The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has revealed the tragic love story Emily Maynard shared with her fellow bachelorettes during Monday night's episode apparently upset the women even more drastically than was shown.

"Several of the stories were kind of really tear-jerkers, but Emily's story's unlike anything we've ever had on the show, and thank God, because it is so unbelievable... Ryan, my wife and I were watching the show and I was tearing up, and I already knew the story and had already seen this, but just watching it unfold again, it's emotional," Harrison told Ryan Seacrest on a Tuesday appearance on his KIIS-FM radio show. 

Harrison also reiterated fellow bachelorette Meghan Merritt's opinion that while the Charlotte, NC children's hospital event planner's stunning looks made the season's other women want to hate her, they couldn't help but love her after discovering her personality and good heart resembles those of Mother Theresa.

"She is possibly the sweetest, most humble human being you ever met. So I mean, she is just a doll. So it just tears you up and to see how strong she is and brave, it's truly an amazing story," Harrison said.

Harrison explained that when the women in the mansion heard Maynard's story, their tearful reactions were overwhelming but only a few brief moments of their sympathy actually aired on Monday's The Bachelor broadcast.

"We showed a little bit of the emotion. When she told the girls, the crying had actually spilled over for hours. Literally, the rest of the day the girls were crying. It really just destroyed the house. These girls were just torn apart by this story," Harrison said.

And bachelorette Madison Garton -- a 25-year-old model from Brooklyn, NY who was previously most notable for wearing fangs during her time on the show -- was apparently affected the most from the sincerity of Maynard's confession. 

"Then that's what really sets the ball in motion with Madison -- as you guys probably know her as 'the fang girl' -- she kind of realized, 'Wow you know what? I am not the same kind of person Emily is. I'm not here for the same reason as Emily and [fellow bachelorette Chantal O'Brien] are. I just need to pull myself out of this.' It was so emotional -- so devastating -- that it actually, essentially, took her out of the show," Harrison explained.

The Bachelor host said he was surprised that Madison eventually chose to quit the competition during the season's Rose Ceremony, because he assumed she and Brad Womack worked out her issues and concerns. 

"I know everyone says she has fangs and she's going here for her 15 minutes, and you know what, maybe she was. But it turns out, after she heard Emily's story and after she kind of got to know Brad, she was a little bit more sincere and a little bit deeper a figure and a human being than I think everyone gave her credit for," Harrison said.

"And so, I think Brad felt like, 'Okay, I kind of eased her mind a little bit and got her on the same page,' so we were a little surprised when she walked out of that Rose Ceremony."

Harrison also feels that Brad is unlikely to follow in the footsteps of former Bachelor Jake Pavelka and The Bachelor bachelorette Melissa Rycroft and compete on Dancing with the Stars after his The Bachelor experience ends.

"Well I was about to say never but it would just be a stupid thing to say (he laughs). I can't imagine a scenario where that guy would ever do Dancing with the Stars, because I saw him dance -- he was on some date -- and I was like, 'Seriously, stop it. Just stop.' Even with those pecs, he's not hot when he's dancing," Harrison confirmed.
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"Of all the people who will say, 'You know what Chris, I really want to come to Hollywood and do a show,' it will never be Brad. He just does not like the limelight."
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