90 Day Fiance's Tell-All Part 2 featured a dramatic turn in Nikki and Justin's relationship, Sam admitting he had cheated on Citra, Jasmine accusing Gino of not loving her, Clayton's sister stirring the pot, and Nick apologizing to Devin during Sunday night's Season 10 broadcast on TLC.

90 Day Fiance's tenth season stars returning cast members Gino, a 52-year-old from Michigan, and Jasmine, a 36-year-old from Panama.


The 90 Day Fiance season also stars Sophie, a 23-year-old from the United Kingdom, and Robert, a 32-year-old from California; Manuel, a 34-year-old from Ecuador, and Ashley, a 31-year-old from New York; Justin, a 36-year-old from Moldova, and Nikki, a 47-year-old from New Jersey.

In addition, 90 Day Fiance features Nick, a 30-year-old from Australia, and Devin, a 23-year-old from Arkansas; Anali, a 26-year-old from Peru, and Clayton, a 29-year-old from Kentucky; and Citra, a 26-year-old from Indonesia, and Sam, a 30-year-old from Missouri.

90 Day Fiance's Tell-All was hosted by Shaun Robinson, and Justin was the only cast member who participated via Zoom from Moldova.

Below is what happened on 90 Day Fiance's Tell-All Part 2 for Season 10.


Jasmine was shown crying backstage in Nikki's arms about Gino's wild behavior at his pre-wedding bachelor party.

Jasmine cried about how Gino allegedly never looked at her in the same way he had looked at the stripper at his party and how he didn't even make love to her passionately.

"I f-cking hate him," Jasmine lamented, before screaming out loud, "He hugged her! He never hugged me that way!"

Nikki vented about how Jasmine should've been comforting and consoling his wife, but Gino thought Jasmine was overreacting and that his party wasn't a big deal.

Gino said Jasmine was probably lashing out because he had previously dated a woman -- his most recent ex-girlfriend -- who worked at a strip club.

"This is the last straw. This is it. I'm done, Nikki. I'm done. I can't forgive. You know I am traumatized," Jasmine said while drinking water with shaky hands.

Ashley advised Gino to start sleeping with his wife to make her feel desired, or at least figure things out in the bedroom, but Gino said that was a difficult topic to discuss because Jasmine often said mean, hurtful things to him that turned him off.

Gino called it a "cycle" with Jasmine, and then Jasmine rejoined the cast onstage. Jasmine said she didn't want people to see her so emotional and so distraught.

Jasmine then explained to one of the strippers at the party, Daisy -- who participated via Zoom -- how she was feeling. Daisy insisted that Gino wasn't complimenting her and that he was pretty tame for a groom at a bachelor party with his family members.

Daisy also promised Jasmine that it was not her lipgloss she had found under the passenger seat of Gino's car.

"Gino truly does love and want to be with her. He had zero interest in anybody that was [at the stripclub] other than his family," Daisy claimed.

But Jasmine didn't believe what Daisy was saying, and she announced how Gino was most awkward when he was trying to be flirtatious.

During a break, Jasmine told Gino that he had gone too far, but Gino disagreed.

Gino felt his behavior was totally normal and appropriate for a bachelor party, but Jasmine complained, "If Gino really loved me, he should take accountability for how I feel. He should respect and validate my feelings."

Once the cast was backstage, Sophie stood up for Gino, pointing out how Jasmine constantly brought up her ex-boyfriend Dane and she could understand how that would make Gino not want to be intimate in the bedroom.

Jasmine then stood in front of the group and read something aloud that she had found in Gino's house.

"Sorry for the lipgloss. You can keep it, but it won't look as good on you as it does on me," Jasmine read. "Here's my panties that he took off that night. The rest you can keep for your imagination."

Jasmine passed the letter around, but Gino declared, "That's not true. I was never with any girl. That's from a fan who left it on my front porch."

Jasmine also threw the black panties on the ground, and she explained how everything going on was just "too much" for her. The cast agreed the letter was probably from a fan or an ex-girlfriend trying to break up the couple's relationship, especially since the items had been left at their front door.


Nikki asked Jasmine to be stronger in her relationship because it was clear that Gino loved her.

Gino thought Jasmine just needed some time to cool off and then they could communicate more effectively and hopefully work things out.

Once the pair went backstage, Jasmine explained how watching that footage really hurt her, and Gino said he would've behaved differently at the stripclub had he known Jasmine would react with such anger, sadness and jealousy.

"We are both playing for the same team, and I want us to go back to a good place," Jasmine told her husband. "We have a lot of work to do as a couple... but if we both put our heart and mind into it, we can still make it."


As shown on 90 Day Fiance, Justin had broken up with Nikki via text.

Shaun asked Nikki and Justin if they were still broken up, and Nikki said she'd let Justin answer that one.

"I think we need more time to think about all the steps," Justin announced.

Never-before-seen footage then showed Justin in the days after his breakup with Nikki. Justin explained how he and Nikki had a misunderstanding and Nikki didn't show any patience.

Justin claimed Nikki had attacked him and their fight was very serious. Justin said he didn't know how to fix things, especially because they were in a long-distance relationship.

Justin said once his relationship with Nikki ended, he felt "free" because they had broken up about 15 times a day and he wanted to put a stop to all the chaos.

"You never were in love with me from the very beginning," Nikki claimed. "[He acted like] he was in a prison with me... He likes to play victim."

Shaun asked Justin why he hadn't dumped Nikki over the phone or in-person, and Justin explained that he doesn't speak English well and Nikki struggled to listen to him.

Justin suggested that Nikki had "man vibes," and Ashley announced how that was the biggest insult in the world.

Ashley wanted answers from Justin, but he didn't provide any. Nikki accused Justin of disrespecting her and talking down to her.

"You took me on a two-year ride. I flew out to Moldova for his birthday a couple of months ago. That's how much I loved him and wanted it to work, and then we made up," Nikki revealed.

Nikki said she had a romantic and amazing time with Justin, who had made love to her and put her engagement ring back on her finger.

"You are now technically engaged again?" Shaun asked for clarification.

"Yeah," Nikki responded.

Jasmine admitted she was speechless and in disbelief, and everyone in the cast appeared surprised.

"He told me he loved me, and he made love to me," Nikki announced, "I love him and I have history with him."

When asked about their blowout fight that initially ended their relationship via text, Justin said Nikki had asked him about his ex-girlfriends. Nikki shared how one of Justin's exes had messaged her on social media and revealed how they often met up at the park.

Nikki said Justin had lied about it, adding, "You like to manipulate and control!"

Justin claimed these were just random meetings in the park, but Nikki alleged that Justin was a "player" who hadn't been faithful to her. Nikki also thought Justin cheated on her after she had applied for his K-1 visa.

Justin claimed he was using his arm a lot instead of being with other women, which made Rob laugh. Justin said he respected and loved all women, including his exes, meaning that he treated them well and with respect.

When asked if he still loved Nikki, Justin said Nikki was acting like his enemy instead of his friend.

Clayton suggested that Justin simply wasn't attracted to trans women, but Justin insisted he had no issue with that and he was attracted to her.

"If you were a real man, you would've stood by my side as my king," Nikki cried.

Ashley advised Nikki to leave the relationship, but Justin asked the cast not to judge him and added, "If she learned to behave more like a lady, things would probably be good between us."

Ashley demanded answers and asked Justin, "Are you in, or are you out?"

"Yeah, are we in a relationship? Yes or no?" Nikki pushed.

"No, I don't think we are in a relationship at the moment... but the door is still open. We are still thinking about many steps," Justin replied. "[But] I love her."


Justin claimed he's a straight man but Nikki was the exception to that, and then Nikki revealed Justin's K-1 visa was still processing.

Justin ultimately said he'd be fine with Nikki pulling the K-1 visa because she had the tendency to change on him and not respect him or treat him well. Nikki and her mother, who also joined the Tell-All, believed that Justin was the one who had changed and couldn't accept his love for a trans woman.

Nikki then texted her attorney to pull Justin's K-1 visa, and she said he'd never find another woman like her.


Citra announced she was pregnant but the pregnancy wasn't planned. They had been hoping to spend about a year together as a married couple first, but Sam seemed excited to become a dad. Sam said things changed for him once he heard the baby's heartbeat.

"He put a demon inside of me -- always makes me throw up," Citra joked.

When asked if there was still a threat he could go to jail or if he had been accepted into the diversion program, Sam said he was officially in the program.

"I signed the paperwork two days ago. I don't have to go to jail, as long as I don't mess up. I just have to go to counseling and possibly have daily drug tests. I have to not mess that up for a year while maintaining a full-time job. You really have to be good for a year," Sam announced.

Sam felt relieved as a result, and Citra was apparently thrilled. Citra didn't want to have -- and raise -- a baby alone. Sam also said the Muslim faith helped him to stay sober.

Sam said his Islam religion had actually saved his life.

But Sam had a brief affair after he and Citra entered a committed relationship. Sam admitted he's a good guy, in general, but his weakness is with women. Sam struggled with the long-distance, and he had told producers about a one-night stand he had with a girl.

"It happened real quick, but I ended up telling [Citra] about it," Sam explained.

At that time, Sam hadn't seen Citra in a year. He claimed one night that he was working late when he was actually with another woman.

When asked about the one-night stand, Sam said it was a quick little fling that meant nothing to him. Sam admitted the physical urge had gotten the best of him and he hadn't even met Citra in person yet.

"We weren't sure of our relationship... That's kind of why I gave in," Sam explained.

Sam said that when he was a RideShare driver, one of his passengers had given him her phone number, and then he had a weak moment, called her, and slept with her the next night.

Citra confessed that she struggled to trust Sam after that but time essentially helped her move on from that.

Citra, however, recalled Sam telling her how he had partied with a woman but then ran away from her once he saw her do something freaking or "gross" in her bedroom. That's the story Citra remembered.

"He told me that he didn't end up sleeping with that girl," Citra recalled.

"I did tell you that," Sam told his wife.

"No," Citra disagreed.

"Why do you think we were both crying that night?" Sam asked Citra.

Once Citra realized her husband had sex with someone else when they were together, she appeared very upset. Sam said Citra probably didn't want to remember the details of his affair because he definitely told her the truth.

The cast, however, believed Sam had lied about his sexual encounter after it happened. Jasmine agreed, pointing out how Sam and Citra's stories were very different.

"I would never trust him again," Nikki announced. "Justin did the same thing to me! When I'm in a loyal relationship, I don't cheat on my partner."

Citra said she and Sam had built trust with each other since then and so everything was fine. Sam also said he didn't have time to sneak around, even if he wanted to. Citra also revealed that Sam was doing a great job of putting her first.

Jasmine advised the couple to keep fighting every day, and she mentioned how a baby doesn't need perfect parents -- only happy ones.

After the segment, Sam shared with his co-stars backstage, "I felt like the biggest piece of sh-t ever, and I never wanted to go through that feeling again."


Clayton and Anali revealed how they're living apart from Clayton's mother, who found a place of her own near the couple in Tulsa, OK.

Clayton revealed how their sex life had improved, and Anali shared how things were better in the bedroom because they were living in a big house and the neighbors couldn't heard them.

Clayton shared with the group how he and Anali already had sex twice that week. On that note, Rob revealed he and Sophie had sex a few times a week, and Sam revealed how he and Citra slept together once a day. Nick and Devin revealed they had sex more than twice a week.

Jasmine said sex made her happy but she and Gino rarely slept together and she was horny all the time.

Anali shared how it was very difficult to keep her relationship a secret from her family for so long.

Clayton admitted Anali's secret made no sense to him, and then Shaun revealed how they had received a statement from Anali's father which said, "I hope my daughter reconsiders and comes home. She doesn't need anything there [in America]. Thank you."

The statement made Anali cry. She apparently missed her father's jokes and personality.

Shaun then welcomed Clayton's sister Brandi onto the stage. Brandi questioned if Anali had a boyfriend in Peru because she never posted about her marriage on social media.

Anali explained how she initially wanted Clayton to move to Peru with her but he couldn't because of his job. Anali therefore insisted she had made huge sacrifices for Clayton, but Brandi clearly thought that Anali was hiding something.

"It's hard for me to know that it's real," Brandi said. "I personally don't see any affection [between them]."

Anali explained how it's embarrassing to be all over Clayton, especially in front of his family, but Brandi said their body language -- sitting with space between them, without any hand holding -- on the stage spoke volumes.

Clayton then watched footage of Anali's bachelorette party back, and he said it seemed like Anali really wanted that type of party, when she had previously insisted that the strippers made her feel uncomfortable.

Anali insisted the choice to have strippers belonged to Brandi, who also paid for the exotic dancers. Clayton then announced how it seemed like Brandi was trying to stir up trouble for his relationship because she's "a meddler," and Brandi playfully made a stirring-the-pot gesture.

"She seems bothered by me having a happy relationship," Clayton said.

"No," Brandi responded in denial. "I didn't purposely try to do anything to affect your relationship. Your woman asked for it, and I brought it... I just don't want her to hurt him. There have been so many red flags that I have seen."

Brandi thought every aspect of Clayton and Anali's romance was "odd," which made Anali cry. Clayton said all of the couples on the stage were odd because they're from different cultures and countries.

Brandi claimed that she loved Clayton and was just trying to protect him, but Clayton admitted that he hated his sister sometimes.


Nick already received his working papers and a green card. It apparently took six months, which Shaun called "fast" for the process.

Devin said Nick was very responsible and he filled out the papers the day after their wedding.

Nick was working a project manager job in Atlanta, but she was waiting for Nick to get settled there before moving to be with him. The pair had been apart for two weeks, and they both acknowledged how it was nice to have some alone time.

"It's a nice little break," Devin confessed with a smile.

Devin and her parents still had an issue with Nick calling her "piggy." She said people knowing about it made the situation worse because now people judged Nick for it and pitied her.

Nick claimed calling his wife "piggy" was a way to be affectionate with her.

Devin clearly lost a lot of weight since her wedding, but her mother didn't believe Nick's behavior had an impact on her and her weight-loss journey. The name, however, maybe wanted Devin to change her exercise and eating habits.

"It's a joke! Have some sense of humor about it!" Nick told Devin's parents.

Nick ultimately apologized for the name-calling, saying he never thought it would be so offensive to Americans or hut his wife. Nick insisted he loved his wife and that she was very cute.


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