There were many emotional moments for U.S. Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin and his nine remaining bachelorettes during last night's episode of ABC's The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman, but in the end, three more suitors were sent packing following a mini-vacation to Lake Tahoe.

Nicole Clary, a 26-year-old sales manager who currently resides in Charleston, SC; Kate Brockhouse, a 24-year-old boutique owner who currently resides in Charleston, SC; and  Stephanie Tipper, a 27-year-old organ donor coordinator from Folly Beach, SC who was the recipient of Andy's "first-impression rose" during The Bachelor's premiere, failed to receive roses from the 30-year-old undersea medical officer stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI.

The six remaining bachelorettes on The Bachelor's tenth installment are Amber Alchalabi, a 23-year-old teacher who currently resides in Sugar Land, TX; Bevin Powers, a 28-year-old clinic research coordinator who currently resides in Palo Alto, CA; Danielle Imwalle, a 25-year-old graphic designer who currently resides in Bethel, CT;  Stephanie W., a 23-year-old project manager who currently resides in Overland Park, KS; Tessa Horst, a 26-year-old social worker who currently resides in San Francisco, CA; and Tina, a 26-year-old medical student who currently resides in Hollywood, CA.

The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman's fourth episode began with Andy telling the girls they'd be accompanying him on a getaway to Lake Tahoe for some skiing and gambling.  After injuring her left ankle while participating in last episode's bachelorette boot camp, Bevin admitted to being "scared" that Andy would be able to have fun with the other girls "who can do stuff" on the slopes.  As Andy partied with the girls in the limousine they were traveling in, Tina described the group dates as "awkward," while Andy commented he was in a position where a number of the women remaining could make him "completely happy."

Danielle, Nicole, Stephanie W. and Bevin all received a note from Andy telling them to put their party dresses on to "see who's feeling lucky" for the first group date, with one of the four getting "special quality time" with the bachelor.  Since the girls had just arrived in Tahoe, Bevin was frustrated at the lack of time she had to prepare herself for the date, especially since she was slowed by her injury.  Amber commented that Bevin was "milking the ankle injury" and was "using it to her advantage."

"I mean, I feel so stupid here!" said a teary-eyed Bevin as she tried to get ready.  "I'm like hopping around on crutches.  This sucks."

However with some help from a few of the other girls, Bevin was finally ready and the date had seemingly begun -- at least until Andy almost immediately pulled Bevin aside because he noticed she "wasn't herself."  Andy referred to Bevin as "such a trooper," but couldn't help but point out the "wall of protection she had put up is starting to crumble."  While Danielle, Nicole and Stephanie W. sat and waited for Andy, Nicole echoed Amber's comments that Bevin was "milking" her injury for time with Andy and added it was "a little irritating."

"You know, people get hurt in their life," Andy explained to Bevin, but she was basically inconsolable.  "I don't get to show you who I really am," she said.  "This is not who I am, when there are other women around who can have fun with you."  Andy reminded Bevin that he feels "electricity" when they're together.  After calming down and rejoining the three other girls, Bevin noticed the "jealous stares" she was receiving, and hoped "nobody would stab [her] in the back."

"[Andy's] a sympathetic guy, and that's what's working for [Bevin] right now," explained Danielle.  Back at the Tahoe suite where the rest of the girls were relaxing, Kate, Stephanie T., Tessa and Tina all learned they'd be accompanying Andy on the second group date, and Amber quickly realized that meant she had the one-on-one date.  She had mixed emotions, feeling "excited" but "so much pressure."

"He could realize on this date that I'm not the one for him and send me home," pondered Amber.

At the casino, Andy picked up on the fact that Stephanie W. wasn't being herself, and she attributed it to being "a little stressed" as well as "emotionally and physically drained."  Andy was glad Stephanie W. "finally showed some vulnerability" as she cried on a couch with him, and he told her she was "amazing" before adding he "really hopes" he has the opportunity to "meet [her] family."  Danielle then arrived, made out with Andy a little bit, and described the bachelor as someone "worth fighting for."

"Everybody's having emotional nights tonight," said Andy, unaware of the emotion that was still to come.  "It's been a heck of a night... very emotional -- but fun -- and revealing."

Afterward, it was time to decide who would get "special quality time" with the bachelor.  Andy chose Bevin, citing his feeling that they couldn't go on a date last week due to her injury as his reason.  Nicole again realized the "tons of sympathy" Bevin was receiving, but added Andy's a doctor so "it's only natural."  She still wondered if Andy and Bevin's relationship was "legit or just his bedside manner."  Andy revealed to Bevin he was a "nerd" and had dreams of being an astronaut.  Bevin commented that was "interesting" and the two made-out... then they made-out some more.  Andy then told her, "You and I are real."  They made-out some more.
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"This was an evolution of Bevin tonight," said Andy -- whatever that means -- adding it was "far more intimate and emotional" than any of the time he had spent with the other girls.  Bevin realized she could be "falling for him," and she made Andy realize there could be "a happy ending to this story."

The next day, four of the girls took to the ski slopes for the episode's second group date.  Stephanie T. was excited -- and not only because it was her birthday -- but also due to the connection she has with Andy "that none of the other girls have any idea about."  Kate said she and snow have a "mutual hate" for each other, so she sat-out, leaving Andy to be impressed with the abilities of Tessa and Stephanie T., whom he described as "naturals."  Tessa told Andy she felt "the emotions and tensions are getting higher," but Andy assured her he really feels a connection with her.  "I'm not blowing smoke," he said, adding Tessa is the person who makes him "the most calm and at ease."

Meanwhile, back at the suite, Nicole commented how "Amber's right around the corner from falling in love with Andy."  Amber said the one-on-one date would be a good opportunity to see if he feels the same way. 

On the slopes, Stephanie T. was determined to make Andy see she's there for him, and added she would "definitely throw another girl under the bus."  She told Andy a good number of girls in the competition have to be the center of attention all the time, while others were immature, warning him to keep his eyes open.  Stephanie T. then singled out Amber, whom she described as "very passive aggressive" and "insecure."

"Jealousy is such a rampant beast," said Andy.  Stephanie T. told him some of the other girls (but not her of course) are getting "annoyed" because he's "running around kissing everybody."  Visibly upset and confused, Andy said he didn't know "what to think of the conversation" with Stephanie T., adding it "really got under [his] skin."

Kate then got some alone time with Andy since she didn't accompany the group on the slopes, and she didn't waste any time, quickly accusing him of trying to kiss Amber.  Andy described the accusation as "just bologna."  Kate continued her verbal assault, this time targeting Stephanie T., telling Andy she "molded herself into what she thinks you want her to be" and is "not the girl you want to take home to your parents."  Andy said he "appreciates" Kate's honesty in helping him "make an informed decision" about which girl to choose.

"After a long day on the ski slopes -- and an emotional one at that -- the choice for my special quality time was a no-brainer," said Andy, taking Tina for some one-on-one time.  Stephanie T. was immediately jealous, thinking she'd get the date simply because it was her birthday.  Kate said Stephanie T. was starting to get on her nerves because she's "so obsessed with Andy."  Little did Kate and Stephanie T. know they were perpetuating characteristics Andy is not a fan of.

"What I really like about you," said Andy to Tina, "is your really true to yourself.  You're not going to put on this show... you're real.  You're not in this to play games and backstab.  You're doing a great job."  He added he thinks she's a "contender" because she "doesn't partake in the drama."  Tina asked Andy if he's "high maintenance," and he revealed that the yacht and car he's been tooling around in aren't really his.  He instead described himself as a "modest Naval officer" who drives a Jeep.  Andy was glad Tina "questioned [him] on things no one else had."

"After the hard day I had, the time I spent with Tina could not have been better... it was just what the doctor ordered and just the medicine I needed," said Andy.

Nicole noticed back at the suite that Amber was "consumed" by her date with Andy.  Rightfully so, as Amber was unsure if there was even a rose to be given on the date.  But she was still excited to be able to spend some time with him without interruptions.  While Andy described what the other girls told him about Amber as "just secondhand information," he still questioned how well he knows her.  As the two arrived at a cozy cabin, Amber immediately noticed the rose on the table, and the date became "nerve wracking" for her.

As Andy chatted Amber up while he dipped fondue, he revealed that when "people question my intentions, it hurts to hear that kind of stuff."  Amber sympathized with him, and thought it was "about other girls being jealous."  When Andy said there was some "cattiness and lies" going around, Amber tried to put him at ease.  "I'm obviously here for the right reasons," she said.  "And I do like you a lot.  You need to trust me."  Andy said that's "a lot of trust," but added he felt emotion between the two of them and settled down to enjoy the rest of the date.  They made-out in the hot tub -- and to "make it even more romantic" -- Andy handed her the rose.

"I'm all smiles," said Andy following the date with Amber.

As the Rose Ceremony approached, Danielle noticed "emotions are definitely running high."  Andy revealed while he was "fairly certain" which five girls would be receiving roses and which three would be eliminated, but he added "who knows what's going to come out of these women's mouths to change my mind?"  As if on cue, Kate apologized for her "word vomit" on their date.  Stephanie T. said she was "90% sure" she'd remain following the ceremony, down from the "95% sure" she was at the last one.  "I'm still pretty confident," she said.  Despite the apology to Andy, Kate continued to bash Stephanie T. and Amber.  Stephanie T. couldn't resist joining in, and told Andy she thought Amber is a "great person," but "not right for you."

"I don't know who I can trust," said Andy.  "This is testing me more than I've ever been tested before."

While Andy took a moment to reconnect with Bevin, Kate told some of the girls "there are a couple of people here who shouldn't trust me."  She then began to spread a rumor that Tina said Amber "almost had sex with Andy last night."  Nicole -- who was totally forgettable in this episode except for being Amber's lackey -- stood with her mouth ajar.  Naturally, Amber cried upon hearing the rumor and confronted Andy, telling him that some of the girls were saying "the worst possible thing you could think of."  Andy described the rumor as "so preposterous," but still felt you could "cut the tension with a knife."

"I just want to say my head is spinning right now and I don't know what I'm going to do," said Andy prior to the Rose Ceremony.  "I have some really hard decisions to make.  I really need to have confidence that this will play out in the best thing possible and that's my future wife."  As Amber securely held onto her rose, Bevin, Tessa, Danielle, Tina and Stephanie W. all joined her as remaining in the competition.  Kate, Nicole and Stephanie T. were sent packing.

"I came here to find true love, and to find the man of my dreams, and unfortunately I'm not leaving with that," said Kate.  "And I would have loved for Andy and I to work out... but it just didn't work out that way."  Stephanie T. was stunned -- but at the same time -- she seemed to understand why she was eliminated.

"I can't believe that I'm leaving tonight.  I really thought that me and Andy had something special," she said.  "I was so ready for it.  I wanted it.  I believed in it a lot.  I sat up there tonight, and I called somebody out... and I think [Andy] thought that was a s**t thing to do.  I did it with his best intentions, and it was a f**k-up.  I feel like I'm going home because of stupid little jealous girls... the story of my life.  I mean when you really care about someone you want them to be happy.  So let him go be happy... with or without me."

The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman's fifth episode will air Monday, April 30 at 9:30PM ET/PT on ABC.

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