Robin Canfield and Marshana Ritchie were both confident they'd be receiving a hometown visit from Matt Grant.

However it's The Bachelor: London Calling star who calls the shots and he apparently felt differently, rejecting both Robin, a 22-year-old advertising coordinator from Holland, MI, and Marshana, a 27-year-old fashion designer from Brooklyn, NY, during last night's broadcast of the ABC reality dating series' twelfth installment.

"I'm really shocked actually.  He's making a bad decision," said Robin following her rejection.  "It's his loss.  It's his problem.  F**k him!"

The Bachelor: London Calling's fifth episode began with host Chris Harrison informing the six remaining bachelorettes that only four of them would be receiving a hometown visit from Matt following the next Rose Ceremony. 

But before then, there would be two one-on-one dates and a group date -- with no roses up for grabs on any of them to alleviate the pressure and instead allow Matt to just focus on the girls.  All of the dates would be occurring at a ski resort in Sun Valley, ID.

The girls arrived at the resort and were met by Matt, and it would be his first time skiing in the States although he is accustomed to skiing in France.  After rough-housing with the girls in the snow the group shared a toast and Matt informed them he'd be arriving later that evening to pick-up one of them for the first one-on-one.

A date basket arrived at the girls' lodge and Chelsea, a 24-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Durango, CO, would be accompanying Matt on the first one-on-one.  The two took a sleigh ride through Sun Valley's winter wonderland and Matt was eager to learn if his relationship with Chelsea was "more than the best friend set-up that's already existing."

Looking for "romance" instead of just "great fun," Matt was obviously disheartened when Chelsea told him she's not a fan of PDAs -- public displays of affection -- meaning she doesn't even like to hold hands.  Matt noticed Chelsea "struggles... especially when it comes to moments of affection."

"I need someone who is affectionate," he said.

After the sleigh ride the two went inside to warm up and Matt made a plea to Chelsea.

"I think you can be romantic.  I know you can," he told her.

Chelsea explained the affectionate side of her is also her "shy" side and assured him there is a "vulnerable" part of her that not everybody gets to see.  She decided to "embrace" the romantic side.

"Matt has opened himself up to me and really shown his warm side to me," she said.  "I realized I need to do the same thing."
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So Chelsea excused herself from the table and wrote-up her own "Fantasy Suite Card" before returning and presenting it to Matt.

"I would absolutely love that," said Matt, agreeing to retreat to his suite for some alone time.  The two shared some small talk and then kissed.

"She cleverly surprised me," said Matt.  "I hope that Chelsea and I can turn the corner and find romance."

The next day Matt was accompanied on a ski-themed group date by Robin; Marshana; Shayne, a 22-year-old actress from Malibu, CA; and Amanda R., a 27-year-old account executive from Niceville, FL -- meaning Noelle, a 26-year-old photographer from Loveland, CO, would be going on the second one-on-one date.  Robin was the only remaining bachelorette to not receive a one-on-one date with Matt.

"The reason this date is so important is because I need his reasoning for not putting me in a one-on-one date," explained Robin.  "I've never had problems getting one-on-one time with him before on group dates."

Since Amanda had never skied before, Matt gave her a brief lesson.  She described him as "patient" and pointed out how that meant he'd be a "good dad."  While Marshana also had never skied before, she spent the majority of her alone time with Matt on her backside and complained about how difficult it was to stay on her feet.

"I couldn't talk about he and I and not focus on just trying to stand upright," she opined.  "I didn't get to spend the one-on-one time with Matt that I wanted to."

Matt then moved onto some alone time with Shayne, and the two kissed on the chairlift before she tore-up the slopes on her snowboard.  Matt was impressed, calling Shayne his "little snow monkey."  She took a pit stop to reapply some makeup and Matt thought it was funny, and the two shared a quiet moment on the slope before kissing.  They were interrupted by Robin -- who has made it a habit of interrupting the other bachelorettes during their alone time with Matt.

"I really don't feel I need to justify myself," said Robin.  "I obviously want one-on-one time with Matt, so I kind of stole him away and got the time that I wanted with him."

Robin then asked the all important question of why she had yet to receive a one-on-one date.

"I'm aware of that," Matt answered.  "I felt that early on we had a very close connection and that really meant that -- from a selfish point of view -- I didn't really need to hang with you on a one-to-one basis because I knew that there was a connection there.  I thought you knew that was the reason why."

That was apparently the answer Robin wanted to hear.

"I needed to hear him say it," she said.  "It would really surprise me if I didn't get a rose."

After skiing, the group went to a spa and Matt spent some alone time with Amanda, who had received his first-impression rose but hadn't spent much time with him since.  The two talked about her hometown and Amanda was at ease with their relationship.

"It really reassured me that there's more to our connection," she said.  "Honestly, if I don't get a hometown date I'll be kind of shocked."

Noelle then accompanied Matt on her one-on-one date, which Matt described as a "very, very important night" because he doesn't know Noelle very well yet but has a feeling in his gut that the two connect.

"I really need to work on opening up on this date," commented Noelle, realizing this was her do-or-die opportunity.

The two ice skated and had fun despite their lack of skills.  Matt commented how Noelle needed to show her "true colors" because if she did, she'd be a "serious contender" in the competition.  The two then discussed difficulties they've previously gone through, including Noelle suffering facial scars from a car crash she was involved in.  Noelle said it made her "thankful and grateful" for life, which endeared her to Matt.

"I juts thought this is a girl I could spend the rest of my life with," said Matt.

Back at the lodge, the girls discussed the impending hometown dates.  Marshana commented how she'd love for Matt to see how she lives since she's gotten a glimpse at how he lives.  Robin thought the comment was odd since Marshana really hasn't gotten to see how Matt lives and an argument erupted when Marshana accused Robin of being condescending. 

Chelsea joined in and accused Marshana of having a "negative attitude" about everything and questioned her desire to be there.  Chelsea and Marshana then started arguing before Chelsea left the room.

"The girls calling me a negative person is a shock to me," said Marshana.  "I am a great person. I am nice, I am friendly, I am loving, I am so giving and so thoughtful and charitable.  I'm a great person -- and no one can convince me otherwise."

Matt and Noelle wrapped up their one-on-one date by sharing some drinks, and he asked if she'd be willing to relocate to London if she received the final rose.  While she said it was "crazy," she didn't rule out the possibility.  Noelle then revealed she had only brought one other guy home to meet her parents, so it was "huge" if Matt went.  She finally let her guard down fully, and the two kissed.

Prior to the upcoming Rose Ceremony, each of the bachelorettes got one more opportunity to spend some alone time with Matt.  He described his impending decision as "massively important" and not an easy one to make.

He met with Marshana first, and she immediately discussed the previous night's fight with Chelsea and Robin.  While she admitted it was "rare form" for her to be so angry, she felt her "character was being attacked," which was why it happened.  Matt assured her not to worry and said he knew she had a reason for being there.

Their alone time was then interrupted by Chelsea, who said she gave Marshana the allotted time and it wasn't her fault if she wasted it by describing the previous night's argument.  Marshana lingered to cut into Chelsea's time.

"Chelsea interrupted Matt and I while we were talking.  So we didn't get a chance to finish our conversation, we didn't get a chance to kiss either," opined Marshana.  "I love the way Matt kisses.  Had we had more time uninterrupted, I know it would have happened."

Chelsea gushed about how much Matt would like her family and hometown and Matt reiterated the importance of seeing her romantic side, adding he likes to hold hands.

"I want to know that you can deal with that," he told her.  "I just want to know that this can work."

"It totally can," she answered.

Chelsea was surprised Matt questioned her feelings and explained she "genuinely" wants to be there "more than anything."  That was music to Matt's ears and the two kissed. 

Robin then spent some alone time with Matt and boasted about her standing in the running for Matt's heart.

"I'm not nervous.  I'm just excited.  We've been waiting for this moment, and it's finally here," she said.  "I want Matt to kiss me tonight, and I always get what I want."

Matt put his jacket around Robin's shoulders to keep her warm and she received the kiss she was so sure she'd be getting.  The other girls watched from inside and Shayne said it "irritates" her more than any of the other girls.  Shayne then met with Matt and explained how it's hard since it's "real" for her.  She then gushed about how she wanted Matt to meet her family so they could gush about how great she is.

The Bachelor: London Calling's fifth Rose Ceremony then commenced.

"Meeting a woman's family is a huge step, and the four roses I give out tonight will mean that," said Matt.  "I'm here to find the love of my life and it's not going to be an easy decision this evening."

Shayne, Noelle, Chelsea and Amanda received roses, meaning Robin and Marshana were rejected on the cusp of the hometown visits.

"As the final rose was being handed out, I was like, 'Call my name!  Call my name! Say you'll meet my family.  Say you'll get to know me better.  Say I'm the one for you,'" said Marshana after her ouster.  "I gave it all I could... There's nothing left for me but to go home 100% the lady that I arrived being.  I'm still fabulous.  I'm still amazing.  Brooklyn, I'm coming home to you -- I'm coming home without Matt."

The Bachelor: London Calling's next episode will air Monday, April 21 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.
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