The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All featured Nate Mitchell addressing allegations he hid his daughter from a serious ex-girlfriend and also cheated on her, Logan Palmer explaining his conflicted feelings for Rachel Recchia for Gabby Windey, Jacob Rapini apologizing, and the two Bachelorettes addressing a room full of their exes during the Season 19 episode that aired Monday night on ABC.

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All special kicked off with Rachel traveling to Massachusetts for Aven Jones' hometown date.


The rest of the two-hour broadcast featured most of the men from Gabby and Rachel's The Bachelorette season returning to find some closure with the ladies, discuss drama that went down this season, and in some cases, seek redemption and forgiveness.

The bachelors who participated in The Men Tell All were Jacob, Logan, Nate, Roby Sobieski, Jordan Helman, Termayne Harper, Jordan Vandergriff, Alec Garza, Quincey Williams, Ethan Kang, Spencer Swies, Mario Vassall, James "Meatball" Clarke, and Tyler Norris.

Gabby's Final 3 suitors Jason Alabaster, Johnny DePhillipo and Erich Schwer as well as Rachel's Final 3 suitors Aven, Tino Franco and Zach Shallcross did not make an appearance since they are still on The Bachelorette's nineteenth season.

In addition, two The Bachelorette villains, Hayden Markowitz and Chris Austin, were no-shows.

The special was hosted by The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer.

Aven brings Rachel to his hometown

Aven brought Rachel home to Salem, MA, for his hometown date.

Rachel said Tino's family didn't like her and it was tough to break up with Tyler, and so she had two hometowns that were a bit rough.

Rachel admitted to Aven that she was really nervous because his parents hadn't approved of his two prior relationships. Aven promised Rachel that they were going to have a fun night, but she was unsure of how Aven felt about her. Aven hadn't really opened up to the Bachelorette yet about his feelings.

For their date, Aven and Rachel shopped in local witchcraft and magic stores, and a witch even conducted a "love spell" on the couple which ended with a glass table falling and breaking. Rachel hoped that wasn't a sign of bad things to come.

That night, Rachel met his mother Dawn and father A.J., who had been separated for quite some time. Rachel's teeth were chattering because she knew this was a huge deal; she was desperate for them to like her.

Aven shared with his parents how he knew he liked Rachel within 10 seconds of meeting her, and Rachel said they had an immediate connection.

Rachel told A.J. how she and Aven had so much in common, especially when it comes to how they want to raise a family and live their lives.

Rachel said she absolutely thought about her future with Aven and they had discussed their jobs and how serious an engagement would be for the both of them. Rachel insisted that her feelings for Aven were so strong but she wasn't 100 percent that Aven is The One for her in that moment.

Rachel then reiterated to Dawn how she thought Aven is so special, and Dawn said it was surprising how affectionate Aven was with her.

Meanwhile, Aven told his father how he was getting to the point of feeling ready for an engagement.

Aven said he wanted to trust his connection with Rachel, and A.J. said Rachel is a good catch and "great" and Aven needed to continue fighting for her. A.J. and Dawn agreed that Rachel would be welcome into their family.

At the end of the night, Aven said he had "zero doubts" about Rachel.

"I am falling in love with you. I am. I really am," Aven said.

"You have no idea what you saying this means, because I feel like you're obviously slow to open up and I've wanted you to tell me how you feel!" Rachel replied.


Rachel had been wanting Aven to say that for a long time, and she said, "I do feel like I'm falling in love with Aven. I feel really confident this could be it. This could be my happy ending."

Jesse revealed all of Gabby and Rachel's men received roses after hometown dates and the ladies wanted to continue on with them to Fantasy Suites.

Jacob apologizes, and the men trash Hayden and Chris

The Men Tell All then commenced with Jesse introducing Roby, Jordan H., Termayne, Jacob, Jordan V., Alec, Quincey, Ethan, Spencer, Mario, Meatball, Logan, Tyler, and Nate.

Jacob was accused of lacking manners in his breakup conversation with Gabby, and Jacob announced, "There's no excuses for my actions. I was rude, I was selfish, I was ignorant of her feelings, and I need to take ownership of that -- that I did mess up. But I just have to learn and hopefully teach others to do better as well."

Meatball, Termayne, and Alec all rejected roses from Rachel at the third Rose Ceremony of the season.

Termayne suggested Meatball couldn't have been sincere when he asked Rachel for a second chance after rejecting her else, and Roby yelled out that Meatball needed to have some balls and determine which woman he was truly into.

"I just didn't know in the moment," Meatball admitted.

"Roby, you were at the mansion for four hours for a reason. Have some respect for us," Ethan complained. "We had genuine feelings and caught feelings for these girls over the course of two months."

Chris didn't show up to The Men Tell All, and Alec said Chris had made rude comments and was condescending to the women. Alec said Chris thought his "sh-t didn't stink," and Nate called Chris' comments about Fantasy Suites and what the women could do for him sexually "barbaric."

Hayden Markowitz compared the women to his ex-girlfriend and called Gabby "rough around the edges."

Mario said Hayden's character showed throughout the season, including when he had called Gabby and Rachel "b-tches." He said it was cowardly for Hayden not to attend The Men Tell All, and Nate said if this is how he treated Gabby, Hayden didn't deserve Rachel either.

Jacob called Hayden "a misogynist" and said he's the one who needs training, not his dog. Alec even pointed out how Hayden had taken his dog's favorite dog toy with him to The Bachelorette, which was cruel.

Ethan let Logan know he was angry about his wishy-washy thoughts because one of Rachel's group dates before hometowns had been canceled because of him.

Logan sits in the hot seat

Logan said he knew he wanted a relationship with Gabby and the consequences were worth seeing if they could have something, especially since he was looking for a woman with whom to spend the rest of his life.

Logan sat in the hot seat and said he was battling two paths inside himself. He didn't want to upset the women on their already difficult journeys but he also wanted to follow his heart and live out his truth.

Those paths conflicted, and Logan wished he had pulled Gabby and Rachel aside for a conversation instead of just accepting Rachel's rose in order to stick around longer.


Logan said his choice was inconvenient and he thought there was a chance Gabby was going to send him home right away. Logan also insisted he had unintentionally misled Rachel and never meant her any harm.

Logan wished he had handled the situation more gracefully, but he said he didn't regret leaving Rachel for a shot with Gabby. Logan said his heart was in the right place.

Nate is pressed over his alleged scandalous dating history

Nate then took a turn in the hot seat, and Jesse complimented the bachelor on his vulnerability and maturity.

Nate got emotional watching his footage back because his journey with Gabby was beautiful and special. Nate said the breakup was "one of the toughest goodbyes ever." He went from the high of receiving a one-on-one date to the low of getting his heart crushed.

Gabby said she is fearful of being a bad mom, and Nate said it was hard for him to hear those things because she's nurturing, thoughtful and compassionate -- but he still empathized with her and felt no hard feelings after their split.

Nate said his daughter is his greatest treasure and he's passionate about her and wants his partner to feel the same way. Nate told his daughter, maybe watching at home, that she made him a better man and he'd try to be the best man for him.

Jesse asked Nate to address the allegations on social media he had kept his daughter a secret from a woman he had dated for a year-and-a-half.

"I went through a pretty traumatizing time when I went through a divorce and essentially the foundation that was built around my daughter was pretty much crumbled, and the one thing that I protect most on this earth is my daughter," Nate explained.

"I would never bring her into a situation I feel is dangerous, a situation I feel is unstable -- and so it just made me put a wall up, protecting my daughter from the instability of my dating life."

Jesse also asked Nate about rumors he had dated two women simultaneously, including the ex-girlfriend who had come forward with the allegations about keeping his daughter a secret.

"I would say I'm deeply sorry for the way that I acted. I should have been more communicative. I should've been more clear in my intentions, and I pray that you forgive the man that I was, because I'm not that same person," Nate explained.

Jesse said many fans were starting to second-guess what Nate had said to Gabby and whether his feelings for her were even real.

Nate insisted what he had with Gabby was real and he had committed himself to her "as her boyfriend," which is something he hadn't done with women following his divorce.

Alec announced how Nate had made him a better man just through interacting with him and being around him.

Gabby and Rachel face a room full of their exes

Gabby said the process was hard to navigate but she and Rachel maintained great communication through the process. Rachel said they made mistakes but followed their hearts and did the best they could.

Gabby said her romance with Mario fell apart because she didn't know where he stood and he was interested, at one point, in getting to know Rachel. Mario said that although he had one conversation with Rachel, he never pivoted like some of the other guys had.

"I kind of felt like you did me wrong," Mario said.

But Gabby said she felt like Mario had wronged her because he had entertained both sides without letting her know what was going on and she wanted to feel pursued and chosen by a man.

Rachel told Jordan V. it was such a hard decision to let him go but she didn't want to lead him on.

Jacob apologized for saying extremely hurtful things to Gabby. Jacob got emotional and apologized for his actions, and he said through tears how he's truly and deeply sorry.

Rachel told Logan that she wished he had been honest earlier, and Logan said he had been waiting for the perfect time to have a conversation and he shouldn't have waited at all. Logan said he's still learning and growing.

Rachel also apologized to a group of men for canceling their group date in Bruges, Belgium.

Rachel announced how she and Tyler had a great connection but she knew the importance of family to Tyler and she needed to be at a certain level with him -- that she hadn't reached -- in order to feel right meeting his parents. Tyler said Rachel handled everything perfectly and with class.

On Gabby and Nate's goodbye in Amsterdam, Gabby told Nate that he treats women well and he left a big impression on her journey.

Nate thought their relationship ended in a beautiful manner and he's thankful for her decision because meeting his daughter would've been a momentous occasion. Nate also said he still "adores" Gabby.

Rachel said she has no regrets and it was brave of her and Gabby to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Jesse teases The Bachelorette finale and ending

Jesse praised Gabby and Rachel for how they navigated this difficult journey and were able to remain best friends through it all.

On how the women's season and their individual journeys end, Jesse teased "many twists and turns."

"I do think Bachelor Nation is going to be shocked. Two Bachelorettes, six men hoping for a shot at love. So what's going to happen?" Jesse said.

"You're not going to believe it. Gabby and Rachel vowed to do things their way, and they did, so it's the shocking ending nobody -- nobody -- is going to see coming!"

Jesse said the finale promises to be "one of the most intense, unpredictable, and just totally insane endings in Bachelorette history."

Based on a preview of what's to come, Zach says things took "a 180" with Rachel after their Fantasy Suite and he felt "blindsided" by her. And Erich admits to Gabby he couldn't picture her having sex with another man in light of the relationship they had.

"He's testing me. That's not something you do to someone that you love," Gabby laments.

Gabby is shown walking away from Johnny on a beach, saying a man was "reckless" with her, and Rachel tells Zach, "You told me things and then you went back against what you said!"

Jason decides to be honest and transparent with Gabby, who cries that a man never loved her.

"What is it about me that's so hard to love?!" Gabby cries.

But then Rachel and Gabby prepare to get engaged to the men of "their dreams."

"I feel like all my dreams are coming true," Gabby notes.

And in other news, Meatball dumped a giant can of pasta sauce all over him when he was in his underwear.

Andrew Spencer teased how Bachelor in Paradise 8 will be "the most dramatic season ever," and Serene Russell said Paradise was unlike anything she had expected.

In addition, everyone in The Bachelorette audience received a free cruise from Virgin Voyage.


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