Finally, a Survivor contestant from Ohio -- and she comes back injured. According to a poster on the Reality TV message boards, Survivor: Pearl Islands contestant Lillian Morris from Loveland, Ohio returned from filming the show with a broken foot.

It is not known for certain whether Lillian, the first contestant from Ohio according to the Dayton Daily News, broke her foot during the filming of the show or whether the injury happened after Lillian left the game but before the contestants' return. However, the only previous report of a Survivor contestant returning home with a physical injury was Survivor: The Australian Outback contestant Michael Skupin, who was reported to have returned from Australia with burn gloves on his hands. The injury was later confirmed in an online picture of Skupin located by a spoiler named AtlantaFatMike. Although there was significant online debate among "spoilers" regarding whether such an injury could have occurred during the game, Skupin's injury turned out to have resulted from his blackout and fall into the fire during the sixth episode of that season -- an event that significantly changed the ultimate outcome.

We have no idea at this time if Lillian's injury has any game significance, let alone the significance of Michael Skupin's injury. Nevertheless, it's one more fact to add to the spoiling gristmill.