The Bachelorette featured Michelle Young kicking Jamie Skaar to the curb after learning he had manipulated and lied to her, Peter Izzo making Will Urena cry after a dramatic argument, and Michelle eliminating four more bachelors during Tuesday night's Season 18 episode on ABC.

At the third Rose Ceremony of the season, Michelle denied roses to Peter, a 26-year-old "pizzapreneur" from Port St. Joe, FL; LT Murray, a 38-year-old yoga guru from Bellevue, WA; Spencer Williams is a 25-year-old financial crimes analyst from Cleveland, OH; and Mollique Johnson, a 36-year-old academic administrator from San Diego, CA.


The Bachelorette broadcast began with Michelle not knowing whom she could trust, and several of the men lamented about how it was difficult to see Michelle hurting and so upset.

Rodney Mathews, a 29-year-old sales representative from Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and Casey Woods, a 36-year-old advertising creative director from Miami Beach, FL, discussed how no one in the house had been questioning Michelle's character, and so Casey said he didn't understand why one of the men in the house had suggested such a thing to Michelle like "a rat."

Clayton Echard, a 28-year-old medical sales representative from Columbia, MO, also said there was "no doubt" in his mind about Michelle's character and he completely trusted her "decision-making ability."

The Bachelorette co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe then arrived with a Date Card, and the following men were on it for a group date: Peter; LT; Spencer; Clayton; Martin Gelbspan, a 29-year-old personal trainer from Miami, FL; Olumide "Olu" Onajide, a 27-year-old IT analyst from Newark, NJ; and Nayte Olukoya, a 27-year-old sales executive from Austin, TX.

Joe Coleman, a 28-year-old real estate developer from Minneapolis, MN; Rick Leach, a 32-year-old medical sales representative from Los Angeles, CA; Will, a 28-year-old academic interventionist from Grand Rapids, MI; were also chosen to join Michelle on the group date.

"I want a man who isn't afraid of the danger zone. Love, Michelle," the date card read.

The men visited Palm Springs Air Museum, where jets were taking off and planes surrounded them, and were introduced to actors Glen Powell and Jay Ellis, who star in the movie Top Gun: Maverick.

In preparation for their movie, Glen and Jay got a little taste of the intense training it takes to be a naval aviator, and they said their movie is equally about competition as it is about love.

Glen, Jay and Michelle tested the men mentally and physically, and the one bachelor to perform the best would be named Michelle's "Maverick."

All of the men suited up and believed they had what it takes to be Michelle's leading man.

While Michelle's group of bachelors was doing pushups, Martin snuck over to Michelle to talk to her privately. He said he wanted to check up on her after the drama over her connection and supposed past relationship with Joe.

Michelle appreciated the gesture and definitely won some points with The Bachelorette star.

But once a G-force simulator was welcomed into the equation, a terrified Will stood out by gathering up the nerve to go for a ride, despite feeling sick to his stomach. While being flipped and turned, Will told Michelle in Spanish how he wanted to grow old with her and needed her.

Peter accused Will of being "fake" and copying his own "recipe of love" for Michelle by repeating his words in Spanish.


It was then time for head-to-head dog fights in which the goal was to knock one's opponent off a ledge. Clayton stepped up and made an impression on Michelle with his strength and agility during this round.

"I really do believe that I could leap frog any of these guys," Clayton noted.

Will defeated Peter in numerous rounds of the fight, and so in the end, Will was named Michelle's "Maverick" due to his physical stamina, bilingual moves and the fact he had listened to his heart.

Will received a bomber jacket for his prize, and Peter wasn't happy.

"The kid's a bum. I'm more of a self-made man and not a man that needs to knock somebody else down metaphorically and physically in order for them to try to shine," Peter told the cameras.

For winning the day, Michelle and Will took off in a vintage car from Top Gun: Maverick, and the couple kissed in its front seats.

That night at the afterparty, Clayton told Michelle that he felt relaxed and happy to be with her. He said he was attracted to her confidence, and then the pair spun around together to mimic the experience -- although it wasn't even close -- to the G-force simulator.

Michelle said Clayton was kind and able to make her laugh, and she felt their time together was "a nice little reset" after a tough previous week. The guys were doing work to build back Michelle's trust, and Michelle was beginning to believe the men were on the show for her.

Michelle complimented Joe's quiet confidence and how he's not the loudest guy in the room.

And just as Michelle praised her "mature group of men," footage flashed to Peter calling Will "a bully" and the men arguing loudly.

"See the checks that I cash and then you call me 'a pizza boy,'" Peter bragged. "You'll be wishing you're a pizza boy."

"That money don't bring you character," Will responded.

"It brings me class," Peter argued.

"It brings you a big mouth," Will griped.

"Bro, you hate my mouth because you wish you had it!" Peter clapped back, adding, "You're intimidated by me, bro. That's why you feel like you've got to take these little Chihuahua bites at my ankle... Eventually you're going to piss off the big dog and I'm going to have to f-cking kick you down the road."

Will replied, "You're not the big dog. The big dog has the jacket."

Peter insisted Michelle had given Will the jacket out of sympathy, but Will was convinced he had earned it.


Meanwhile, Rodney learned he'd be accompanying Michelle on the week's only one-on-one date. His date card read, "Love is about letting go."

Mollique acknowledged Rodney is a great guy but he didn't see him "as much of a contender." Mollique assumed Michelle would keep Rodney "in the friend zone" but he's a funny guy who makes people laugh.

Back at the afterparty, Michelle told Martin that he has so many different layers to him and depth and that's what she's looking for in a partner. The couple kissed, and Michelle noticed Martin's huge effort that day, which pleasantly surprised her.

"He's just this mature man who knows what he wants. I am very confident in trusting that Martin is here for me," Michelle said in a confessional.

As Michelle advanced her connection with certain suitors, Peter tried on Will's special jacket -- and then threw it in the pool! Peter thought dumping the jacket was "putting [Will] in his place" and showing what it felt like to be disrespected.

Nayte laughed about the whole ordeal but admitted he was going to take a couple of steps back from Peter because he found Peter's behavior disappointing.

Rick said he was tired of going on dates with Peter, and Nayte advised Will to "sit back and kick it" and be the better man. But Will was so upset upon finding out about his wet jacket that he walked away from the group and started crying.

Will said the jacket meant a lot to him because it signified how he and Michelle could overcome adversity together in life. He yelled about how Peter had really pushed his buttons, but he decided not to tell Michelle about the dramatic situation in order to spare her emotions.

Clayton then addressed Peter about the jacket and said, "All of our actions impact [Michelle]."

Rick called Peter "an idiot," and Joe said if he had been in Will's shoes, he probably would have beaten Peter up.

Michelle then handed out the group-date rose to Martin for listening to her and pulling her aside during the first portion of the Top Gun group date.

The night ended with Michelle and Martin dancing to instrumental music, with Michelle in a really uplifted and positive mood, as Will fished his jacket out of the pool using a skimmer.

The next day, an "anxious and nervous" Rodney got ready for his date with Michelle, and he said he felt like an "underdog" because he's never the tallest, biggest or most handsome guy in the room. However, Rodney said he was bringing a big smile and heart to the table.


Michelle and Rodney played a fun game of "Truth or Dare." Michelle said she loved Rodney's goofy side and wanted to explore whether their friendship could grow into a romantic connection.

Rodney fed Michelle different foods while she was blindfolded, the pair had to open wrapped boxes to find a key while handcuffed together, and Rodney was dared to go streaking through the hotel while Kaitlyn, Tayshia Adams and other suitors watched!

Rodney felt he could be himself around The Bachelorette star, and he said he could picture Michelle being his "future wife, best friend and partner in crime."

After the game, Rodney opened up to Michelle about how his biggest fear in life is passing away before he becomes a husband and father, and Michelle said her biggest fear and weakness is being complacent. Michelle said she tends to focus on the next thing and not live in the moment.

Rodney told Michelle that nothing about her is complacent or average, and a romantic kiss officially took Rodney out of the friend zone.

The pair then took a boat over to a candlelit dinner on a dock, and Michelle shared how she loved Rodney's playfulness considering her own parents -- who have a very happy marriage -- always laugh together.

Rodney said he grew up with a single mother who worked three jobs to put food on the table for her two sons, and he told Michelle that his mother is his "hero" and he just wants to make her proud.

Michelle mentioned how her parents' interracial marriage was often tested but her mother and father supported each other through challenging moments, and the Bachelorette also told Rodney how an ex-boyfriend once advised Michelle to bury her feelings after someone called her the N-word in order to not give that person power.

Michelle, however, said she shouldn't have to justify her feelings and is allowed to feel whatever she wants, and Rodney complimented Michelle on how she carries herself.

Michelle felt "safe" with Rodney and believed she could trust him, and so she told Rodney that he definitely wasn't an underdog in her eyes -- and "apple-utely" gave him a rose.

"I'm definitely developing strong feelings for Michelle, and I can definitely see that developing into love. It's scary and it's exciting, and it's really amazing. I truly feel like Michelle could be the love of my life," Rodney gushed to the cameras.

The next day, Michelle embarked on her next group date with Mollique; Casey; Brandon Jones, a 26-year-old traveling nurse recruiter from Portland, OR; Jamie, a 32-year-old biotech CEO from San Diego, CA; Leroy Arthur, a 27-year-old biomedical Ph.D. student from Dallas, TX; Chris Gallant, a 28-year-old motivational speaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Chris Sutton, a 28-year-old commodities broker from West Hollywood, CA; and Romeo Alexander, a 32-year-old mathematician from New York City, NY.

The men learned they'd be reciting spoken-word poems, and everyone really impressed Michelle with their willingness to put themselves out there with their personalities, feelings, and life experiences.


Brandon's poem was beautiful and he spoke about showing Michelle the fight in him and modeling his life after one of his role models. Brandon told Michelle that she's the woman of his dreams and he didn't want her to give up on him, and she called the poem "powerful."

Jamie told a story or "parable" that was not personal or intimate in any way, and several men pointed out how the performance was "odd" and "weird." Casey said Jamie looked like a cult leader, and Brandon noted how Jamie's insecurities were showing.

Michelle topped everyone by sharing a spoken-word poem of her own. Michelle explained how finding love was never easy for her and she had been coined as "the token Black girl" in society.

Michelle said she wants to be a role model for young brown girls and people of all shades of color, and her passionate words blew the men away.

That evening, Brandon revealed how he was a late bloomer since he was 5'2" in high school and had braces for years. Brandon went to a predominantly white high school and explained how he felt like he had to choose a side.

Brandon said he just tried to be comfortable in his own skin, and Michelle gushed about being attracted to Brandon's mind as well as his body. Brandon told Michelle that he had never felt that way about a woman before.

"I'm crazy about this woman. She gives me butterflies... [and] brings out the best in me," Brandon gushed after kissing Michelle.

He added, "I'm truly falling in love with this woman. Oh my gosh, I want to jump up for joy! This is an amazing feeling!... I am smitten, fellas! I am smitten!"

Meanwhile, Jamie felt like he was on a totally different level from the other men. He said no one else was "worthy" of Michelle's attention and none of the men mattered to him.

Jamie bragged about how he had "captivated" Michelle and was "thrilled" by their conversation.

Jamie assumed he had the date's rose "in the bag," but Michelle ended up giving the rose to Brandon for making her feel safe and building their connection. It marked Brandon's second group-date rose of the season, and Jamie appeared frustrated and pretty furious.

Jamie then pulled a producer aside and complained about competing with a guy like Brandon. Jamie said they're not even in "the same league" and he didn't want to wait six more weeks to end up with Michelle.

"I think the problem with Michelle right now is that she's basically in f-cking spring-break mode," Jamie complained.

"It's a little bit of a turnoff. If you genuinely thought your husband was in the room, do you go spring-break mode? I'm not going to judge it, but it doesn't mean I can't make fun of it!"


At the afterparty that night, Michelle stunned in a sparkly gold dress, and Nayte told Michelle that he wanted to run away with her. Nayte therefore asked Michelle to take her shoes off, and the pair went running into the darkness to share a private kiss.

Nayte said he and Michelle were clearly vibing for each other.

Rick then pulled Michelle aside and planned to let her know that he was there for her and would always protect her and be honest with her. He therefore shared with Michelle how no one in the house had questioned Michelle's character and that statement made couldn't have been further from the trip.

"I've gotten close with all the guys here, and none of them has ever questioned your character. I feel that person could have done it for a few reasons: to try to earn your trust and also trying to up themselves and put under people under the bus," Rick explained.

Michelle then revealed to Rick that Jamie was the rat and Jamie had said the Michelle and Joe conversation had "taken on a life of its own." Michelle started to see a red flag with Jamie, and Rick determined that Jamie had "manipulated" Michelle to try to earn her trust.

Rick called Jamie's deception "sick" and proceeded to tell the other bachelors about Jamie's actions. The guys couldn't believe Jamie had never owned up to being the rat, and Casey complained about Jamie creating a "mistrust" between Michelle and everyone else in the house.

"It's conniving, manipulative -- and I want to hear what he has to say to defend his actions. I think his time is limited," Casey noted.

Nayte, Rick and Casey all confronted Jamie, who struggled to get his point across. Jamie claimed he had told Michelle how speculation in the house over Michelle and Joe having a pre-show relationship "created this character in the room."

Nayte asked when these speculative conversations took place because he didn't think anyone had been talking about Joe and Michelle. Jamie said he couldn't name specific guys who were talking about it because he had spent a lot of time in his room, and Nayte thought that was ridiculous.

Jamie said he simply wasn't a part of the conversations but he could tell there was open-ended questions and speculation about Michelle's past.

"And if that question doesn't get resolved, then now, it's open for anybody sitting at home to speculate on it," Jamie said.

"Some of the viewers?" Nayte asked.

"Flip on the outside," Jamie said. "Why don't you guys just think about it. If someone airs an episode and everyone here is sitting there talking about [Joe and Michelle]..."

Nayte interjected, "Why are we talking about episodes?! Why the f-ck are we talking about episodes?!... Are you threatened by Joe or are you worried by Joe? You don't even know who's talking about it [in the house]."

Nayte said Jamie had totally made up a story and presented his own insecurities as insecurities other men had. The bachelors were clearly angry about Jamie not holding himself accountable, and Romeo said Jamie attempted to "slither out" of answering direct questions.

Brandon and Will called Jamie "a high-key snake" because he never mentioned the situation when Michelle had opened the floor up for her bachelors to speak on her relationship with Joe and express their worries or concerns.

An emotionally-exhausted Michelle then approached Jamie, who said no specific individual had challenged Joe or Michelle's character.

"It was the open speculation in the house of people talking about the potential of you knowing each other that essentially created its own monster and that had the potential to challenge both of your characters long-term," Jamie announced in front of everyone.

Michelle said Jamie had brought up how one of his friends spotted Michelle in Minnesota walking with "a light-skinned dude" after revealing there was speculation in the house. Michelle said that piece of information didn't need to be added.

Jamie told Michelle that he was trying to be preventative by cutting the head off the monster, but Michelle said Jamie trying to be proactive brought the question into the world and it then became something it wasn't.

Michelle asked to speak with Jamie outside and accused him of telling her something that was inaccurate and created unnecessary drama around her character.

"You brought up that second story. You put that out there, Jamie, you did! That's not protecting me whatsoever," Michelle told the bachelor.

"I'm very hurt by you right now. I don't trust you at this moment, and I have to be done with it. So I think it's best if I walk you out tonight."

Jamie had clearly let Michelle down, and she said she feared trusting men in this process who are untrustworthy. Michelle was upset -- but "only at Jamie" -- and she wasn't about to blame the other guys for what happened.

Once Jamie left, Michelle announced how she had built a strong character and was not about to be manipulated in conversations and lied to.

"I am looking for my soul mate, and I've built myself up for my soul mate, and that's not somebody who is so quick to tear it down," Michelle said.

Michelle decided to cancel the cocktail party and head right into the third Rose Ceremony of the season.

Michelle then handed out roses at the Rose Ceremony to Joe, Rick, Leroy, Nayte, Casey, Chris G., Chris S., Clayton, Olu, Romeo, and Will.

Michelle said she almost felt a sense of relief after ousting Jamie, Mollique, LT, Spencer and Peter.


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