The Bachelorette star Rachel Recchia has revealed additional details about her breakup with Tino Franco after he cheated on her.

Rachel and Tino, a 28-year-old general contractor from Playa Del Rey, CA, got engaged at her Final Rose Ceremony of The Bachelorette's nineteenth season.


But Rachel revealed on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose, which aired Tuesday night, that she called off her engagement and split from Tino because he had been unfaithful to her and failed to fully explain himself or offer a sincere apology for the other relationship, which allegedly climaxed with a kiss.

Rachel -- who has also disclosed when Tino's cheating occurred and when she learned about it in post-finale interviews -- felt Tino was trying to place blame on her for his own mistakes considering they had been in a bad place at the time of his infidelity.

Tino claimed, for instance, Rachel had given him the impression there wasn't much hope for their relationship and it was over.

While Rachel admitted she wasn't perfect after filming the show and she and Tino definitely lacked good communication, she shared on the latest episode of the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast how she "never wavered" from the commitment she had made to Tino.

Rachel said she always planned to continue working on their relationship and getting through life's struggles together.

"It's just really hard when one person can break so easily at the first sign of a weakness in the relationship," Rachel told the podcast's co-hosts, The Bachelorette alums Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young.

"I think he has his own story, and obviously he has the right to tell that, but [fellow The Bachelorette star Gabby Windey] knows and my family knows... there was never a point where we were broken up. There was never a point when an engagement was called off."

Instead, Rachel claimed she and Tino just hit a "rough" patch and so she asked him for some space.

Rachel recalled, "Did we have conversations saying, 'We need to focus on dating and we really need to get to the core of this?' Yes."

In Rachel's defense, Michelle pointed out how it's important to never stop dating the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with, and Becca agreed a Bachelor Nation couple must revert back to that boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic in some way because the show is a such a whirlwind and sped-up process.

"Every Bachelorette has done this -- ever, it's not different. I can only try to get on his side and assume that's where the confusion was coming from," Rachel said. "Because we were struggling."

But Rachel insisted there's no excuse for Tino kissing another woman and she's not making excuses for his cheating. She said her goal was simply to verify that she never tried to give her engagement ring back to Tino.


"He was upset that we were in a bad place, and instead of sitting there and doing the work... He ran straight to someone that he was apparently not seeing -- but seeing before the show... And not only that, but keeping it from me," Rachel lamented.

Rachel said Tino's confession about his cheating "was not an act of courage" because she allegedly pushed and pleaded for him to come clean.

"It was like pulling on a string enough that it finally came out. And when it did, it wasn't, 'I needed to tell you this.' It was, 'I wish I never told you this, and please don't tell anyone,'" Rachel shared.

Gabby chimed in how Tino's first instinct was to run, which she said speaks a lot about his character, and Michelle added how Tino's apology mainly just pointed fingers at Rachel.

Becca, suggesting that she was speaking from experience, then said it's narcissistic behavior when a man bring up a woman's prior actions as a way to justify his own mistake or wrongdoing.

The women believed Tino had made it seem like Rachel's issues led him to another women.

Rachel went on to complain, "Every single time he tells the story, something changes -- a detail changes."

"First it's a kiss at a party," Rachel revealed of Tino, "and then it's a kiss in the Uber on the way to her house, where his car is parked. Like, where is the story connecting?!"

"When you're lying, you can't get your story straight," Rachel reasoned, "and that's why he's getting up multiple times [in our on-camera conversation] and trying to figure this out and coming back and putting it on me, like, 'Is this going to work? Because then I'm leaving.'"

Rachel also said she is a "girl's girl," and doesn't bear ill will to the woman who kissed Tino.

"This woman truly did not know [that Tino was engaged]... It's not on her. And he did tell me, 'The moment I kissed her, I told her I was engaged.' And that's where the problem lies with me with his excuse of, 'You and I weren't engaged,'" Rachel explained.

"Well then why is that the first thing you chose to tell her when you were trying to stop yourself from going further? You were picking and choosing when you want to be engaged."


Rachel said "there's no excuse" for cheating, adding, "And I don't think there's another side to that." The women agreed on the podcast that Tino is "a mess."

Rachel also apparently thinks Tino's infidelity carried on longer than just a one-time kiss.

"I think, in my personal opinion, it was probably going on for longer," Rachel said. "I do believe that I don't have the facts."

"When I did sit down with him... I was still hitting lie after lie," she noted. "And I just don't know if I can continue a relationship when I don't feel like there's trust. I know that isn't what I deserve."

In a separate interview with People, Rachel said she starting thinking something was off with Tino in early August when he kept bringing up how messages had been leaked involving another The Bachelorette cast member, presumably Nate Mitchell, who was slammed by an ex-girlfriend for allegedly hiding his daughter in their relationship and cheating on her with multiple other women.

"I couldn't figure out why he was bringing it up so much," Rachel recalled.

"And I really wanted to talk to him about what happened in previous relationships: 'Is there anything you need to tell me?' And he told me, 'No.'"

Rachel said shortly after that Happy Couple visit, Tino called her on the phone.

"He did call me and I slowly worked out the details of some infidelity. It wasn't something that he felt like he needed to tell me by any means. It was something I had to pull out," Rachel said, adding that Tino's confession was certainly "not an act of courage."

As shown on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose, Tino attempted to apologize to Rachel for "the emotional betrayal" and breaking her heart, but it wasn't enough to convince Rachel to give him another chance.

Once Tino and Rachel's conversation reached a painful conclusion for them both, The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer said someone was waiting backstage, "demanding" to speak to Rachel.

Rachel's The Bachelorette runner-up, Aven Jones, then surprised Rachel onstage and asked her out for a drink so they could "catch up" -- and Rachel said she'd absolutely love to.

Rachel opened up if she's willing to give Aven another shot during a Wednesday appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Rachel told People how she'd like to "get to a point" with Tino "where we are at peace" and she wants to "move on with my life."

"I obviously still believe in love and I really know it'll come along when it's ready," Rachel shared. "I am looking forward to this time to myself and to be able to reflect on everything and move forward."


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