Matt Grant got down to business and cut three more suitors he felt he didn't have a connection with during last night's The Bachelor: London Calling broadcast of the ABC reality dating series' twelfth installment.

Ashlee, a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Jacksonville Beach, FL; Holly, a 25-year-old children's author from Suffield, OH; and Kelly, a 24-year-old medical sales representative from San Diego, CA, all failed to receive a rose from the 27-year-old international banker, bringing an end to their The Bachelor experience.

"Do I think he made a mistake?  Obviously!  Like, hello?!  Any dude would want to date me," said Kelly after her ouster.  "Maybe he couldn't handle me.  To be honest, I think it's funny that he chose some of the more fake people to stay in the house.  If Matt cannot see what I have to offer, clearly Matt, you know, you're cool and all, but you're not the best because you didn't choose me!"

The Bachelor: London Calling's fourth episode began with host Chris Harrison informing the nine remaining bachelorettes that there would be one group date, a "special" one-on-one date, and a two-on-one date before the next Rose Ceremony, with Matt giving a rose on each. 

The bachelorettes who received the roses would be safe at the upcoming Rose Ceremony, however the bachelorette on the two-on-one date who failed to receive a rose would be immediately eliminated.

Accompanying Matt on the group date was Ashlee; Chelsea, a 24-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Durango, CO; Kelly; Noelle, a 26-year-old photographer from Loveland, CO; Robin, a 22-year-old advertising coordinator from Holland, MI; and Shayne, a 22-year-old actress from Malibu, CA.

Matt and the six bachelorettes arrived at a private estate for a tennis-themed group date, which would be followed by afternoon tea.  Ashlee impressed Matt with her backhand; Kelly impressed with her forehand; Matt was thinking Chelsea looked "ridiculously hot" in her tennis outfit; and Shayne flaunted her gymnastic skills -- which Robin thought was a "scream for attention."

Matt and Ashlee then spent some one-on-one time together , and he commented how she seemed to be taking the competition "in stride."  She didn't know what that meant and their conversation definitely seemed to be lacking until he "mesmerized" him with her singing.

As the group settled down for afternoon tea, Matt commented how the rose was an "outstanding issue" since he was still unsure who to present it to.  Robin -- who previously lived in London -- gushed about how her parents love tea and have an antique tea maker, and the other girls found the conversation boring.

"I think Robin is the most competitive girl," said Chelsea.  "She wants time with Matt.  She'll do what it takes.  She doesn't care about the other girls.  Not my cup of tea."

Matt said he liked Robin's connection to his native U.K., loves spending time with her and was aware the other girls had been giving her a hard time about it.

"It's getting harder for me because I think I might actually be falling for you pretty hard," Robin told Matt, a comment that surprised him.

Shayne commented how she was "over" Robin and once she returned from her alone time, Shayne explained to Robin how it's "not a competition for time."  Shayne gave Robin the example of how Noelle had yet to spend any time with Matt yet Robin still stole him away.  Robin countered by claiming she had no intention to "play fair," and Shayne told her the repercussions were that the other girls would "gossip" about her.
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Robin subsequently started crying and said it "hurts" to know she "hurt" some of the other girls and then sobbed about feeling "completely alone."  Matt then presented the group date's rose to Chelsea since she had some "amazing shots" on the tennis court; "looked great" doing it; and continued to charm him.

"Matt is awesome.  I didn't expect this one at all," said Chelsea, who had also received a rose on a previous group date.  "I'm extremely happy."

That night, Matt and Amanda R., a 27-year-old account executive from Niceville, FL who received his "first-impression rose," went on the one-on-one date.  She was a little nervous and realized Matt might see her as "super quiet and sweet," so she wanted to use the time to show him her fun side.  It was the perfect opportunity as they went on a 1950s-themed date.

"I feel like the Fonz," said Matt in his leather jacket.

The two looked at antique cars before entering a diner for some dinner and dancing -- with Amanda calling Matt "the worst dancer ever."  Matt then presented Amanda with the rose and the two kissed before they traveled to a pier, went on the rollercoaster and shared a nice moment on a ferris wheel overlooking the California coast, where they kissed again.

"I'm definitely falling for Matt and I just hope that he's falling for me as much as I am for him," said Amanda.  "Having the opportunity to kiss there was just perfect."

The next day, Holly and Marshana, a 27-year-old fashion designer from Brooklyn, NY, accompanied Matt on the two-on-one date, which consisted of dinner and alone time.  Going into it, Marshana said she felt like the "underdog" and would "really hate to say goodbye" to Matt.

"It would be such a disappointment for me [if Matt doesn't give me the rose] because I truly believe that something is special between Matt and I," said Holly, although she was confident.  "I've had one-on-one time with him, we have kissed.  I think that does give me the advantage."

The date commenced and -- similar to almost every other two-on-one date in The Bachelor's history -- the girls tried to outdo each other during dinner, with both immediately stating they would have no problem moving to London.  With Matt realizing having both girls together was getting him nowhere fast, he spent some alone time with each.

Marshana went first, and Matt said he liked her "vulnerability and sensitive side" before the two kissed for the first time, which Matt described as "nice."

"I feel an energy when I'm with Matt that I know is real and authentic," said Marshana.  "He makes me feel like it is 100% okay to be who I am.  But you can't get too comfortable because the thing that Holly has right now, is she has time over me."

Matt and Holly then had some alone time, and he explained there is a "boring side" to him.  Holly said she also has a boring side before revealing she really does care about him.  The two then kissed.

While Shayne commented at the house that it was "clearly obvious" that Matt would give the date's rose to Holly -- she was wrong, as he instead presented it to Marshana, explaining they have a "very close connection" and wants "more time" to get to know her. 

He then explained to Holly that while they have an "amazing physical attraction," he felt they didn't "connect" in other areas and found conversation difficult.

"It's like a state of shock I'm in right now," said Holly through tears.  "I poured my heart out to him.  I told him what I wanted in life and I feel stupid for putting my heart out there... I thought I was getting the same response back, but I was wrong.  I was completely, 100% me and that's not what he wants."

The next night, Matt and the eight remaining bachelorettes gathered one last time before the upcoming Rose Ceremony.

He first met with Ashlee, and explained he wanted more than the physical attraction and connection over music.  She suggested they spend a full day together and find out, and he countered that may not be an option and asked what would happen if she moved to London and her music career didn't take off.  Ashlee responded by saying it "could work" but didn't really have a reason why.

"I'm very concerned.  I'm a little shocked," said Ashlee once the alone time was over.  "There is more to us and our connection than just music.  Music can be created anywhere in the whole world, but love is really, really rare."

Matt then spent some alone time with Noelle, who commented she was "not confident at all" since she hadn't really connected with him since the first night.  She admitted to him that she was nervous, and he encouraged her to go for it.

"I don't put it out there, but it's there.  I want you to know that," she told him. 

It was then Kelly's turn to have some alone time, and Matt was immediately put off by her body language as she sat with her arms crossed.  He then accused Kelly of being more interested in having fun with the group of bachelorettes than with him, which didn't sit too well with her.

"If I get sent home tonight, that would be horrible," said Kelly in a confessional.  "I'm not gonna sit around like some girl that never gets roses -- never gets anything -- like, 'Please pick me Matt!'"

She then proceeded to expose her bra to Matt in the middle of their conversation, which "shocked" the bachelor.  He then admitted to feeling like the "stuffy Brit" around her, and she suggested they just need more time together. 

Matt finished up the evening by spending some time with Shayne, and she cemented her standing in the competition as the two shared a kiss and embrace outside the house.

The Bachelor: London Calling's fourth Rose Ceremony then commenced.

In addition to Chelsea, Amanda and Marshana, the bachelorettes who received a rose were Shayne, Robin and Noelle, meaning Ashlee and Kelly were rejected.

"I can't believe that I'm the one that he's sending home," said a visibly emotional Ashlee in between sobs.  "I just want to find someone who will see more to me than just a songwriter, because I don't think he even gave me a chance."

The Bachelor: London Calling's next episode will air Monday, April 14 at 10PM ET/PT on ABC.