90 Day Fiance featured Patrick Mendes learning Thais Ramone's father disliked him, Thais crying and threatening to return to Brazil, Jibri Bell and Miona feeling "kicked out" of his parents' home, Shaeeda negotiating her own prenup terms with Bilal Hazzies, and Mohamed Abdelhamd disappointing Yvette "Yve" Arellano again during the Season 9 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

90 Day Fiance's ninth season stars Emily Bieberly, a 29-year-old from Salina, KS, and Kobe Blaise Blaise, a 34-year-old from Cameroon; Kara Bass, a 29-year-old from Charlottesville, VA, and Guillermo Rojer, a 23-year-old from Venezuela; Bilal, a 42-year-old from Kansas City, MO, and Shaeeda, a 37-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago; and Jibri, a 28-year-old from Rapid City, SD, and Miona, a 23-year-old from Serbia.

The show also stars Yve, 48-year-old from Albuquerque, NM, and Mohamed, a 25-year-old from Egypt; Patrick, a 31-year-old from Austin, TX, and Thais, a 25-year-old from Brazil; and Ariela Weinberg, a 30-year-old from Princeton, NJ, and Biniyam Shibre, a 31-year-old from Ethiopia.


Ari and Biniyam first appeared on Seasons 2 and 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way and have a child together named Avi.

90 Day Fiance features Americans who have fallen in love with foreigners bringing their fiances to the United States on K-1 visas.

However, once the couple is in America together, the American must marry their overseas partner within the 90-day period allowed by the visa or the foreigner has to return to their home country.

"The pressure is on and with travel guidelines more challenging than ever, there's even more at stake with these international love stories," TLC teased of the season.

"Couples aren't just navigating unique lifestyle and cultural changes when arriving in America -- many of them must also adjust to parenthood and nontraditional family lifestyles. And while absence makes the heart grow fonder, personalities and temperaments have changed and not always for the best."

Below is what happened on Episode 14 of 90 Day Fiance's ninth season.


Emily felt really guilty keeping her pregnancy from her parents, and so she said there was a tense vibe in the air. While Emily and Kobe wanted more kids eventually, they said the timing was bad right now, and Kobe feared the news was going to piss off Emily's father especially.

Kobe and Emily had also been bickering more than usual, and Kobe's friend Temperature from Ohio had traveled to see Kobe in Kansas City a few days before the wedding.

Emily was upset that Kobe was going to hang out with one of his buddies that night because they still had a lot of wedding planning to do.

Seeing Temperature, however, was important to Kobe because he felt like he had a brother to talk to and rely on.

Kobe told Temperature that Emily was wife material but had a "nasty attitude" and always tried to control things.

Temperature thought it was "madness" that a woman was trying to run his household, and then Kobe told Temperate about the pregnancy, even though Emily had asked him not to tell anybody about the baby.

Kobe acknowledged how he wasn't working and so there was so much going on at the moment. Temperature claimed America was going to be the worst place he could ever think of and there were barely any other Africans around, but Kobe didn't think Emily would ever agree to move and leave her parents.

Kobe determined he needed to stand up to Emily whenever necessary and be more of the man he used to be.


Temperature later met Emily and her family at a restaurant. Temperature was concerned with how Emily was treating Kobe and acted like the boss. Temperature wanted Kobe to teach his wife and be shown some respect.

Kobe revealed that his father came from a royal family, and Temperature suggested that Emily needed to treat Kobe like a prince from Cameroon.

Kobe said he was far removed from his past, but Emily was surprised this news had never come up before.

Temperature butted heads with the women in Emily's family due to their cultural differences in terms of gender roles.

Temperature let it be known that the man should be the boss in a relationship, in his option, and Emily worried if Kobe felt the same way and was going to change.

When Emily asked Kobe how he felt, Kobe said the man should always be on top -- even though the woman also has a role to play.


After a lot of fighting and tension, Thais finally succumbed to calling her father and telling him about the upcoming wedding.

Patrick was relieved because he didn't want to marry someone's daughter without her father's approval or blessing, but Thais seemed very nervous and admitted she still wasn't ready to have this serious conversation.

Thais said her dad didn't like Patrick at all, and so she didn't even want Patrick to be a part of the Zoom call.

"I didn't tell him because I'm sure that if I ask for his permission, he'll say ‘no,'" Thais told the cameras.

Patrick and Thais then told Carlos together how they planned to get married that month. Carlos appeared disappointed and unenthused and simply asked, "Already?"

Patrick explained how they needed to wed within 90 days for Thais to stay in the United States, and he was upset by Carlos' reaction.

Patrick hoped to explain his side of things, but he left Thais alone with her dad to talk things out. Thais explained how she'd be able to get a Green Card and then travel back to Brazil whenever she wanted.

"How do you have the audacity to stay there all this time and now you come to tell me that you're getting married?" Carlos asked.

"I didn't know if I wanted to marry him," Thais replied.


Carlos said Thais should have told him her plans from the beginning and that he didn't want her to marry the American. Carlos said he didn't like Patrick very much to begin with and he had no time to get to know him better.

Thais said she and Patrick had been together for two years and engaged for one year and so they knew each other well.

Patrick couldn't hear Carlos once he left the room, but he told his brother John how Carlos seemed upset, Patrick wished he had told Carlos how much he loved Thais, but Carlos told his daughter that the American was probably trying to deceive her.

Carlos said from what he saw in the news, Americans can turn bad very quickly. Thais promised that Patrick is a good person, but Carlos said she would eventually come to regret marrying Patrick and divorces are time consuming and expensive.

Thais conceded that the controlling man who was making all of their decisions was not the man she had fallen in love with in Brazil.

Thais recognized things were different, and Carlos asked her to return to Brazil as soon as possible. Thais said a part of her wanted to go home but it would be really hard to leave Patrick. She didn't know what to do as a result.

Carlos made Thais question if she was doing the right thing, and then she broke the news to Patrick that her father didn't want them to get married. Patrick was shocked and disheartened.

"He doesn't believe you are good for me. He doesn't like you," Thais confessed. "I'm sorry, babe."

Thais said she defended Patrick, who wanted to know how he could change Carlos' mind before the wedding. He wasn't prepared to hear this and thought the situation was really bad.

Patrick never thought Carlos would ask his daughter to fly back to Brazil, and Thais didn't know what to do or how to feel. A part of her wanted to return to Brazil, but she didn't want to break Patrick's heart.

"Will you get mad if I got back?" Thais asked in tears.

"Things will be over between us," Patrick replied.

"I know," Thais noted. "I miss my family, I miss my dad. I miss my life in Brazil. It's difficult."


Patrick didn't know whether he should be mad or comfort his fiancee, and he was terrible that Thais was going to leave him.

Patrick said he wanted Thais to stay with him because he couldn't imagine his life without her.

"I would do anything to be with you," Patrick concluded.


With 20 days left to wed, Shaeeda asked him to join her at a local cafe so they could talk. She had consulted her lawyer about the prenuptial agreement, and he said he would never let his daughter sign something like that and parts of it were "questionable."

Shaeeda therefore planned to alter some of the writing and only sign it under certain conditions. Bilal knew something was up and Shaeeda probably wanted to talk about the prenup again.

Shaeeda said she trusted Bilal but was also looking out for herself, and Bilal said he had no problem with that. Shaeeda said she thought she and Bilal had "a storybook love" like Cinderella, but Bilal said that's not real and love must be built and can grow.

Shaeeda said the prenuptial agreement only benefited and protected Bilal, and so she wanted to add terms about a timeline for having a children as well as her own yoga business and how she'd keep any money from that.

Shaeeda said they'd have joint stuff but yoga was her brand and wanted to look at it like her real estate.

Bilal, however, said he had built his real estate business on his own and Shaeeda's yoga business would only come once they're already married and she needed startup capital for it as well as help.

Bilal said he planned to help Shaeeda with her business and so it wouldn't be fair for none of it to belong to him if they ended up divorcing. Shaeeda said she had given up so much to move to America and so she'd walk away from Bilal if she needed to.

Bilal noted how he would "consider" the changes, but he didn't seem happy.


After a tough day in which Mohamed had threatened to find a new sponsor and said he didn't really care about Yve's dream wedding, Yve wondered if a pattern was developing of Mohamed being controlling. A nice ceremony meant a lot to Yve, and she insisted it wasn't intentional to delay their wedding.

Mohamed said he was upset because they could marry earlier if they wanted to, but Yve said she never wanted to see that type of anger in Mohamed's eyes ever again.

Yve was then shown going to work and talking with one of her client friends, Tatiana. Yve said the fight still felt raw but she was trying to be more understanding about his feelings.


Regardless, Yve said Mohamed has a very kind and amazing soul and heart, and so she hoped her friends would meet with him again and give him a chance. Mohamed's initial meeting with "the squad" didn't go well and he was uncomfortable with all the sex talk at the dinner table.

"If Mohamed can't get along with The Squad before the wedding, it's going to be very difficult because I don't want to lose my friends. So that could be an issue that could be detrimental to our relationship," Yve said in a confessional.

Yve and Mohamed later met at a coffee shop, and Yve brought up how she'd like him to hang out with her friends again at their house.

Yve was devastated by the idea Mohamed never cared to see these women again, and so she thought it would be nice to have a fire ceremony altogether, which would show Mohamed her work and rituals that mean a lot to her.

Yve said her work is like her religion, but Mohamed was excited about seeing Yve's friends again. He reminded Yve that her friends had not been respectful to him, but Yve cried about feeling stuck in the middle between her love and her friends.

Yve wanted to make things better and make things work. Yve explained how her friends basically were her family. Mohamed said he wouldn't allow anyone to interrogate him again and the whole thing sounded "crazy" to him.

Yve layer conducted a fire ceremony, and Mohamed said he'd be nice to Yve's friends as long as they were nice to him.

The partygoers wished for things by tossing sticks into the fire, and Mohamed said this practice of spirituality went against his beliefs and he didn't agree with it. Mohamed said this was not the best way to bring Yve's friends and himself closer.

"You don't like us?" Tatiana asked.

"No," Mohamed replied. "I felt judged. That's why I was mad at everyone one of you… The way you were asking me questions was like an investigation."

Mohamed also gave Yve the impression that he wasn't open-minded to what was important to her. He called the fire ceremony "weird," and he was starting to get on Yve's last nerve.

Yve wanted a man who would compromise for her, and so she questioned if she should proceed with getting married.


The 90 days on the K-1 visa were almost up, and so Ariela needed to decide if she really wanted to marry Biniyam or have them go their separate ways.

With only 11 days left to wed, Ariela tried on wedding dresses and picked out a venue. They were going through the motions of planning a wedding, but Ariela admitted, "In the back of my head, I'm not even sure if we're going to get married."

Biniyam confessed how he and Ariela were very different in terms of their cultures and religions, and so he wasn't completely sure Ariela was going to marry him.

Biniyam didn't want to lose his son Aviel and said not being with his boy would be very painful for him.


"Honestly, I feel defeated, because since we've been in the U.S., we haven't made much progress in fixing our issues," Ariela said.

"I thought that if Bini saw where I come from, he'd be able to understand me better. But I feel we've gotten more distant. On one hand, I love Bini, but love is not enough and there's a lot of pressure to make the right decision."

Ariela loved watching Biniyam and Avi together, which reminded Ariela of what's important to here. Ariela said Biniyam is a great father and their son is the reason why they had overcome difficult problems in their relationship.

Ariela said she wanted to keep her family together more than anything else. Biniyam also told Ariela that she made him happy and he loved her. Ariela gushed about how she has the best family and Biniyam -- who made their son laugh -- was a light in their lives.

Ariela suddenly didn't see her differences from Biniyam being a dealbreaker.


Only one day before the wedding, Guillermo chose to talk to his mother for some advice and positivity. Guillermo still had questions about Kara, which made him feel worried and insecure.

Guillermo explained how Kara was bossy and controlling, and his mother said to speak now. She also pointed out how they both may develop new traits after the wedding as well. Guillermo confessed to having doubts, which his mother said is normal.

Guillermo's mom pointed out how Kara has a happy spirit and Guillermo needed to just let her be and take care of her. There will always be things to fix in a relationship, and so Guillermo realized what he loved about Kara was more than what caused them to fight. He therefore determined that he was ready to get married.

Guillermo later apologized to Kara for arguing with her before their wedding. Kara wasn't sure Guillermo really wanted to marry her, and she wanted to make sure that he loved her for who she is and truly wanted to be with her.

Guillermo assured Kara of his feelings for her, and the couple smoothed things over before Kara's bachelorette party that night at her place. Kara and her girls had a pajama party while Guillermo hung out with their dog in the basement.

Kara explained to her friends how she didn't like feeling that Guillermo wanted to change her, but Kara's friends said it was important for Guillermo to put his foot down when he needed to.

Kara said she's outgoing, outspoken, focused and driven -- and that's just how she is. Kara acknowledged she's "a lot" but she needed Guillermo to accept all of her and not let the pressure of the wedding get to him.


Jibri's parents Brian and Mahala sat down with the couple after a few months of the couple living with them. Brian brought up Jibri and Miona moving out by the end of the year, which was another whole month away, and so Jibri felt he was being kicked out.

Jibri didn't know where he and Miona were going to move -- and he also had no wedding plans and said they needed more time to figure things out. Jibri said the way his parents were acting was "bullsh-it" and they weren't being supportive or helping them out.

Mahala said she wanted to be at her son's wedding but they didn't know any specifics or details. Jibri reminded his mom how he and Miona only had three months to plan a wedding.

Jibri called the conversation a slap in his face, but Mahala disagreed, saying Jibri had plenty of time to look for places to wed prior to Miona's arrival. Mahala wanted her son to start his new married life in his own place, and Miona was excited to leave.

Miona felt bad for Jibri and said she felt horrible, but at the same time, she was ready to move forward with her future husband. Jibri was upset his parents didn't want to help him more, but Brian said that Jibri is an adult and needed to follow through with things.

Mahala said this had been the agreement for months and so Jibri's attitude wasn't warranted or justified.

Jibri told Mahala and Brian that he and Miona were going to pack up their stuff immediately, and he complained about feeling like he's 15-years-old again. Jibri had nothing left to say and walked away from his parents, but Brian told Miona that she could always ask them for help if she needed it.


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