The Bachelorette featured Rachel Recchia crushing Tyler Norris' heart after he said "I love you," Jason Alabaster and Johnny DePhillipo admitting they're not ready to propose marriage to Gabby Windey, Tino Franco's family grilling Rachel to the point of tears, and Gabby and Rachel both "falling in love" during the Season 19 episode that aired Monday night on ABC.

Rachel eliminated Tyler, a 25-year-old small business owner from Wildwood, NJ, during the first half of his hometown date, resulting in Tyler reuniting with his family alone.


The Bachelorette broadcast began with Gabby and Rachel preparing for the men's hometown dates.

Rachel would be visiting Tyler, Tino, Zach Shallcross, and Aven Jones, while Gabby would be meeting Jason, Johnny DePhillipo and Erich Schwer's families.

The women and their suitors left the cruise ship that had sailed through several European destinations, and Gabby headed to New Orleans, LA, first for a date with Jason.

Gabby said she and Jason both felt things very deeply but something about The Bachelorette process made him uncomfortable and more reserved from the other bachelors.

"I don't think it's a bad thing because I do see a future with him. Honestly, I'm just excited to see different sides of him," Gabby explained.

Jason was so excited to spend the day with Gabby, with whom he felt "a true spark," and the couple listened to live music and danced in the streets before picked out beaded necklaces and joking around with locals.

Jason told Gabby that he had considered leaving at the beginning of the show but chose to stick around for her, and Gabby called him "sweet and sensitive." She wondered if his family was also going to be quiet and laid-back.

Gabby met Jason's father Michael in a park given his parents are separated, and Michael immediately got emotional upon meeting The Bachelorette star. Michael wanted nothing but happiness for his son, and he could tell that Jason couldn't stop smiling and Gabby seemed warm and sincere.

"I want to be the Best Man at your wedding," Michael cried, before the trio enjoyed beignets together.

That night, Gabby was introduced to Jason's mother Karen, sister Kelsey, and Kelsey's boyfriend Brendan.

Gabby felt pressure to receive the family's approval, and Karen broke down into tears upon seeing her son after weeks of no contact. Jason gushed about the couple's champagne tasting in Paris and how Gabby is "amazing."

Gabby wanted to know if Jason was reserved all the time or just because of the environment, and his sister insisted Jason is the best guy who's ready for a serious commitment. Kelsey said she could see Gabby being a part of her family, and the women got along effortlessly.

Karen thought Gabby and Jason would be a good balance for each other considering she's hyper, loud and outgoing, and she said the couple looked really cute together.

Karen thought Gabby was friendly and really into Jason, and so she told the cameras, "Best case scenario... they [find true love] and live happily ever after."

But Jason explained to his mother how he didn't want to rush things with Gabby and couldn't see himself proposing marriage to Gabby at this point in the journey. He said he needed space to process everything and being part of The Bachelorette was scary for him.

"It's not her. It just wouldn't feel right to me," Jason admitted.


When asked how he'd feel if he lost Gabby, Jason said he'd be very hurt and upset. Karen therefore worried her son might miss out on something wonderful due to the distractions around him.

Gabby was thrilled Jason's family accepted her, and she noted how she was "head over heels" for the bachelor and her feelings were growing for him every single day.

"I could see myself with him forever, and I'm excited about the future... I am falling in love with him. I never felt this way before, and it feels like I'm in a dream," Gabby shared.

Rachel was then shown embarking on her first hometown date with Zach in Anaheim, CA.

The couple rode bikes together and then climbed up to a rooftop, where they watched airplanes fly together -- an activity they both used to do with their parents.

Rachel thought the date was incredible, and she pointed out how she and Zach shared a deep connection. She hoped their relationship could take off to new heights.

Rachel met Zach's mother Megan, father Chapman, sister, aunt and hilarious Uncle Pat.

Chapman said it looked like Zach and Rachel had been together for quite some time, but he questioned Rachel's intentions.

Chapman asked Rachel what attracted her to Zach, and she said they started off their relationship talking about family and getting emotional together. Rachel assured Chapman that she was looking to marry her best friend, which is also what Zach was looking for.

Zach told Megan how he was falling in love and could see a future with Rachel, and Megan could definitely see the love written all over the bachelor's face.

"I am ready [to get engaged]," Zach confirmed to his mom.

Megan said she had never seen her son like that before, so in love and so happy, but she was afraid her son may get his heart crushed.

Chapman later told Zach that he was proud of him and Rachel was incredible. Megan was ready to embrace Rachel as part of the family, and Rachel believed she had received their stamp of approval.

"I can see myself fitting in with them," Rachel said.

Rachel, Zach and Zach's family then watched the pair's first one-on-one date, and Chapman could tell that they just fit together. Zach said everyone loved Rachel and their date was the best case scenario.

Zach knew with all of his heart that Rachel is "The One," and so he told the flight instructor at the end of the evening, "I can tell you that I am in love with you, Rachel."

"Oh my gosh!" Rachel said before kissing the suitor. "This is crazy!"


Rachel told the cameras that this journey was working for her and Zach made her so happy. She said in a confessional that she was also "falling in love" with Zach and she considered him to be perfect.

Gabby was then shown meeting her "super hot" man, Johnny, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Gabby said Johnny made her feel special and they had a really strong connection.

Before having a date, Johnny brought Gabby home and introduced her to his mother Elizabeth, father John, best friend Perry, brother Robert, and Robert's girlfriend Jillian.

Gabby felt like she had known Johnny's family for years because they were so comforting and fun. Gabby told Johnny's dad how she could be herself around him, and Perry said he really Gabby and thought she'd be great for his son.

Elizabeth said Johnny didn't give his heart to anybody but he'd be an extremely loyal boyfriend and must have felt safe with Gabby.

Johnny told his mother that Gabby was great but he wasn't "fully there yet," meaning he didn't feel ready to pop the question. Elizabeth warned her son that an engagement is a huge commitment and he shouldn't take it lightly.

Johnny's family could see Johnny and Gabby's chemistry, and so they advised Johnny to follow his heart because he definitely had their blessing to continue forward with Gabby.

"She fit right in. It gave me more affirmation that she could potentially be the one," Johnny said in a confessional. "I am falling for this girl, but it's tough for me to picture getting down on a knee with where I'm at. It's confusing in the best way possible."

Gabby thought Johnny's life at home was beautiful and wonderful, and the couple spent the night on a boat, sailing at sunset. Gabby could see glimpses of her future with Johnny, and she seemed smitten with him.

Rachel was then shown visiting Wildwood, NJ, for a hometown visit with Tyler, who had already confessed his love to The Bachelorette star.

Rachel said Tyler made her laugh and they connected emotionally but he was the furthest behind the other men. Tyler was convinced Rachel is "The One" for him, his future wife and the mother of his kids, and he took her to a small-town carnival to play games and let loose.

Tyler and Rachel had the whole boardwalk to themselves, and Tyler won her a couple of stuffed animals. They went on rides and rode bumper cars, and Tyler said he was prepared to show and give Rachel everything he had.

Rachel had the time of her life with Tyler that day, but she felt apprehensive when meeting some of his friends at a pizzeria.

"My last hometown had a different feel going into the night than I feel today. My relationship with him is a little further behind what I'd like to feel at this point, and it just feels like I'm having a little bit of a struggle," Rachel confessed to the cameras.

"I care about Tyler so much, but it really kind of hit me today that things are getting extremely close to the end, and I just definitely feel like I have other connections that are stronger."


Tyler was certain his family was going to love Rachel, but Rachel broke down into tears after the day portion of their date. She didn't feel ready and told a producer how she felt bad because he's such a great guy.

Rachel said she felt like she was going to throw up and was "freaking out." Tyler had been nothing but open and vulnerable with Rachel up to that point, and so she felt like she was disappointing him and maybe not giving him a fair chance.

And then as Tyler gushed about how their day together couldn't have gone any better, Rachel broke the bad news to the love-struck bachelor.

Rachel shared how she felt so lucky to know Tyler, but before she could dump him, Tyler went on and on about how happy he was and how every moment with Rachel got better and better.

Tyler told Rachel, "At this point, I am not falling in love with you. I am so in love with you, and it's just been incredible."

Rachel suddenly looked away from Tyler, appearing very distraught.

But he continued, "I would not change a thing... This means so much, it really does. And you are literally the most amazing person I've ever met."

Rachel had to interrupt Tyler to explain that she didn't want to bring other people into their relationship. Rachel said she appreciated how Tyler loved so openly and wasn't afraid of getting hurt.

"I just feel like we've had the most incredible day but I'm still feeling like not 100 percent confident," Rachel said in tears.

"And I don't know if I'm ready to meet your family when I still have this bit of reservation -- and I don't know where it's coming from. I just feel like something is missing. I don't know if it's time... but I don't know if I'll be able to get there with you."

Rachel insisted to Tyler that she really cared about him and just wanted what's best for him and his family, and Tyler thanked Rachel for letting him down gently before involving his loved ones since bringing a woman home is a huge deal for him.

Tyler said being in love again meant so much to him, and he added, "That love that is forever is real... And just looking at you, I know you're going to have that. And I want that too."

"I wish I could get there," Rachel cried. "I do."

Rachel wished that she could fall in love with Tyler because he's an amazing man. Rachel said this was the hardest thing she's had to do on this show and her heart was "breaking" because Tyler didn't deserve this at all.

Tyler went to his hometown date alone, telling more than a handful of family members -- including his emotional mother -- that he loved Rachel but she dumped him on the boardwalk. Tyler said he hoped to meet a woman who feels the same way about him, and his family attempted to comfort him.


Gabby proceeded to stop in Bedminster, NJ, for her final hometown date with Erich, with whom Gabby could see herself falling in love.

Erich's father had been battling terminal cancer for three years, and he reminded Gabby how his parents have an extremely close bond and his mother was always by her husband's side.

Gabby met Erich's father Allan, his mother Donna, and his grandparents.

Erich was so proud to introduce Gabby to his family, and the bachelor wanted his father -- who had been in the ICU for 40 days following multiple operations -- to know how much Gabby meant to him before his passing.

Gabby, being an ICU nurse, knew what Allan must have gone through, and Erich gushed about his strong feelings for Gabby. Allan really liked Gabby, and Erich also received approval from his mother.

Erich had been searching for a bond similar to what his parents shared, and his mother asked Erich not to take the decision lightly.

Erich opened up about how Gabby meant the world to him, and Erich's mother told Gabby that commitment is important to their family and once a commitment is made, no one can give up, especially after everything they've been through.

Gabby said her day with Erich was one of the best days she had thus far on The Bachelorette and she couldn't wait to tell him how she felt that night.

And Gabby did just that.

Over a couple of cocktails that night, Erich revealed to the Bachelorette, "I told you I was falling for you, and words carry heavy weight. But I am really falling for you, Gabby. And I think I may even be falling in love with you, which is really scary."

Gabby then expressed how Erich's family had raised a very good man and she always wanted to be with someone like him.

"I just never knew if it was possible, but after today, I do finally feel comfortable in saying that I am falling in love with you," Gabby confirmed.

Erich thought it was a beautiful ending to the most perfect day, and Gabby insisted that she meant what she said and saying goodbye to the bachelor was going to be so hard.

Gabby could picture an easy life with Erich.

The episode then moved on to Tino's date in Santa Clarita, CA. Rachel was very nervous and anxious about getting his family's approval, seemingly more so than she had been with Zach.

Rachel became acquainted with Tino's mother Sandy, father Joe, and his little brother Mateo.

Tino had yet to tell Rachel that he was falling for her, but he said he was just waiting for the right moment. Tino shared how everything disappeared when he and Rachel were together.

Tino's loved ones were afraid of the other men in the picture, but Tino jokingly claimed the other guys were striking out with Rachel.

Tino said he hoped Rachel would send the other guys home and then he'd "100 percent" propose marriage "because when you know, you know." With that being said, Tino's dad asked to speak with his son in private.

Tino told Joe that he knew the important stuff about Rachel and she was giving him all the reassurance that he needed. Joe had a hard time believing Tino and Rachel's relationship was ready for marriage and they could be happy for the rest of their lives after just five weeks together.

Meanwhile, Rachel gushed about Tino's positivity and outlook on life, and she said he's so giving. Tino's mother was skeptical of the whole process, and Rachel admitted, "She grilled my ass!"

Rachel also told Tino's father how the process is expedited but serious conversations are had early on. Rachel said Tino was humble and caring and she liked how people gravitated towards him.

"You're saying all the right things and that's all great, but at least in our minds, from 20,000 feet away, we see it as this fairy-tale thing," Joe confessed. "I'm looking out for him... and making sure he's making the right choice and it's the right match."

Rachel told the cameras that she almost cried because she didn't know how to answer Joe's questions. She thought her relationship was about to end, especially when Joe said he wanted Tino "to fall for the right person."

Rachel acknowledged how she was looking for an engagement and Tino had told her that he was ready for that, although he was holding back a little in their romance.

Joe pointed out how this was Rachel's second go-around on the show and so he couldn't help but wonder if she was just looking to get married or if she really, truly liked Tino.

"I wouldn't put him in this position just so I can get married. I'm not that type of person. I really want to meet someone that is going to be my partner in life," Rachel argued.

Joe asked Rachel and Tino to be honest with each other and make sure it's right.

Rachel didn't feel like Tino's family liked her, and so she felt really sad at the end of the day.

"I am shook. I feel shook up, like I could be the most perfect person and they wouldn't like me," Rachel lamented in a confessional.

Rachel claimed that she appreciated everyone's hard-hitting questions, but she was clearly just putting on a good face. Rachel didn't feel like she fit in. In fact, she figured Joe was hoping that she'd never return to his house again.

"I almost cried... Is he okay with moving forward when his parents just aren't going to be happy?" Rachel pondered.

Tino promised Rachel that his loved ones adored her, but Rachel argued otherwise and said she wasn't confident they liked her or even gave her a chance. Tino said his parents were tough on the both of them but they meant well.

Tino told Rachel that he was "so sure" about how and she always made him feel valued and loved. Tino said he was proud and excited to tell her, "I am falling in love with you."

"I don't want a future without you," Tino shared. "I should have told you weeks ago, and I'm so sorry about that."

Rachel said in turn, "I also feel like I have been falling in love with you for a while, and that's honestly how I feel."

Tino said that was the most incredible thing he could have expected to hear, and Rachel gushed about feeling "more than happy," despite a rough hometown date.

But Rachel wondered if she and Tino could move forward without his family's approval and without support from Tino's parents.

Aven's hometown date with Rachel will air during next week's episode before The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All commences on ABC.


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