The Bachelorette suitor Brian Jarosinski apparently didn't attend The Men Tell All taping for a reason other than he was too intimidated to confront Desiree Hartsock and all the guys.

Jarosinski -- whom Hartsock kicked off the show after discovering he allegedly had a girlfriend named Stephanie Larimore back home -- failed to participate in The Men Tell All because he had to work, according to Larimore, who has reconciled with Jarosinski despite his prior behavior.

"It's not because he was 'scared' like some have been quoted saying," Larimore told Life & Style. "He was actually looking forward to reconnecting with the friends he made on the show and giving his side of the story to what happened on air."

After The Men Tell All special aired on Monday night, Hartsock wrote in her People blog Jarosinski's absence "shows more of his character" and "an apology would have sufficed."

However, Larimore insisted that's exactly what Jarosinski had planned to accomplish.

"He also wanted to apologize to her," she said.

Before The Men Tell All filmed, Hartsock expressed frustration over the fact Jarosinski was going to be a no-show after what he had put her through on The Bachelorette.

"I just learned that Brian is too scared to show his face at The Men Tell All, but that is probably for the better. I definitely don't want to waste any time on a guy who showed up with a girlfriend," she wrote in her blog. "That is not the type of guy I was ever looking for, nor is he someone that any self-respecting woman in America should be with. I hope you don't get your heart broken by that jerk, Stephanie!"

In Touch Weekly reported in June that Jarosinski and Larimore had gotten back together after she slammed the suitor on national television for being a two-timing "lying, cheating, deceitful pig." Larimore claimed they had slept together one day before Jarosinski left to tape The Bachelorette.

"[Brian] admitted to making a mistake by not telling me about the show, and [he] apologized," Larimore told In Touch at the time.

The pair had reportedly dated for a year and a half prior to The Bachelorette's March taping.

"Our relationship was very much on and off for a few months leading up to March," she said, adding that their heated argument on the show actually sparked their reconciliation.

"The show brought us back together and made us talk about our issues. We didn't communicate well before, and we're starting to see things in a new light."

Jarosinski is a financial advisor from Baltimore, MD who was abruptly eliminated from The Bachelorette's third ninth-season broadcast following his confrontation with Larimore. Hartsock found the bachelor's betrayal disgusting and repulsive.

Larimore was Playboy's Playmate of the Month for June 2006.