The Biggest Loser's twelfth season eliminated Joe Mitchell during Tuesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss competition's eighth episode.

Joe, a 46-year-old home health therapist from Knoxville, TN, became the eighth contestant ousted from the competition's twelfth season after his Blue team lost the Week 8 weigh-in, which featured the eight remaining contestants weighing-in as three teams although only one person's weight counted for each team, and he was subsequently voted off by the Black and Red teams' contestants.

"I didn't quite expect the game to be as bad as it was going to be, but the positives and what you learned and who you've become so outweigh the game. It's about getting your life back. It's about where you'll be five years from now, and you've got to be willing to help other people, because I've been those other people before and I know what it feels like to not have any hope," Joe said following his ouster.

"This place gives you hope. My only goal now is to continue my journey but pass on that hope, because you can do it. I don't go home to my family a different man. I go home to my family a better man, because I believe in myself. And when you believe in yourself, you can accomplish amazing things."

The Biggest Loser's eighth twelfth-season episode began following the elimination of Jessica Limpert, a 26-year-old travel nurse from San Francisco, CA, after the competition's seventh weigh-in. Jessica's boyfriend Ramon Medeiros, a 27-year-old tattoo artist from Florence, CO, was distraught that she got voted off the ranch because he felt his teammates had betrayed him and he worried whether he could remain as motivated without her by his side.

The following day, The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney met with the show's three trainers -- veteran trainer Bob Harper who worked with the Black team, new trainer Anna Kournikova who guided the Blue team and new trainer Dolvett Quince who led the Red team -- and told them each team was going to have only one person's weight represent them as a whole on the scale at the upcoming weigh-in.

To add another twist, Alison told the trainers they must each select the person to represent their entire team's progress over the course of the week. The Blue, Black and Red teams then all worked out.

The next day, the three teams and the three trainers met with Alison and learned they'd be participating in the week's challenge. Each team, with the help of their trainers, were instructed to whip up a dish out of all the ingredients they were given. They had 30 minutes to create a recipe using the ingredients, cook a meal and attempt to impress the judges.

The team's dishes would be judged by The Biggest Loser eleventh-season winner Olivia Ward and the author of all The Biggest Loser cookbooks, Devin Alexander, who would critique the meals on their taste, amount of calories and how well the dish would fit into Devin's cookbook.

The team to cook up the best dish would receive a private question and answer session with Olivia, the opportunity to have their recipe published in Devin's new cookbook and a one-pound advantage on the scale for their individual player who would be chosen to weigh-in and represent the entire team at the end of the week.

Bob's Black team -- which consisted of Rebecca "Becky" Comet, Vencent "Vinny" Hickerson and Antone Davis -- ended up winning the challenge and once they sat down with Olivia, they were given scrapbooks from their families at home.

Later on, each contestant met with The Biggest Loser physician Dr. Robert Huizenga met and learned how their health had improved over the course of eight weeks. Ramon found out he no longer had diabetes, which he was thrilled about.
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In addition, specialist David Linden talked to the contestants about brain activity based on stimulation and pleasure -- food being their ultimate pleasure. He explained that they tend to over-eat because they crave food more than the average person but receive less pleasure from eating a normal amount. As a result, they eat larger amounts of food to receive the same pleasure that an average-weighted person would from eating a regular serving.

The teams then participated in their last chance workouts.

Afterward, The Biggest Loser's eighth twelfth-season elimination weigh-in commenced.

Alison reiterated that only one person's weight on each team would count and those contestants would be selected by their trainers. Bob chose Becky to represent his Black team, Anna selected Joe to weigh-in on behalf of her Blue team and Dolvett opted to have John Rhode's weight count for the entire Red team. 

Alison then went on and explained that the team with the lowest percentage of weight-loss would face elimination, and the players from the other two teams must vote to send someone on the losing team home. The player on that team who posted the highest percentage of weight-loss would receive immunity.

Becky would receive the one-pound advantage her Black team had won during the previous challenge, while Dolvett's team would automatically eliminate the person with the lowest percentage of weight-loss if they lost the weigh-in because they only had two members.

Dolvett's Red team was the first to weigh-in and Bonnie Griffin, a 63-year-old retired payroll supervisor from Picayune, MS, was the first person to weigh-in. She lost a total of eight pounds and posted a 3.62% weight-loss percentage after dropping from 221 pounds to 213 pounds.

John, a 40-year-old special education teacher and football coach from Mesa, AZ, then stepped on the scale and he fell from 329 pounds to 319 pounds, losing 10 pounds total and posting a 3.04% weight-loss percentage.

Bob's Black team was next.

Antone, a 44-year-old restaurant manager and former NFL player from Knoxville, TN, shed five pounds and posted a 1.42% weight-loss percentage after he dropped from 353 pounds to 348 pounds.

Vinny, a 27-year-old songwriter and entertainer from Nashville, TN, fell from 355 pounds to 345 pounds after losing 10 pounds and posting a 2.82% weight-loss percentage.

Becky, whose weight was the only one that officially counted for her team, then weighed-in and learned she had lost six pounds -- seven pounds with the one-pound advantage -- and posted a 3.65% weight-loss percentage after dropping from 192 pounds to 186 pounds.

Anna's Blue team was the last team to weigh-in.

Sunny Sinclair, a 41-year-old fifth grade teacher from Frisco, TX, was the first member on her team to step on the scale. She shed two pounds and posted a 0.92% weight-loss percentage after falling from 218 pounds to 216 pounds.

Ramon, a 27-year-old tattoo artist from Florence, CO, dropped from 286 pounds to 280 pounds after he lost six pounds and posted a 2.10% weight-loss percentage. Joe then weighed-in, and his weight would be the only one that mattered for Anna's team.

Joe fell from 271 pounds to 269 pounds, losing only two pounds and posting a 0.74% weight-loss percentage.
As a result, Alison announced that Joe lost the least amount of weight in comparison to Becky and John, so Anna's Blue team would face elimination. However, Ramon posted the highest percentage of weight-loss for his team and received immunity for his success.

All the teams then entered the voting room with Alison and revealed their votes. The Black team's Vinny and Antone voted to oust Joe from The Biggest Loser competition, while Red team member Bonnie also voted for Joe. Three votes was enough to constitute for Joe's elimination, so Sunny survived another week.

In a post-elimination update, Joe, who started The Biggest Loser weighing 348 pounds, said he currently weighs 230 pounds. He explained how he got to ride a rollercoaster with his daughter at an amusement park -- an experience he couldn't take part in for four years because of his weight -- and how small daily tasks that used to require a lot of energy from him were no longer a problem.