel drove to her mother Karen Everett's house and lamented, "I can't believe that he didn't love me."


Chantel had told her mother about her separation from Pedro in order to protect him, but she realized it was time to open up and come clean. Chantel felt "hopeless" and so she was glad she could finally confide in her family.

Chantel revealed how Pedro had asked her for a divorce and then moved out of their house. Chantel's family called Pedro "cruel" and "a bully" and said what he had done was "f-cked up."

Chantel said she never wanted this and had begged Pedro to talk to her and reconsider. She explained how Pedro hadn't been sleeping with her for about a year and he took $5,000 out of their joint bank account.

Chantel shared how this money must have been Pedro's down payment for an apartment. She initially didn't feel comfortable to ask him about the money, fearing she'd push him away even more.

"Everything that you're describing is emotional abuse," Chantel's sister Winter Everett noted.

Thomas Everett thought Pedro was purposely trying to hurt his daughter, and he determined that Pedro had poor intentions and was after his own agenda in the U.S.

Karen also thought Pedro's behavior up to that point was bizarre and questionable.

Chantel's brother River Everett always had his doubts about Pedro and said, "Pedro showed his hand. Pedro showed his true colors. He's who I thought he was, and I honestly wish he wasn't."

Chantel, who had the full support and backing of her family, planned to rest and unwind on a vacation with her best friend Destinee and then figure out what to do next.

About 24 hours after Pedro found an apartment, Pedro claimed Chantel had swiped all the money they had in a joint bank account and left him with nothing. Pedro said he needed to buy little things for his apartment, and once he tried to make a purchase, his card was declined.

Pedro said Chantel took $265,000 and he had been working hard for that money. Pedro claimed that Chantel once said if he divorced her, he'd have to pay her back for all the money she had spent getting him to the United States. Pedro therefore wondered if Chantel considered that money his "payment."

Pedro told the cameras that he wanted to be fair and even split the sale from their house, and he called Chantel's actions "low." Pedro had to pay for his car, insurance and his apartment, and so he sought help from his attorney, who dubbed the situation "robbery."


"She can't take no money without my permission," Pedro explained. "[Chantel] told me the money would stay in the account until everything gets resolved. How dare you do that to me. I didn't even think about doing something bad to you at any moment."

Pedro didn't know what Chantel's plan was, but he said she had stolen money from him and he simply wanted it back.

Chantel appeared to change the locks of her house, and when Pedro stopped by and got in through the garage, he realized she had taken off and left a lot of cat food and water for the cat.

Pedro was surprised how "crafty" Chantel was being, and so he decided he should act the same way and go to "war." He therefore took the TV out of Chantel's living room, something he believed belonged to him, as well as gifts he had given to his estranged wife for Christmas.

Pedro said that if Chantel didn't give him half of their money, he'd further involve his attorney.

Meanwhile, Chantel was on the road, complaining about how Pedro did not give their relationship a fair chance or any effort. Chantel said everything she had been doing and living for was for Pedro and their marriage.

"It is my time to take care of myself. I haven't been protected this entire time. Pedro hasn't been protecting my feelings or my heart or our love or our relationship. This is the last thing I can do for me. He wants his independence; I want this money," Chantel shared.

Pedro went to Karen and Thomas' house looking for Chantel and revealed how Chantel had left him with nothing.

Winter told Pedro that it bothered her how Chantel was crying in his face and he had no care or remorse for her. Winter said she had witnessed Pedro mistreating her sister, but Pedro argued he's not the one who took all the money.

Thomas accused Pedro of a possible marriage scam, saying he thought their marriage was going to be forever. But Pedro had been with Chantel for six or seven years, and he thought the notion of a scam was crazy.

"If you believe it was a marriage scam, I could have had my citizenship three years ago," Pedro said, adding, "I don't care about citizenship."

Winter said it was suspicious Pedro had waited so long to obtain citizenship, suggesting it was part of his scam to look like he was with Chantel for the right reasons.

Pedro told Thomas and Winter to think whatever they wanted but he did the best he could do. Pedro said he wanted to split the money in half with Chantel or else he'd have to press charges.

Later on, Karen chuckled mischievously and told the cameras how she wasn't with Chantel when Chantel went to the bank to "move her own money." Karen claimed, however, that the money was in a safe place and Pedro had been taking money out of their business account without discussing it with Chantel first.

"She moved the money. Its hers to move," Karen reiterated in a conversation with her husband and kids.

River and Winter agreed that Chantel needed to protect herself, and Winter believed Pedro was irritable, selfish, nasty, manipulative and abusive.

"Pedro has proved me right, that he was only with Chantel for what he could get and he bided his time. And when he thought that he had gotten himself in a better position with greener pastures, he decided to make his move. I really believe that," Karen explained.

Karen claimed Chantel is a fair person and everything will be fair once everything is said and done.

Pedro spent an entire day looking for Chantel with no success, and he was certain that Chantel had been hiding from him. Pedro apparently received a notification that Chantel was using their joint credit card at a hotel, and so he headed to that location.

"This is the breaking point right here. The fact that she won't answer my calls and she [left] the house and I can't find her... She likes to be chased. I'm freaking tired. She robbed me and she escaped," Pedro said in a confessional.

Pedro said he must have never known the "real" Chantel, adding, "Maybe we never knew each other, and that's it."

Cameras were not allowed inside the hotel, and Pedro quickly discovered Chantel had already checked out.

Pedro discovered Chantel had paid to check luggage to go from Atlanta to Panama, and so he figured she was staying at a hotel closer to the airport. Pedro was angry Chantel had booked a trip with his money, and he said Chantel only thinks about herself and is "selfish."

Pedro concluded that his relationship with Chantel was "destroyed" and "gone." He then found her in a parking lot and approached her.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger.


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