The Bachelorette featured Rachel Recchia scolding her bachelors for making her feel unwanted and kicking Hayden Markowitz to the curb for disrespectful behavior, Logan Palmer accepting Rachel's rose with the intent of pursuing Gabby Windey instead, and three more men getting eliminated during the Season 19 episode that aired Monday night on ABC.

After Rachel ousted Hayden, a 29-year-old leisure executive from Tampa, FL, she also eliminated Jordan Helman, a 35-year-old software developer from Tampa, FL, at the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season.

Gabby denied roses to Kirk Bryant, a 29-year-old college football coach from Lubbock, TX, and Quincey Williams, a 25-year-old life coach from Miami, FL, at the Rose Ceremony.


The Bachelorette broadcast began with the men thinking Rachel was upset because three men had declined her roses, and Quincey said Hayden was in "the hot seat" because he had called Gabby "rough around the edges."

Nate Mitchell, a 33-year-old electrical engineer from Chicago, IL, had a strong reaction to the comment, which let Hayden know that he had made a pretty big mistake in saying that.

Hayden told James "Meatball" Clarke, a 25-year-old meatball enthusiast from Winnetka, IL, that he hoped Gabby would be "more mature" than to take his "rough around the edges" comment the wrong way. Hayden didn't think he had done anything wrong in saying that.

Hayden said Gabby had used the same verbiage to describe herself, and so he was essentially saying it wasn't his fault. Meatball said he was seeing Hayden in a new light and didn't like how Hayden called Rachel and Gabby "b-tches" as well as "reactive."

Hayden appeared to also say his exes don't hold a candle to Rachel and he never wanted to settle in a relationship.

"I don't see how any guy in here could be like, 'F-ck, I'm going to marry these girls,'" Hayden said.

Meatball called Hayden's words "shocking" and said his words didn't sit well with him, especially because Rachel had given him a second chance.

The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer then informed the guys that they'd be joining Gabby and Rachel in France, and two men would be accompanying the ladies on one-on-one dates.

Gabby asked Jason Alabaster, a 30-year-old investment banker from Santa Monica, CA, out on the date, and Rachel asked Tino Franco, a 28-year-old general contractor from Playa Del Rey, CA, to join her.

Rachel said getting rejected three times at the Rose Ceremony was her "lowest moment" on the show, and she called it "the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened" to her. Rachel also didn't like being compared to Gabby.

"I have a huge fear that the men in my group might not even be interested in me or will want to switch over to pursue Gabby or that they might feel like they are in the loser group," Rachel said, adding how she didn't want her insecurities to ruin everything.

Meanwhile, Jesse met up with the rest of the guys and informed them that they'd be living on a cruise ship. Rachel's group of guys were given one suite on the boat while Gabby's bachelors learned they'd be staying in a different area of the boat.


Rachel and Tino walked in the rain, and Rachel said he always made her feel comfortable and confident in their relationship. She was hoping this date would put her fears behind her. The couple munched on crepes and then made some of the tasty treat themselves. Rachel and Tino also enjoyed wine and some kisses, and Tino called her charming.

And Gabby said she asked Jason out on this date because he was really shy and she wanted to give him some time to feel comfortable opening up to her. Gabby noticed how Jason is a man of few words, and so she was hopeful he could break out of his shell a little more. The pair went shopping for berets.

Tino called Rachel "the most amazing" and "stunning" girl he's ever met, and he said he hated seeing her sad at the previous Rose Ceremony.

"I feel excited... I see why they call Paris 'the city of love.' It does something to you. I can't explain it. I really don't want this date to end at all. It really feels like a fairy tale," Rachel gushed.

And Gabby and Jason had fun goofing around and acting like kids together. Gabby said she could feel Jason's warmth but he needed to give her more to work with. Jason said Gabby was fun and effortless to be with.

Before the dinner portion of their dates, the girls got together for a quick chat.

"I'm in love," Gabby told Rachel with a laugh. "It really was magical, but we didn't get into anything deep. We talked about surface-level stuff."

Rachel shared how she and Tino had a great connection and she felt "scared." Gabby assured Rachel that Tino liked her a lot, but Rachel wasn't sure how to handle her strong feelings.

"To feel this strong this early on, it's terrifying because I have been through so much rejection in the past. And if Tino does the same thing to me, that would be ten times worse. I don't want that to happen, so tonight I want to see if we'll fit into each other's lives," Rachel explained.

During their dinner date that night, Rachel talked to Tino about career and family. Rachel said she dated a man before who wasn't supportive of her career because he questioned if she was cheating on him since she was away so much.

Rachel said it's hard to have a traditional family life but it can work, and Tino said her passion for her career lit him up inside. Tino assured Rachel that he wants children, and so Tino was relieved.

"I can't promise you it will be easy, but I can totally see it being possible," Tino said. "I always had parents that worked full-time and made sacrifices... They always supported each other, and that's the only thing I know."


Rachel felt this date put her back on track in The Bachelorette process, and she was so glad to hear they were on the same page. Rachel therefore offered Tino a rose, and he warmly accepted it. The couple thought it was a perfect date, and Tino was so glad that Rachel could see a future with him.

"I really do think that I was meant to find this girl and make her happy forever," Tino told the cameras. Falling in love with Rachel is coming faster than I ever could have imagined."

Rachel said Tino had exceeded her expectations, adding, "He's just so amazing. I think I'm definitely going to fall in love with Tino."

A Date Card then arrived for the following men: Nate; Kirk; Quincey; Erich Schwer, a 29-year-old real estate analyst from Bedminster, NJ; Michael Vaughan, a 32-year-old pharmaceutical salesman from Long Beach, CA; Mario Vassall, a 31-year-old personal trainer from Naperville, IL; Spencer Swies, a 27-year-old venture capitalist from Chicago, IL, and Johnny DePhillipo, a 25-year-old realtor from Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

The Date Card read, "Love conquers all -- but not without a fight."

On Gabby's dinner date with Jason, Gabby set out to discover if they're really compatible. Jason explained how he never felt good enough, especially in his group of friends, and so he began playing tennis competitively -- which resulted in him hating it and quitting.

Jason said he's figured out how to speak up for what he wants and needs through therapy, and Gabby could relate given she felt her mother had washed her hands of Gabby once she went off to college.

The pair both trusted the intuition they felt about each other and kissed before Gabby handed out the rose. She said they were on the same life path and she could see a lot of herself in Jason.

Gabby wanted to instill the belief in Jason that their relationship could really "go somewhere." The couple kissed in front of the Eiffel Tower, and Gabby felt really lucky to have Jason by his side.

The next day, Gabby's group date consisted of the men competing in head to head matches in French boxing, and only one man would win a solo dinner date with the Bachelorette that evening.

Spencer said he hadn't talked to Gabby since the second Rose Ceremony and so he didn't know where he stood. He hoped to win his match and the date that night.

Rachel sat by Gabby's side for the boxing event, and Rachel's lineup of men sat on the sidelines and cheered Gabby's bachelors on. Nate gave a quick speech before fighting, acknowledging how he noticed the little things about Gabby, including how she crossed her legs when she stood and looked down when she thought pensively.


While Nate proved that he paid attention, Rachel noticed that none of her men were looking at her or giving her any attention. No man made eye contact with her or asked to sit next to her, and the lack of care really bothered her.

Rachel wanted to find a man who made her feel special and was 100 percent invested in her, and she was tired of feeling rejected and unwanted.

"No one cares. Today made it that much more apparent to me that I don't know where anyone is... No one is trying at all. I'm having too many of these moments. It's like, how much more can I take? No one cares," Rachel cried. "I'm so done."

Meanwhile, Rachel's suitor, Logan, a 26-year-old videographer from San Diego, CA, was checking Gabby out.

"I haven't seen Gabby in a while. It definitely brought up some old feelings. I'm worried that I find myself still kind of looking to the other side," Logan said in a confessional.

At the end of the boxing matches, Gabby declared Spencer the best competitor and took him out on a dinner date that night. Gabby liked how Spencer had been in the military, and Gabby said she felt rejuvenated in the process.

But back on the cruise ship, Rachel was feeling disappointed and hurt. She said her guys were in their "own world with their own friends," and she genuinely felt like no one was on the show for her.

Rachel wasn't going to beg the men to act like they wanted her. She felt more "insecure and desperate" being the Bachelorette than she felt competing for one man, Clayton Echard, on The Bachelor.

"[Clayton] made me feel more wanted than these guys make me feel," Rachel lamented, adding how she was supposed to be the only thing the bachelors cared about. "Gabby's guys get it."

Rachel wasn't sure how she was supposed to fall in love when she was having mostly bad days, and she didn't feel like she deserved to be the Bachelorette. Rachel therefore approached her group of bachelors and let them know that she was upset and wanted to feel pursued and chosen by them.

"You really made me feel hurt and unseen. I want you guys to want to be here for me, and I didn't feel that at all... No one was looking for me and no one came over... A little moment could have meant a lot to me tonight," Rachel announced.

Rachel admitted the event made her cry and they really hurt her feelings. Rachel could tell the guys were shocked and no one realized their wrongdoing or understood how she was feeling. Rachel said she was sick of feeling like she just wanted to quit and leave the show.

Rachel put on a smile for her group date the next day, and the men felt pretty bad and took accountability for their mistake.


For the date, the men attempted to master the art of romance by completing a series of tasks that would show off their romantic side -- including flirting, which most of the guys struggled with, and making out with their own fist. Rachel also smelled each man's armpit to see if she was attracted to their pheromones.

Logan was hoping for an explosive spark to confirm he had made the right choice in accepting Rachel's rose.

The men managed to turn things around for Rachel, especially when Tyler Norris, a 25-year-old small business owner from Wildwood, NJ, read Rachel a sweet poem he had written the previous night.

Tyler cried when he promised to go the extra mile for Rachel and do whatever he could for it. Rachel finally felt noticed, supported and uplifted by her group of guys.

But Logan told the cameras, "I didn't feel a strong spark or connection, and I walk away from the group date thinking about Gabby."

That night, Rachel enjoyed some one-on-one time with Tyler, who had stood out on the group date with his vulnerability and effort. Tyler shared how he was fully ready to commit to an ex-girlfriend and he bought them a house, only to get unexpectedly dumped.

Tyler said loving unconditionally, both receiving and giving it, felt amazing and he looked forward to that again. Rachel appreciated how Tyler seemed ready and willing to love with all of his heart, even if it meant getting his heart broken. Tyler let Rachel know that he loves hard and came to the show for her.

Tyler also told Rachel he'd have no problem cooking and cleaning at home while Rachel worked as a pilot. He said he wanted to be a woman's rock one day and Rachel was the only person he saw every time she walked into the room.

Rachel became excited about the man who was unafraid of love, and she gave Tyler a rose and truly felt a connection with him.

Logan then sat down with The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer to inform him that he had lingering feelings for Gabby and didn't see how he could move forward with Rachel without talking to her.

Logan said he didn't want to add to Rachel's long list of disappointments but he needed to know if Gabby felt what he felt for her the last time they spent time with each other.

At the cocktail party preceding the fourth Rose Ceremony of the season, Logan planned to have a conversation with Gabby and express his feelings for her. He intended on having a night of difficult truths and following his heart.

Gabby furthered her connection with Nate, and then Hayden sat down with Rachel and shared a book of his dog Rambo that he had made. Hayden explained how his dog was dying of a brain tumor and only had a couple of months left to live -- but he wanted to meet Rachel so badly that he left Rambo at home to go on The Bachelorette.

Rachel felt for Hayden and thought the situation was genuinely sad. Hayden even showed Rachel his dog's "cancer duck" that he held through radiation treatments.


Meatball then interrupted Hayden and Rachel's conversation, and Hayden was disappointed in Rachel for walking away from him during such a heavy and serious topic. He questioned if she was the right girl for him.

But Meatball came with a warning. He told Rachel how he liked her and respected her and wanted to be honest. Meatball explained how Hayden believed Gabby and Rachel had "overreacted" to his "rough around the edges" comment and then made a vocal comparison of Rachel and his ex-girlfriend regarding their breasts.

"And he also said, 'I don't trust these b-tches,' referring to you and Gabby," Meatball claimed.

Rachel's jaw dropped to the floor and she trusted Meatball's character. Rachel thought Hayden had been extremely disrespectful, and so she immediately pulled Hayden aside to talk. When Rachel asked Hayden if he knew why she needed to talk to him, Hayden thought it was going to be about his dog and how their last conversation ended abruptly.

Rachel said upsetting information had been brought to her attention. Rachel said she gave Hayden a second chance only for him to allegedly call her a b-tch and compare her breast's to his ex-girlfriends.

Hayden denied having said any of those things, and he insisted, "I did not compare anyone to you." Rachel said it was one thing after another with him, but Hayden said he doesn't speak like that and that's not his character.

"I really feel like I gave you a chance in L.A. and I'm giving you a chance now to own up to it," Rachel said.

"Rachel, I'm telling you explicitly right now, that's not what was said," Hayden replied.

However, Rachel said she had reached the end of her rope and couldn't keep dealing with incidents such as these. She therefore decided to walk Hayden out.

"I feel really stupid for giving Hayden the benefit of the doubt. He just lies and I feel very taken advantage of... I was trusting him to bring him into a second week. At this point, I'm just extremely ready for Hayden to get the f-ck out," Rachel told the cameras.

Rachel didn't even want to give Hayden a hug goodbye, but she did so reluctantly.

"I really wanted this to work, but I want Rambo more. I know right now for a fact that no one has the amount of love that I have for Rambo and that Rambo has for me," Hayden said while tearing up in his final words.

"I am blessed that I have Rambo who loves me unconditionally. Rachel, I do hope you find someone that is going to treat you the way that Rambo treats me. I'm ready to see Rambo!"

Rachel wasn't sure this process was working for her given she had extreme highs and lows in the process, and she broke down into tears.

Logan didn't get any time with Rachel or Gabby before the Rose Ceremony, and so he wasn't sure how to proceed and whether he should accept a rose pretending like everything was okay.

At the Rose Ceremony, Gabby handed out roses to Nate, Erich, Johnny, Michael, and Mario.

Kirk and Quincey were therefore eliminated from Gabby's pool of bachelors.

Rachel gave roses to Aven Jones, a 28-year-old sales executive from San Diego, CA; Meatball; Zach Shallcross, a 25-year-old tech executive from Anaheim Hills, CA; Ethan Kang, a 27-year-old advertising executive from New York, NY; and Logan.

Logan clearly accepted Rachel's rose and so Jordan H. went home in his place. Rachel apologized to Logan for not having a chance to talk.

"I feel like a bad guy. I feel selfish, but I would be a fool not to accept a rose if it means I get to talk to Gabby," Logan shared after the Rose Ceremony.

"There's still hope, there's still time. I'm going to get it all out there... I'm just terrified. There's a chance this isn't received at all well. This could be a disaster and totally blow up in my face... but fortune favors the bold."

Rachel's guys agreed to have a good week and not upset Rachel again, but he knew he had a daunting task to complete.


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