ABC has revealed some details about the mysterious ending to The Bachelorette's current ninth season, which show creator Mike Fleiss has claimed will be "shocking" and one of "the weirdest ever." 

(SPOILER WARNING: The following story contains spoilers about the special two-part season finale of The Bachelorette starring Desiree Hartsock. Please stop reading immediately if you don't want to know.)

According to press materials released by the network, Monday night's broadcast of the first part of The Bachelorette's special two-part, ninth-season finale will be "explosive" and feature Desiree Hartsock receiving "an emotional bombshell that no one saw coming" and "an unexpected jolt [that] will change [her] whole journey."

In a departure from The Bachelorette's usual format, the episode's coverage of Hartsock's dates with her final three bachelors in Antigua will feature Brooks Forester initially still home in America having a heart-to-heart with his family because he's "torn between his strong feelings for Desiree when he is with her and the insecurities he feels when he is not," according to ABC.

Forester's mother and sister will give him advice about "the tough decision" he has to make in determining whether he'd be ready to give Hartsock an engagement ring if he is her last man standing even though he knows Hartsock has all the qualities he's looking for in a wife and they share an undeniable emotional and physical connection.

Once his mom and sister "express their fondness" for Hartsock and how she'd fit into their large family perfectly, a reassured Forester will then board a plane for Antigua and get ready to spend some one-on-one time with the show's star only to see plans change after he arrives on the island.

"Brooks has a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison. When some shocking news is shared, Chris insists that the bachelor meet with Desiree. What unfolds is one of the most explosive, dramatic and emotional moments in Bachelorette history," according to ABC.

Meanwhile, Hartsock's interactions with the other two men -- Drew Kenney and Chris Siegfried -- will apparently be more conventional.

"Drew, totally love struck, tells her that he is ready to propose," the network stated.

As for Siegfried, he'll give Hartsock an "ultimatum" over a significant issue that may "put a halt to their relationship."

"Chris has a major obstacle in his path that he feels he needs to bring up to Desiree before things go any further. His career path is not in Los Angeles, and he will need Desiree to relocate."

The Bachelorette's next broadcast will air Monday, July 29 at 8PM ET/PT.