Tayshia Adams has explained why she kept the details of her split from fiance Zac Clark to herself while confirming the breakup news on The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All broadcast.

After Tayshia's representative announced in late November the Season 16 The Bachelorette star and Zac had decided to part ways, Tayshia first publicly mentioned her broken engagement and called herself "heartbroken" while co-hosting The Men Tell All with Kaitlyn Bristowe.

However, Tayshia did not reveal any specifics on why her relationship with Zac failed and whether the breakup was mutual.


"I really said all I had to say on that stage," Tayshia said during a Tuesday appearance on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast hosted by Season 14 The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin.

"I don't really have anything to add to it just because I'm still going through it all."

Tayshia added, "And yeah, I spoke my peace. And one day, when I feel like I have more to say, I'm sure we can talk about it all."

Becca asked her listeners to give Tayshia time, space and patience as she attempts to work through her breakup and heal from it. Becca also reminded Tayshia she is loved and well-supported by Bachelor Nation.

"I am definitely hanging in there," Tayshia shared.

"That day was really tough for me, because that's actually the day that the news kind of broke to everyone."

But Tayshia apparently gathered her composure and tried to stay strong as she co-hosted The Men Tell All for Michelle Young's currently-airing The Bachelorette season.

"It was just very heavy, but I had a job to do at the same time," Tayshia explained.

"And so I'm really happy I was able to be surrounded by all of you guys and be supported by that. But it doesn't make any of that easier."

On the two-hour The Men Tell All episode, Kaitlyn -- who starred on Season 11 of The Bachelorette -- pointed out how Tayshia wasn't wearing her engagement ring.

Tayshia, quiet and hesitant, then revealed, "Umm, all in all, all I have to say is that I am heartbroken."

"But we tried really hard and I love him very much. And I'm not sure what the future holds," Tayshia said, attempting to hold back her tears.

"I mean, you know, [Kaitlyn], how it is," she added, referencing how Kaitlyn had split from her The Bachelorette winner, Shawn Booth, in November 2018 after three years of dating.


Tayshia became increasingly more emotional as she spoke and continued, "It's really tough."

The "Clickbait" podcast co-host then walked off the stage crying, and Kaitlyn addressed the audience and said, "We're gonna let Tayshia have a minute."

Tayshia ultimately rejoined her co-host a few minutes later to help interview Season 18 The Bachelorette bachelor Rodney Mathews.

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, The Men Tell All special filmed on November 22, the same day Tayshia's publicist issued the statement about Tayshia and Zac's breakup.

Tayshia and Zac got engaged when her The Bachelorette season wrapped filming in August 2020, and they broke up nearly one year after their engagement aired on ABC in December 2020.

A source told Us Weekly that the pair "couldn't fully commit to each other" because of their busy schedules.

"They eventually realized it wasn't going to work and their relationship ran its course," the source explained.

"Zac is very into his Release Recovery Foundation work and Tayshia has her own thing going on. With her schedule, they have been spending a lot of time apart."

Rumors Tayshia and Zac had ended their engagement and decided to part ways first broke in mid-November.

An insider told Life & Style at the time that Tayshia and Zac were "on a break" after Tayshia had been spotted multiple times without her engagement ring earlier in the month.

"They're definitely taking some time apart to figure things out," the source explained about the couple. "It doesn't look good."


Tayshia's representative confirmed to People several days later, "Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are no longer a couple."

The couple's relationship apparently fell apart pretty recently given Tayshia and Zac had put on a united front and seemed to be thriving as a couple in early November.

On November 7, Tayshia and Zac participated in the New York City Marathon together, and Zac gushed about his fiancee the following day on Instagram.

Not only did Zac call the world "a better place" with Tayshia in it, but he also wrote, "The untold story about @tayshia is one of humility and courage. She would never tell the world how truly inspiring her performance was yesterday at the @nycmarathon but I will."

"Leading up to Sunday she did dozens of interviews where she could have talked about her chronic knee/back pain or her inability to train due to her insane schedule but instead she talked about her charity of choice, @worldvisionusa, and how grateful she was for all the support from family, friends, fans and strangers," he continued.

Zac claimed Tayshia "is allergic to excuses" and "could have bailed at anytime in the past four months" but chose to stick with her training.

"Her PR team would have handled it, but that is just not who she is. She said she was going to do something and she did it. No one will remember her 'time' but the fact that she went out and ran... this race in 4 hours and 40 minutes is heroic and shows the power of believing in yourself," Zac gushed.

"I will be forever grateful to have had a front row seat to her performance yesterday."

And ahead of the big race, Zac told People that he was looking forward to spending some quality time with his fiancee once things settled down.


"We're really looking forward to kicking back after we get done and really spending some time here in New York," Zac said.

"With our schedules and how everything's worked out, we're just super excited to take advantage of what's here and eat some good food and explore a little bit and make sure that she really feels like she knows New York."

Tayshia and Zac also celebrated their first anniversary on August 1.

"At approximately this time 365 days ago, I met you!" Tayshia captioned an Instagram post celebrating the couple's first anniversary on August 1.

"It's been a wild ride so far with our lives going a million miles an hour but how lucky are we to have had an amazing week together at the place where it all started AND we were to able to renew our wishes a year later?! WILD Happy to have you by my side, Clarky. 143, #happydaythatimetyou."

Speculation that Tayshia and Zac had broken up also surfaced in March when Tayshia was similarly seen without her engagement ring on, however she subsequently denied the couple had split.

"There's all these weird rumors circulating around that I'm not wearing my ring and that Zac and I are broken up. I don't know what is happening," Tayshia said on Instagram Stories at the time.

She added, "I was in [Los Angeles] for a hot minute and was able to finally drop off my ring and get it sized."

Tayshia reportedly followed up her video with a post on her Instagram Story that read, "Not gonna lie, I don't like getting DMs putting this weird energy into the universe lol. I love that there's so much love & support around our relationship but please don't put unnecessary rumors/pressure on us."

Around that same time, Zac had to reassure fans that his mother accidentally stopped following Tayshia on Instagram and there wasn't a falling out or intentional slight on his mom's part.

Following their televised engagement, Tayshia and Zac enjoyed the holidays in 2020 together and then Tayshia decided to move to New York City to be with her man.

In a February 2021 interview with Marie Claire, the previously-divorced The Bachelorette star revealed she had decided to keep her own place in California "for peace of mind" since this is "not [her] first rodeo."

"Coming out of that [TV environment], I think we had a strong foundation, and then it's about, like, digging in together and getting to know each other and understanding each other's lives," Zac told Us of his post-show journey with Tayshia.

"We're both passionate, driven, busy human beings. And with that, we need to remind ourselves to work each other into it and we've done [that]."

Zac had continued, "So yeah, a couple months after, there were some ups and downs, of course, and, like, well-documented, but at the end of the day, it's all good right now."

Prior to starring on The Bachelorette 16 last year, Tayshia competed for Colton Underwood's heart on The Bachelor's 23rd season and was eliminated during his round of overnight Fantasy Suite dates.


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