The remaining bachelorettes went on their first group dates with Brad Womack and the 34-year-old Austin, TX bar owner narrowed his field of suitors from 15 to 12 during The Bachelor's second eleventh-season episode last night on ABC.

Erin, a 25-year-old publishing sales executive from Tampa, FL; Mallory, a 24-year-old nanny from Honolulu, HI; and Michele, a 30-year-old realtor who currently resides in South Brunswick, NJ, were all sent packing by Brad, brining an end to their The Bachelor journey.

"I came out here to find true love, and I meet this beautiful man.  Just when my faith in relationships was beginning to be restored, I find myself out in the parking lot," said Erin following her ouster.  "I do want to be in love so bad, unfortunately this wasn't my Prince Charming.  But I refuse to believe he's not out there."

The Bachelor 11's second episode began with the 15 remaining suitors moving into the Malibu mansion they called home during filming for the show.  Host Chris Harrison met with the girls and explained that they'd be divided and going on one of two group dates with Brad, who would award a rose during each.  Both girls who received a rose would be safe from the next elimination.

Accompanying Brad for a "day at the races" on the first group date was Erin; McCarten, a 26-year-old account manager from San Diego, CA;  Kristy, a 29-year-old acupuncturist from Chicago, IL; Mallory;  Hillary, a 27-year-old registered nurse from Philadelphia, PA; Jade, a 24-year-old boutique sales worker from Nashville, TN; and DeAnna, a 25-year-old realtor from Neunan, GA.

The girls then met Brad at Del Mar Racetrack.  He said he was "so excited" for the first group date as he poured the girls a glass of wine and handed out some cash for them to gamble with, hoping it would shed some light on if they were high-rollers or penny-pinchers. 

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Back at the mansion the second group of girls learned they'd be accompanying Brad to the beach and as they celebrated, they heard Michele scream.  Sheena, a 23-year-old Internet marketing executive from Walnut Creek, CA, said she found Michele "badly injured" in one of the stairways and medical personnel were called.

"Seeing Michele... I had no words to describe it," said Lindsey, a 25-year-old model from Livania, MI.  "It was horrible.  It was scary.  Like I thought maybe she's okay, maybe she'll just get-up really quick.  She couldn't.  She couldn't get up.  It was horrible... There's a huge possibility that Michele might not be able to come back.  It could be just 14 of us inside the house versus the 15 we have now."

As Brad enjoyed a luxury suite at Del Mar Racetrack on the first group date -- describing it as "cloud nine" -- he began to have some good conversations with the girls to get to know them better.  Hillary was the first to hold hands with Brad, which made Jade "jealous" because it's a "big deal to her."  San Diego Chargers linebacker and Brad's friend Shaun Phillips then made an appearance in the luxury suite and met the girls before offering his buddy his opinion.

"They were all nice girls," Shaun told Brad.  "I really feeled DeDe (DeAnna)... She's pretty cool. And the girl from San Diego (McCarten)... She's the outgoing one."  Brad settled back in with the girls and received a call on his cell phone, and it was Michele explaining what had happened back at the mansion.

"I just want you to be okay," the girls on the first group date heard Brad say over the phone before he informed them that Michele had "slipped down the stairs and fell" and now had a "mild concussion."

"I'm kind of in shock here," said Brad, which was immediately followed by McCarten asking him for some one-on-one time.  She decided to steal The Bachelor 11's first kiss with Brad.  "I can't lie, it wasn't good," said Brad of the kiss after McCarten caught him wiping it off.  He eventually decided to give the first rose to DeAnna.
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"I feel a really good connection.  I want to keep you around as long as you want to be here," said Brad to DeAnna.  "As soon as I sat down with DeAnna for our one-on-one time, I knew I felt just like I did on Night 1 like there's a connection between us.  I'm really, really intrigued by this woman."  Needless to say, the other girls were jealous.  Jade described DeAnna as the "frontrunner."

"I have a rose, but I believe I do still have a lot to worry about," said DeAnna.  "It's still really early on in the game.  He's still got a lot of girls to choose from.  I still feel like I have a lot to prove."

The Bachelor star Brad Womack and the bachelorettes pose for a photo during their beach party group date (Photo credit ABC/Craig Sjodin)

The next morning Brad arrived at the mansion to pick-up the girls for the second group date.  But first he checked on Michele, who explained she "kind of fell down the stairs."  Brad said he wished he could stay with Michele, who was "really sad" she wouldn't be able to go to the beach.

"As much as we really hope she's okay, when it comes down to it we're really here for one reason," said Sheena.  "To be honest, it's one person down."

Accompanying Brad on the second group date was Sheena; Sarah, a 23-year-old bar manager from O'Fallon, IL; Bettina, a 27-year-old realtor from Washington, DC; Estefania, a 26-year-old executive assistant from Atlanta, GA; Jenni, a 27-year-old Phoenix Suns cheerleader from Wichita, KS; Lindsey, a 25-year-old model from Livania, MI; and Solisa, a 25-year-old aesthetician from Georgetown, TX.

The girls immediately began to flaunt their bikini-clad bodies to try and claim the second rose while Brad mixed some drinks.  They also pressured Brad to take his shirt off, but he relented until Estefania actually removed it for him.  The first girl he got some one-on-one time with was Sarah, and he enjoyed her fun disposition and commented how she was "down to earth."

Shots were downed and frolicking occurred on the beach before Solisa requested Brad take a body shot off of her.  He obliged and Bettina thought she was going to throw-up watching it.  If Solisa is "fun and wild," Brad was glad she was showing him the real her.  However once they had one-on-one time, she explained how she's a Christian who sticks to her morals and values.

Brad then shared some alone time with Jenni, who received his "first impression rose" during The Bachelor 11's premiere broadcast.  The two kissed, and he seemed to enjoy it much more than when he smooched McCarten.

"We just got kind of caught in the moment and he... He kissed me!" said Jenni.  Back at the mansion, Hillary went on an expedition to expose Jenni, who brought her modeling portfolio with her.

"I'll be really mad if Jenni gets a rose," said Hillary.  "I think she's here to advance her career.  She has a modeling book here.  Why would you even bring that?  It just makes me second-guess why she's really here.  She plays a good act.  She's a good actress.  I hope he sees through that."

Brad decided to present his second rose to Sarah, leaving Jenni feeling "broken hearted" because it was only moments after they shared their first kiss.  Lindsey commented how she thought Sarah was "fake" because she was "aggressive" and nobody can be that happy all the time.  Brad and the girls them jumped in the hot tub and he inquired as to the craziest thing they ever did, which prompted Solisa to take-off her top and run down the beach.

"Everything was just going so fast and I knew the Rose Ceremony was coming up," explained Solisa.  "I mean, sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do.  We'll see what happens."

Back at the mansion, Brad tried to spend a little more time with each of the girls before the Rose Ceremony.  He said it was "very unfortunate" Michele couldn't go on the date and took some extra time to hang with her.  She said she was nervous and 30 -- the oldest girl there -- and then rambled about having kids and wanting to travel.

"The time that I spent with Brad... It felt rushed," she said.  "I had to tell him everything because I missed out on the date when he could see the real me.  I'm nervous.  Scared.  There's a lot of great girls and he's probably developed feelings for quite a few of them... Hopefully he has some feelings for me."

Bettina said she was "anxious" to talk with Brad because she had been wanting to tell him she's divorced.  But she was unsure how to do it, and when he gave her the chance, she still didn't tell him.  Despite not being able to air her dirty laundry, Bettina said she still felt unsafe for the Rose Ceremony.

Michele says goodbye to The Bachelor star Brad Womack after failing to receive a rose at the the show's second Rose Ceremony (Photo credit ABC/Karen Neal)

Jade and several of the other girls also discussed how they felt Jenni was not there for the right reason, and Jenni overheard them, which caused her to cry.

"My main goal in my life is to fall in love and have a family," said Jenni.  "I don't see how me having my modeling book should have anything to do with that."  Jenni explained she brought the book so the other girls could see her girlfriends and what she does.  Jade decided to tell Brad "people have their modeling portfolios here," which he found intriguing.

"Jade let on to the fact that some of these ladies might be here for the wrong reasons," said Brad.  "I'm trying to determine for the life of me who's here to meet me and who's here to have a good time."

Brad and the bachelorettes than participated in The Bachelor 11's second Rose Ceremony.  The 12 women who received roses and remained in the running for Brad's heart were DeAnna, Sarah, Kristy, Bettina, Hillary, Estefania, Sheena, McCarten, Jenni, Lindsey, Jade and Solisa.

"I'm going to say that my slip and fall ruined me because it makes me feel better," said Michele.  "But if he didn't feel it he didn't feel it.  I hope that he would like me.  He didn't.  That sucks, because I'm a nice person.  I kick ass.  People fall in love with me... just not Brad."

The Bachelor 11's next episode will air Monday, October 8 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.

(Top photo credit ABC/Karen Neal) About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.