A former The Bachelor bachelorette has died in a tragic plane crash.

The Bachelor: London Calling contestant Erin Storm was killed in a fiery plane crash Monday near Hawthorne Municipal Airport in Los Angeles shortly after takeoff, according to Us Weekly.

Storm, a Pacific Blue Air pilot from Venice, CA, made it to the Top 12 on Season 12 of The Bachelor starring Matt Grant. She was billed as a 33-year-old hot dog vendor during her appearance on the show in 2008.

Employees from Best Drilling and Pump, Inc., witnessed the crash of the ultralight aircraft that Storm was flying around noon when they were working on tanks only a few feet away from the site, Southern California's NBC4 News reported.

"All of a sudden, my partner started yelling, 'Watch out, there's a plane coming!' and it looked like the plane veered up, lost control and hit a couple feet away from the truck, a couple feet away from us," Byron Mayes told the NBC affiliate.

Mayes and his co-workers ran to the wreckage and pulled the female pilot out of the plane while her legs were still on fire.

"Our first thought was getting her out, making sure she was okay," Mayes said of the moments before they used fire extinguishers.

Firefighters dispatched at 12:02PM to West 120th Street, where they put out the flames and attended to the woman who was already in full cardiac arrest. According to NBC4, the pilot was transported to a nearby trauma center but did not survive the accident.

Pieces of the plane were reportedly scattered along the street and a big cloud of smoke filled the air. The crash is currently being investigated by the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board.
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